The Terrifying Story About The Origins Of The Hello Kitty Doll

Everyone knows this tender kitty with lovely bow and many different costumes. What’s more, we all love it! But if you knew the terrifying story hides that beautiful face, you would be pretty shocked!

According to legend, the teddy kitten was created in 1970 by a Chinese woman. Her 14-year-old daughter was apparently diagnosed with mouth cancer. Doctors informed mother that nothing could be done for her dying daughter. The woman was devastated and ready to do everything to save her beloved child.

Desperate mother couldn’t just sit and look when her daughter was dying. Seeing that doctors gave her no hope, woman decided to pray. That was all she could do. She visited many churches, praying for a miracle and making promises. Unfortunately nothing has changed the fact, that her daughter’s condition was worse with every single day. It seemed that nothing could save her baby. The distraught mother decided to catch her last resort and she turned to satanic rituals and worshiping the devil. It’s said that in order to save her daughter’s life, she made a pact with the devil.

For saving her daughter’s life, the Devil asked for only one thing. The mother was asked to create a character that would be famous all around the world. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and win new followers who would do everything for him. Buying this “doll” would be an involuntary offer for the devil. Some say that possessing this toy makes the demon stronger.

The Devil fulfilled his promise. When daughter recovered from cancer, her mother kept the promise that she gave to the Devil and created “Hello Kitty”, an adorable kitten. Moreover, it wasn’t a coincidence that woman chose a cat for the main character as these animals were associated with witchcraft for centuries.
Has anybody noticed that this sweet toy doesn’t have a mouth? Isn’t that weird? According to story, the doll was designed without mouth as the symbol of the little girl’s cancer.

There are a lot more interesting facts about the famous Chinese character. What else seems to be weird on our lovely kitty’s face?
Hello Kitty’s pointed ears! They represent Satan’s horns.
And what about the name? The word “Hello” is a typical salute but “Kitty” in Chinese means “demon”, so “Hello Kitty” is really “Hello Demon”. Who would have expected that?!


It’s said that anyone who buys Hello Kitty products gives a salute to the Demon. Satanists from all around the world use Hello Kitty doll as a secret symbol. People love this doll so much that they’re even ready to make a tattoo of Hello Kitty. From our point of view it’s quite risky to do such thing, especially that some people call it “the demon’s daughter”.

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