The Type Of Toxic Person You Attract Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology may influence who you draw in.
Have you ever wondered why certain types of people keep popping up in your life? It actually has a whole lot to do with your zodiac sign. The way you present yourself to others is something that draws different types of relationships to you, and in this case, they happen to be toxic.
Don’t blame yourself though, you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s all written in the stars.

Taurus (April 21 to May 21): The Manipulator

You are the most patient and reliable sign, and you give second chances out like candy. So it’s no surprise that you attract the manipulator.
Sometimes they’ll be so subtle you won’t even know that you’re being manipulated because it’s in your nature to try to see the best in almost every single person. And the shady part is that they know that. They will do just about anything to get their way, no matter what, so be careful who you open your heart to.
What the Manipulators don’t know is Taurus girls seek security and are very determined human beings. So once they realize something sketchy is going on, they are the first to remove themselves from the situation. The sign of the bull would never allow anyone to control them or play mind games with them.

Virgo (August 22 to September 23): Power Trippers

You have the biggest heart of all the signs. You are constantly doing things for other people and letting your own needs slip through the cracks. So you attract the Power Trippers.
They see Virgos as an opportunity more so than an ally. They will speak down to you as if you’re inferior or beneath them just because they think they can. They use their power to exert control, probably because they feel as if they have no control over their lives outside of the workplace.
But what they don’t know is Virgos are stronger than they think. You know your worth and definitely know the difference between getting walked all over and helping someone out. Stand your ground, Virgos. You got this.

Gemini (May 22 to June 21): Cliquey Girls

You are the most easy-going sign. You could basically make conversation with a rock and still have a good time. With wit and intelligence radiating off of you, you attract the Cliquey Girl.
She’s the girl who goes out of her way to make sure someone feels left out because it makes her feel better about herself. She can’t help but walk around with major RBF giving dirty looks to anyone who even breathes near her. But you, you are flexible and warm, something she can’t even fathom being. So she clings to you, low-key wishing she could be more like you, but that only leads to her becoming jealous and wreaking havoc on your social life.
The thing the Cliquey Girl doesn’t realize is that as sweet as Geminis are, they are just as cold as she can be, if not colder. Geminis can be cunning when they need to be and are not a force to be reckoned with. Being a b*tch almost always ends in loneliness and you’ll make sure she realizes that.

Sagittarius (November 23 to December 22): Judgmental People

You’re the most unapologetically independent sign who’s always down for a good time. Some even call you the life of the party so of course, you attract the judgmental one.
You have a passion for living the best life you can, and this person is jealous of that. You have that sense of humor that makes literally everyone laugh and people respect your brutal honesty. Instead of joining you, they will judge everything and everyone in your life. They feel the need to point out your flaws in an effort to make them feel better. It’s just because they are so damn miserable with their own lives.
But Sagittariuses aren’t fazed easily. A little gossip and eye-rolling aren’t going to bring you down, your optimism is indestructible. You’re too real to allow someone miserable human being steal your shine.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22): People who think they’re better than everyone

Your sign is hands down the most in check with your emotions. You have a heart of gold and are very cautious with it. So because of your down-to-earth nature, you attract the I Think I’m Better Than Everyone Snob.
Above all else, you are true to yourself. Not once have you ever questioned who you are or if your actions weren’t true to your gut. The snob sees this self-assurance radiating off of you and jumps on it. It’s something they see as a threat because as you know, no one is better than them. They’ll try to steal your shine and shake up your world.
But the thing is, you know your heart is too valuable to allow someone to make you feel less than worth it. You know on a deep level that not one human being is better than another, so you’ll do what you always do and kill ‘em with kindness.You feel bad, you sympathize with them because when their head is that far up their ass they can’t even see how obnoxious they’re being.

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19): Ruthless Bully

Friendly and honest, Aquarius signs are the most down-to-earth of all the zodiac signs. You open your heart to almost everyone, allowing your guard to fall to really get to know people. You attract the ruthless bully.
Honesty and loyalty are basically part of your DNA so when you allow someone into your life, you protect them with everything you got. The ruthless bully sees that though and uses it against you. They see how caring you are, how unconditionally friendly and outgoing you can be and it makes them jealous. They’ll tear you down to your absolute lowest with zero remorse. They take advantage of your kindness and wreak havoc on your life just because it makes them feel better about themselves.
But what they don’t realize about you, is that you know you’re stronger than to let someone knock you down and stay down. You’re quick to get back up and stand up for yourself. And what’s best about Aquarius is they’re conscious of other people’s feelings and would never intentionally hurt someone. So you sit back and wait for karma to get them because you know damn well it won’t be pretty when it does.

Scorpio (October 24 to November 22): Narcissist

You are hands-down the strongest, most intense sign. You are forceful and sometimes (most of the time) intimidating, so unsurprisingly you attract the narcissist.
It’s your magnetic personality that draws them in. Everything about you interests them. From how you follow your passions relentlessly to the way you carry yourself like you’re the only one in the room, the narcissist wants to be everything you are. At first, they pretend to have your best interests in mind like they’re actually listening and are good people. But when their true colors show, they’re blinding. They have no respect for your feelings, opinions, or boundaries. The type who constantly makes excuses never takes the blame and is way too quick to point fingers. All they see is a strong girl whose attention would make them feel better about themselves.
But what they don’t realize, is no one messes with a Scorpio’s heart. You are a forceful creature and when someone comes into your life only to turn it upside down, you’ll make sure they regret it.

