The Zodiac Signs Ranked On How Likely They Are To Have An Affair

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know that one of the most important aspects of staying totally monogamous is being loyal to each other. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who will claim to be honest and loyal, and then turn around and stab you in the back. Yup, that’s right—there are tons of cheaters out there, and it can be tough to spot them before it’s too late. And we would all like to say that we would never cheat, right? But the truth is that more of us are capable of cheating than we would like to admit. Cheating when you’re dating is one thing…but cheating when you’re married is even worse. How can you tell if someone will have an affair? Well, their zodiac sign just might have a clue. Here’s how likely you are to have an affair, based on your sign.

16. Fire Signs-Be Careful

If you’re dating a fire sign, you’ll want to be careful. Here’s the thing about fire signs: they are super fun to date. Aries will have you going on adventures all of the time. Leo will be the one who is super proud to take you to fun events and show you off to the entire room. And Sagittarius will encourage you to live your best life, do what you want, and have a ton of fun doing it. To sum up, dating a fire sign is a wild ride. But there are always risks when it comes to dating a fire sign, especially when you want to get married one day. They are not the best at settling down, and it can be hard to convince them to put a ring on it—because honestly, these signs are prone to having affairs. Read on to see the risks of dating fire signs!

15. Aries-Very Likely

Aries, we’ve got to call you out first here. You’re very likely to have an affair one day. So, why do Aries girls and guys often cheat on their significant others—even having affairs after getting married when they’re older? Well, it all boils down to a few key aspects of the Aries personality. Aries is, by nature, very spontaneous. This sign truly despises planning, and even when they do make a plan, they don’t stick to it very well. Often times when they get into an affair, it’s not something they were actively pursuing, or had even considered before it happened. They meet someone at a party, they feel a spark, sooner or later, they forget all about that ring on their finger, and boom—the deed is done, and their loyalty is ruined. The spontaneous aspect of an Aries personality can make it very difficult for them to be loyal.

14. Leo-Prime Candidate

Leo, just like Aries, you’re a prime candidate for having an affair. And we know that your knee jerk reaction to this statement might be, “What the heck? I’m an awesome significant other! I’m no cheater!” Well, we’ve got some bad news for you, Leo—deep down, you just might be, and you just haven’t realized it yet. Leo, you already know that you can be a bit of a show off, and you don’t see anything wrong with that. But when it comes to relationships, that attitude can pose some serious problems. What happens when you get into a fight with your partner and feel frustrated with them? Suddenly, that “perfect” relationship doesn’t look so perfect to the whole world anymore, and you will seek affection somewhere else. That’s why Leos generally end up having affairs—they don’t put the time into fixing their current relationship and seek love elsewhere instead.

13. Sagittarius-Major Player

Sagittarius, you already know that you have an issue with loyalty. But you’d much rather think of yourself as a free spirit than a flake, right? Well, when you’re in a relationship, they can often feel like the same thing to your partner. What you may see as playful fun can seem like a huge show of disloyalty to them. When you’re running off to go on another road trip or backpacking adventure that you insist has to be done by yourself, what will they be thinking? And in the future, it can be hard for a Sag to accept what marriage really means—staying with one person and only one person for the rest of your life, for better or for worse. Yeah, that doesn’t sit too well with the Sagittarius “free spirit” side, and that’s why they’re more likely to have an affair than some of the other signs.

12. Earth Signs-Don’t Worry Too Much

Good news for those of you who are dating earth signs—you don’t have to worry too much about them ever having an affair should you get married one day! However, you probably already knew that just from spending plenty of time with them. Just like their name, earth signs are generally very, well, down to earth! That’s what makes them so loyal. They know that actions like cheating and having affairs cause a lot of pain and seriously complicate the relationship in the long run. If they are upset with the way things are going, they would rather simply try to find a solution to the problem. And if there doesn’t seem to be any fixing the relationship, they would usually rather leave than hook up with someone else and lie! But no one is perfect, and sometimes, even earth signs can be tempted to be disloyal and have an affair.

11. Taurus-Unlikely

Well, Taurus, we have some uplifting news for you. It is highly unlikely that you will ever have an affair, no matter what happens in your relationships. This does not mean that it’s totally impossible, but it’s highly unlikely. Whoever you are dating should feel safe and secure in their relationship with you. And they already know it! You are generally pretty easy going in a relationship, and dating you is drama free. You just don’t have the time or energy for it. In fact, you have trouble understanding the mindset of people who have affairs. Why is it confusing to you? Well, you like to keep things simple, and you can see that having an affair will never solve any problems in a relationship. In fact, it will almost certainly only make things worse! Many people never seem to consider this, but for you this is a big deterrent.

10. Virgo-50/50 Chance

Virgo, this news may come as a surprise to you. You might be shaking your head at the screen right now, thinking to yourself, “Wait, what? I’m just like Taurus. I avoid drama and conflict at all costs.” But here’s the thing—you aren’t perfect (just like everyone else). We all make mistakes. We all have lapses in judgment at times. You’re actually just a little more prone to that than Taurus is, even though you may not like to acknowledge it! Here’s what might cause you to have an affair: if you know the relationship is ending anyway, you may slip into the mindset of, “Well, might as well have some fun before this all goes down in flames.” Or you may see it as a way of speeding up the break up. It sounds pretty twisted, but don’t worry—if you’re dating a Virgo, it is unusual behavior.

