The Ugliest Part Of Each Personality Based On Their Zodiac Sign

We’re just here to maybe help you come to the realization that there is a negative part to your personality. Try not to take it personally. 😉 

Sorry to tell you friends but everyone has an ugly side to their personality, as humans we are far from perfect, and especially as women we are even worse at times. Sometimes it’s intentional, other times it’s not, but as always, I am going to insist that it has everything to do with your birth date and your zodiac sign because that is just who I am as a person. Now, doesn’t mean you need to change your personality entirely once you find out what the worst part about it is. But we’re just here to maybe help you come to the realization that there is a negative part to your personality. And that maybe…you should consider working on it.

The stars are never wrong IMO and they have yet to let me down or be inaccurate in my personal experience. Don’t feel too bad when you realize what a bad person you are, there is always therapy and room for improvement. I hate to be the one to tell you about your awful qualities but someone has got to do it, and there is no one more fit to the task than I, judging is my favorite hobby. Enjoy:

Aries: You Are Arrogant And Combative

Aries, humble you are not. You command respect in a room when you walk into one and everyone must adhere to your standards and requirements to be in your life. With that being said, you exude both cockiness and arrogance. You truly believe that you know more than the majority of the population even when you don’t and you truly believe that you are above most. In addition, confrontation is your middle name and over your dead body will you lose an argument – even when you are in the wrong. You also have a really hard time compromising. I always say, do not bother to get into an argument with an Aries: you will never win. There is no such thing as a compromise with you – your way or the highway is how you conduct your life, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Taurus: Possessive And Unaware Of Other People’s Feelings

Taurus, you just love to claim what is yours. You refuse to share the spotlight or attention with anyone else in your relationships. You come off as extremely possessive to others, even if you don’t mean it! Jealousy is a trait in which you are quite familiar and your partners know not to check out a person of the opposite sex around you because you are sure to give them grief for it later on. Being the bull, you can be quite dense at times and unaware of how your feelings and actions affect those you surround yourself with. You are self-indulgent and self-motivated and you tend to do your own thing in life being fiercely independent, you really do not need anyone to depend on. This in turn leads you to only think about yourself often times than not. Let’s try to take the possessiveness down a notch and let’s try to think of others’ feelings other than your own, okay?

Gemini: Indecisive. AF.

Gemini, you are that girl that everyone is annoyed at at the dinner table because you are taking twenty minutes to decide what you want to eat for dinner. If bae asks you what you want to eat, he will surely regret it very soon afterwards. You have the hardest time making any kind of decision no matter how miniscule and unimportant it is. Forget about career path or love life, one day you want to be a lawyer and move to a big city and the next you want to move out to the country and live the simple life. One day you want to date your ex and the next you want nothing to do with him. I am speaking for experience because I myself, am a Gemini. And let me tell you, every day is a struggle when it comes to decision-making. For example, it took me an unjustifiable amount of time to decide which Starbucks I wanted to work at for the day.

Cancer: Your Mood Swings Are Enough To Give Anyone A Migraine

Who can keep up with your mood swings, Cancer? There is no telling what will set you off into a temper tantrum tailspin. You are so sensitive that a cute kitten video on the internet can make you cry, or your boyfriend not complimenting you enough is reason enough to make you upset. Everyone has to constantly walk on eggshells with you and it can be pretty exhausting. I dated a Cancer and he was a total pain in the ass. He would get mad at me and not speak to me for days on end because I said something that hurt his feelings or I didn’t come see him when I said I would – and he was pushing 30. Age doesn’t faze the moody Cancer, they are like this for life – unfortunately for the rest of people who are in their lives. Please grow up a little.

Virgo: You Are Psychotically Critical

My mother is a Virgo and let me tell you she can be a total nightmare (sorry, Mom.) When I go down to see her in Florida she will give me one look before she tells me everything that’s wrong with my appearance or the way I am behaving. I must sit up at the dinner table under any condition, no slouching or bad posture is allowed, ever. I would have to be deathly ill in order for me to lean over my food. I am 25 years old and she still insists on folding the laundry in my suitcase when I am there visiting because according to her, I don’t do it correctly. God help me. But this isn’t specific to my mother, every Virgo is hyper-critical like this. Don’t even try to not do your dishes or change your sheets in the Virgo’s presence – you will get a wrath to which the likes you have never seen.

Libra: Always Playing Every Side Of The Fence

It is hard not to love a Libra but you are so very concerned with pleasing others that it comes off as fake at times. You hate confrontation more than anything in this world and you avoid it at all costs which puts you in the position of the peacemaker a lot of the time. This can get you pretty frazzled and stressed out and in turn making everyone around you stressed out. You also don’t really have an opinion of your own and zero backbone: an avid people pleaser, like I said. Authenticity is not exactly your strong suit and it can get under people’s nerves. It’s pretty difficult to respect or like someone who can’t think on their own. You are the type to bend over backwards in a relationship just trying to make your S/O happy. It personally pains me to be harsh on you because I personally adore Libras however this is something that is a part of you. Learn how to speak up and take a side.

Scorpio: Oh Man Where Do I Begin?

I hate to break it to you Scorpio but you are a complete cray cray at times. When you get screwed over you go on a revenge path and you can’t be stopped by any means, no matter what the circumstance. You are Queen petty and you have no problem blasting your ex on the internet. You hate more than anything liars, cheaters and manipulators and you will let that be known if someone crosses you. You are a very dark creature and you also have yourself a little temper, and by little, I mean major. I had a girlfriend in college who slashed her ex-boyfriend’s tires when he cheated on her (allegedly) and guess what sign she was? You guessed it: a Scorpio! You would describe yourself passionate but that word can also describe Glen Close in “Fatal Attraction.” It’s not all bad, though. You make great friends and lovers.