Capricorn (December 23 to January 20): The Hopper

You are practical and ambitious, almost to a fault. You have a hard time not investing in something or someone when placed in your life. So you attract the hopper.
You’re not the type to just have a relationship or a friendship for fun, you’re over that. Now you only want people in your life who offer deep, meaningful connections. You’re one of the easiest signs to talk to, so people are quick to open up to you, especially the hopper. They latch onto people like you, who are there to listen and help them through things. Because they know you have a heart of gold and are the type to jump up out of bed and be by their side in a heartbeat. They’ll pretend to be someone important in your life for however long they need, then they hop to the next one. Hoppers don’t even know what long-term means.
But what they don’t know if that Capricorns are smart. They see through fake people and are quick to realize people’s true intentions. You wouldn’t hurt a fly but there comes a time when you have to cut someone out of your life like they never existed, and that’s exactly what you have to do to the hopper.

Pisces (February 20 to March 20): Drama-Setter

You are the most compassionate and selfless of all the zodiacs. You have room in your heart for everyone, so I’m sorry to admit that you attract the drama-setter.
Your soul is so pure and so kind that people gravitate towards you. When you walk into a room everyone turns and says your name because people get genuinely excited to see you. The Drama-setter doesn’t like that though. They’re miserable with their own lives and see you as a threat. They need a distraction, a sense of belonging, or some excitement in their lives, so they choose to start drama. They truly have nothing better to do, or they’ve been wrapped up in it for so long that they now thrive off of it, and don’t know how to stop. You try to see the best in them, you give them chance after chance because that’s just the type of person you are, but this toxic person doesn’t deserve a second in your life.
But what they don’t realize is Pisces are so level-headed that they can talk their way out of just about anything. No matter how many traps the drama-setter tries to lay, you easily walk right over them with grace and poise. You know exactly how to hold your own and wouldn’t allow any person to come into your life just to gossip and stir the pot.

Leo (July 23 to August 21): Pompous People 

You are faithful and loving with a heart the size of the moon. The pompous person sees that and is immediately attracted to your life.
One of the most generous and warmhearted signs, Leos have a high tolerance for B.S. You can take a joke and are quick-witted with sarcasm so when you meet the pompous person they think you can handle their sass. But there’s a big difference between being funny and being offensive… they just don’t know the difference. He’s extremely rude and offensive, not caring about anyone else’s feelings except his own. And he’s not very bright either.
Your heart is so kind that you want to help him. You want to try and fix him and show him how his behavior is damaging. But sadly, he’s a lost cause. He’s just using his asshole-ness as a defense mechanism, a way to feel better about how empty his live truly is.
Your best bet is to cut him out of your life ASAP. Rip him off like a band-aid and move on with your life, he’s not worth your time.

Aries (March 21 to April 20): Stage-5 Clinger

You have one of those personalities that everyone admires. You’re confident and funny and your energy is endless, so you attract the stage-five clinger.
You’re not the type to have a lot of friends, but a few really good friends you can have a lot of fun with and who genuinely mean a lot to you. You go out of your way to make sure people feel comfortable and if ever something is wrong you make sure they feel safe enough to vent to you. That’s why people gravitate to you, you make people feel important and special.
And that’s why the stage-five clinger is so obsessed with you. They want all of your attention all the time. They got a taste of the unconditional attention you’re capable of giving and they wanted more. So they attach themselves to your hip and before you know it, they’ve entirely implemented themselves in your life. All of a sudden, they have problems they need to talk about all the time. They need to vent at 3 p.m. when you’re trying to get your work done and at 3 a.m. when you’re trying to sleep.
Your heart is so big that you give them a chance — maybe they actually do need your help. But soon you’ll realize just who you’re dealing with. The stage-five clinger doesn’t realize how smart you are or how you’re on to their bullshit. Your kindness isn’t one to be taken advantage of so you slowly pry this person out of your life. They’ll try and fool you but you know they’re just trying to drain you of everything that makes you, you.

Libra (September 24 to October 23): The Victim

You know exactly who you are and never question if any of your actions aren’t true to yourself. You go about life with an understanding of what you’re meant to be doing and you slay. So you attract the victim.
You’re one of those people who can get along with just about anyone and not feel nervous or awkward. It’s because you’ve been through a lot and empathize with people, can understand everything they say on a deeper level. The victim sees this and uses this as an opportunity to get to you fall for their act. They see someone so strong and peaceful and latch on in hopes of it rubbing off on them. They go to you to talk about their problems but don’t seem to see tough times as a way to grow, but a way out. They don’t see pain as optional, but inevitable and can’t understand why you are the way you are.
But what they don’t realize is you see through their B.S. You can see they’re just trying to steal your shine and trying to take you down with them. You have a big heart but also no issue cutting someone out of your life like they never existed.
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