3 Powerful Autumn Equinox Rituals To Attract Wealth & Success In The Season To Come

The heat of summer is drifting into distant memory. We have only cold to look forward to. As of September 22, 2018, the autumn equinox announces the shift into the next phase of the seasonal cycle. It marks the point at which we’ve harvested our crops for the winter, preparing for a period of hibernation and rest. As bittersweet as the change may be, the autumn equinox promises balance, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. After all, our spirits ran wild during the summer. Now, it’s time to reap what we’ve sowed, and these autumn equinox rituals 2018 will tinge the rest of the season with as much good fortune as you’ve been hoping for.

If you’re a summer lover and you’re resisting the seasonal transition with every fiber of your being, you’re in need of a reminder why autumn is beautiful in it’s own right. In fact, fall is filled to the brim with poetry and spiritual calm. Since the autumn equinox is a day in which the day is just as long as the night, the season is marked by harmony and balance. While the celebrations may not be as lively and bright as those of the summer solstice, the autumn equinox carries a poignant understanding of the cycle of life. Everything comes and goes, but there is reward in every moment of it.

As always, prepare for your ritual by purifying your space with sacred smoke, such as white sage, or a cleansing crystal, such as selenite. You don’t want any negative vibrations meddling with your intentions.

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Do you desire success in your chosen field? Are you hoping to receive recognition and reward for your work? Ready to feel proud of your accomplishments? If so, this prosperity ritual will help you get there. You’ll need:

1 Yellow candle
Malachite crystal (or crystal of your choice)
Pen and paper
Light your yellow candle. Take a few deep breaths, concentrating on the steady inhale and exhale. Whenever you feel ready, arrange your crystal near you. Begin writing down what success means to you. Describe it as succinctly as possible, writing about it as though your success has already come true. You can also draw an image that represents your success. Whenever you feel ready, repeat the words:

No matter the odds

that are stacked against me,

I shall always be filled

with prosperity.

Take time to visualize what your wish looks like. Daydream about how wonderful it feels to be so successful. Allow your imagination to run wild. Let the candle burn all the way through. Store your paper in a safe place and keep your crystal close to attract success.

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Are you hoping to increase your wealth? Are you in need of some extra cash? Do you desire a more profitable career? Then perhaps a ritual to make more money is right for you. You’ll need:

1 Green candle
Citrine crystal (or any crystal you like)
One coin
Light your green candle. Place the crystal on one side and the coin on the other. Visualize money flowing your way. Daydream about whatever this increase in wealth means to you. Perhaps it looks like a raise in your income. Maybe it appears like an unexpected check in the mail. Regardless of what your fantasy appears like, think about how fortunate it feels to have more wealth in your life. Think about what you’ll do with this newfound wealth. Whenever you’re ready, say the words:

Wealth follows me wherever I go.

The universe blesses me with prosperity

and nourishes me with money flow.

Use your voice with the purest conviction, believing every word of it. Let your candle burn all the way through. Keep your coin in your wallet or purse. Don’t spend it. It’s now your lucky charm. Keep your citrine crystal near to attract abundance always.

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Do you desire some genuine romance in your life? Are you ready to meet a new lover? Do you simply want to feel surrounded by love and friendship? Then this ritual to fill your heart is perfect for you. You’ll need:

1 Pink candle
Rose quartz (or any crystal you’d prefer)
Bath salts
Lavender and/or rose essential oil
Light your pink candle. Draw yourself a bath. As the water fills the tub, begin pouring in the bath salts. Add in as many drops of the essential oils as you’d like. Insert these ingredients with a loving intention on your mind. Lie comfortably in your bath with your rose quartz sitting near your heart. Imagine love floating into your heart, filling it like a pink, warm light. Envision whatever love means to you. Perhaps this love is centered on friendship. Maybe this love looks more passionate and less platonic. Allow your heart to absorb these loving vibrations.

Whenever you feel ready, begin draining your bath. Allow yourself to feel soothed by this loving ritual you just performed. Keep your rose quartz close, for it will always attract the love you desire.


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