There Is A Website Called ‘Does The Dog Die’ For People Who Can’t Handle Sad Dog Movies

It’s a sad fact of movies that characters often die as you’re watching them out on the big screen. Sometimes, like Kevin Spacey in Seven, it’s deserved. Other times, like at the end of Infinity War, it’s richly undeserved. And sometimes, like Samuel L Jackson in Deep Blue Sea, it’s wholly unexpected.

But while I’m used to seeing people die in movies all the time, it still hurts me a bit to see a dog die in a film. Old Yeller was one thing, but watching John Wick, Marley & Me or even The Babadook upset me in ways I never would have envisioned. Honestly, if a dog’s going to die in a movie, I’d really like to know ahead of time.

No more heartbreaking movies like this, please:

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For anybody else like me (and I’d imagine there are a few of us), then you really need to check out the website Does The Dog Die, which tells you about all the movies where your canine characters meet an unfortunate furry demise. The website does exactly what it says on the tin: informing you what happens to each dog in a film, TV show, or even a book.

Search the title, and be emotionally prepared for whatever comes next. But this isn’t just for dog lovers, folks; if you’re curious about a horse, cat or anything else, you can find that out too, with up to 50 categories to explore and sometimes even spoilers that may be upsetting for you.


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Now, although you’ll be prepared for any dog death, you might not be prepared for anything else that might happen to a dog.

For example, the bit in Air Bud where a child yells at a Golden Retriever to get him to run away, which haunts me to this day. No website can prepare you for that, but Does The Dog Die prepares you for mostly everything else.



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