9. Capricorn-Unlikely, But Possible

Capricorn, just like the other earth signs, you generally would consider yourself the loyal type. And you would be completely right in your self-assessment! You are not very likely to have an affair, but there are certain circumstances that might tempt you down this path. It might be tough for you to imagine ever being in this situation when you’re young, but as you get older, you will begin to understand why your personality type could be persuaded into having an affair. You know that you tend to work like a dog, and that all of this time and energy invested in your work can distract you from devoting yourself fully to your relationship. You could end up feeling over worked and unloved, and perhaps end up cheating with a coworker or close friend who you saw more than your significant other. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen with some Capricorns.

8. Air Signs-It’s A Toss Up

Since air signs often vary widely in their personalities, they’re not all equally likely to have affairs. While fire signs all could be easily tempted into having an affair, and earth signs would rarely find themselves in this situation, air signs are a different story. They are not a homogenous group, and each one would approach this situation differently. Each air sign has a very different risk of ever having an affair. But don’t worry, we’ll be breaking it down and fully explaining each one. Why do some air signs turn towards affairs while some would never dream of it? It all comes down to the fact that they value different things in their relationships. Some really enjoy the excitement of hooking up with someone new, while others really love the comfortable feeling of being with somebody for the long term. It all depends on the sign, so let’s get into it.

7. Gemini-Prone To Cheating

Alright, Gemini, when we mentioned air signs who just love that exciting feeling of hooking up with someone totally new, we were absolutely calling you out—and you probably knew it. Yes, we admit that Geminis can get a bad rep that is often exaggerated when it comes to their loyalty in relationships. But have you ever heard that many stereotypes do hold a small grain of truth? Well, when it comes to Geminis, that is definitely the case! Not all Geminis are going to be serial cheaters who simply can’t keep their hands off other people, but many of them will really struggle when it comes to settling down. That’s why if you’re dating a Gemini, you should really think carefully before ever committing to marriage. Sorry, Geminis, we don’t mean to start a smear campaign here—but many of you have some serious issues when it comes to loyalty!

6. Libra-It Could Happen

Well, Libra, it’s time for a moment of truth. Once or twice, you have probably wondered what it would be like to have an affair. You’re usually so put together and seem to have a good head on your shoulders, so why would you even consider something like that? Well, to you, it seems kind of thrilling, and you wonder if you would be able to get away with it. Sounds a little messed up, right? As you can see by the rest of this list, you shouldn’t judge yourself too harshly just for letting that thought go through your head—clearly, many people born under other signs have had the same thoughts, and they are much more likely to act on them! Your life is usually so tidy and organized overall that one day you might find yourself considering an affair just to spice things up a little bit.

5. Aquarius-Once In A Blue Moon

Aquarius, there is a pretty good chance that you will have an affair one day. This might shock you or you may have expected to hear it—it all depends on your experience in relationships so far. But you know that there are times when you can feel tempted to cheat or lie, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that you could have an affair one day when you are older and married. Why would you have an affair? You do get bored easily, and this can definitely become an issue in long-term relationships. And it’s a HUGE problem in a committed marriage. You can’t just get “bored” of your husband or wife. When that ring is on your finger, you both have a responsibility to continue keeping things happy and exciting for the rest of your lives. Having an affair is an easy way out.

4. Water Signs- Different Levels

We know that fire signs are inclined towards cheating and affairs, we know that it’s extremely rare for earth signs, and we know that it differs between the various air signs. When it comes to water signs, we see a similar pattern that appears when looking at air signs. Simply put, each sign has its own approach to relationships, and therefore it is difficult to sum them all up and say what the risk of a water sign having an affair is. You really have to look at each individual sign on its own. For example, the chance of a Scorpio having an affair is quite high, but when it comes to Cancer, there is a very slim chance over all—it almost never happens for Cancer. Pisces, on the other hand, can fall somewhere in between. Read on to find out whether or not each water sign could have an affair.

3. Cancer-Almost Impossible

Cancer, you are probably the sign that is least likely to ever have an affair. You simply cannot even begin to fathom the idea. You would never want to treat someone you love in that way. If you were unhappy in the relationship, you would simply take a page of Taurus’ book and walk away. You wouldn’t turn to cheating instead. And you are pretty disgusted by people who have affairs after they are married. You cannot imagine ever acting this way. Because you’re such a nice person, you have had your fair share of people taking advantage of you. You may have even been cheated on in the past. You know exactly how much it hurts and ruins your trust to be treated this way because you have probably been on the receiving end of it before—it’s no fun. Therefore, you know that you could never have an affair.

2. Scorpio-100% Chance

Scorpio, you are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Cancer when it comes to having affairs. It’s a shame, but it’s the cold, hard truth. Scorpios will almost always have an affair at some point in their lives. What is this? What makes them so likely to behave this way? They’re so emotional that they wouldn’t want to make anyone else feel badly, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Not only is Scorpio very emotional, this sign also has a very hard time controlling their emotions. So if they notice someone they’re attracted to, they will be tempted to just go for it, even if they are in a happy relationship. Yup, Scorpios tend to break a lot more hearts than any other sign, simply because of this tendency. It can be really tough to make a long-term relationship, especially a marriage, work when you’re with a Scorpio—it’s rough.

1. Pisces-If You’re Unhappy

Pisces, you like to imagine that you are unfailingly faithful, just like Cancer, and that you could never treat a relationship the reckless way that many Scorpios do. But you’re wrong about that—you actually fall somewhere in the middle, and under some circumstances, you would seek out an affair. Why would you do something like that? Honestly, if you were unhappy enough in a relationship, you might not be strong enough to break it off in an honest way. It’s a shame, but it’s the truth. It can be hard for you to find the courage to really say what you mean. You might end up seeking out an affair as a “get out of jail free card”—you might hope that if your partner found out, they would end the relationship, and you would get to walk away with your new partner without really dealing with the consequences.

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