Sagittarius: Annoying Attention Seeker

You just love to pretend that you are worldly and oh-so-spiritual, when in fact you are neither of those things. The Sagittarius is likely to be the person at the table who lets it known to everyone that they are a vegan and they grow their own vegetables in their organic garden. One of those unbearable hipsters, if you will. Barf. You just love to be the center of attention and you love to be a know-it-all, when in fact you probably know very little. It is not the information you are interested in, it is the appearance of you being knowledgeable. You are also reckless and annoying AF when it comes to your decisions and you don’t really care about what damage you do in the process, as long as you are getting some kind of a thrill out of it and you have a great story to tell.

Capricorn: Taking ‘Negative Nancy’ To A Whole New Level

You just love to play martyr and act like everything is the end of the world. You are also painfully negative – the “glass is half full” is a concept in which you are unfamiliar. Your constant complaining about your life situation and others can drive anyone bananas. You are also quite the bore because you are constantly working and fun just isn’t in your vocabulary and if you decide to do in fact go out you’ll just complain the whole time about how early you have to get up in the morning for your shift. You also just love yourself a good grudge you are stubborn and you have an incredibly hard time letting go. People would agree that because of how unforgiving you can be it makes a little difficult for you to maintain friendships or become friends with strangers. You are a creature of habit and routine and you probably have had one group of friends your entire life.

Aquarius: Unemotional, Unsocial Weirdo

Aquarius, you are… eccentric. Because of the lack of care of what others think of you, you are definitely out there at times. You’re almost always in your own little dream world and reality is not something you want to deal with at times. It can be frustrating to try to get you to commit to anything or anyone. You are not likely to have a ton of friends because you are very much an introvert and you like to keep to yourself. You also have the tendency to be standoffish and cold to others, you would rather rip your hair out than sit and have a discussion about “feelings.” You aren’t one for drama or emotions. This can be a hurdle in romantic relationships because honesty is the foundation of a relationship and you have the tendency to be a little evasive and secretive about what you are truly thinking. You would rather just keep it to yourself.

Pisces: Sensitive Children

You know who is more sensitive than a cancer? A Pisces. So very sensitive, so over the top. Any small comment about something you don’t agree with can make you upset with someone. You love to express how “offended” you are all of the time. I have news for you: life is offensive. You also have a hard time accepting other opinions and you are so argumentative it is nauseating. You make a big deal out of little small thing and it is so ridiculous and childish. Paradoxically, it takes a lot to make you enraged, but being passive aggressive is your greatest strength in life. The worst part is you usually don’t express when you are mad at someone and you would much rather let it boil up and have the person wonder what they did wrong to you. You are also so over analytical, relax not everything has an underlying meaning.

Leo: You Are So Cocky It Is Troublesome

A Leo could have absolutely nothing to offer to this world and they would still believe that their sh&t doesn’t stink and that the entire universe should bow at their feet for being in their near presence. I was shocked to discover that Kanye West wasn’t a Leo and in fact was a Gemini but that isn’t too surprising either. The amount of times you look in the mirror is probably nauseating. You are the queen (or king) of the jungle, even if that jungle is your mom’s basement. The commentary that comes out of your mouth sometimes is laughable, you would think that you are a Kardashian, not to mention how extremely extra you are. You put make up on to Whole Foods because you are convinced that you are going to find a rich lawyer there on his lunch break, because let’s face us: you love yourself a wealthy fellow (or female… gold-diggers are not particular in gender, as long as the person has some kind of a yacht.)


If Your Sign Is Negative, Irrational, Or Too Sensitive:

For starters, grow a pair. Just kidding, but am I? you really need to reassess what it worth really getting upset over. Is it that big of a deal if your friend cancelled on your movie date, there are much bigger things to get mad over. In the grand scheme of things, your life is probably significantly better than most people on the planet. As millennials, we are guilty of being little cry-babies and we think that everything should be handed to us and if it isn’t we are being mistreated. Unfortunately, that is not the way the world works. As my mother would say, there are children starving in Africa and your first world problems are not worth tears or a temper tantrum. Hate to break it to you sister. I’m not saying that you have no right to be sad, I am just saying that it would be beneficial to your life to not cry over very miniscule, arbitrary things. There is so much to be thankful for, really. Positive vibes only.

If Your Sign Is Aggressive Or Insensitive:

On the flip side, if you are too aggressive or insensitive let’s try and be aware of other people’s emotions other than your own. Words indeed hurt at times and they don’t go unnoticed so easily. Even if you think you have the best of intentions your aggressive approach will ruin it. I have struggled with this myself, sometimes I can be very harsh when I don’t mean to be. I have learned that there is big difference between constructive critiscm and just plain putting someone down. It’s not a good look and no one will want to be around you or confide in you because chances are you are coming off as very judgmental as well. Think about what you say before you say it about the implications that your words may bring to a situation. So put the phone down when you’re angry or walk away when you are arguing with a loved one. And take up meditation and yoga- that has definitely calmed me down personally.

If Your Sign Is Indecisive, Flakey, Or Unreliable:

Please get a grip and learn how to use Google Calendar, it is a God sent it I promise you. You also need to get your head out of the clouds and come back down to planet earth, people’s time is valuable and no one is going to respect you when you are constantly late or flaking out on things. It gets old quick, and in the real world it will never be and isn’t be tolerated. No one likes the friend that is always late or ditches when something bigger or better comes up. And Although you don’t mean to be in la-la land half of the time, you are an air sign, after all, you just need to be more conscious about how your actions are inconveniencing others. It’s just the mature way to behave, darling. Time management is major key, in the words of DJ Khaled.

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