These Skull Glasses Is Wickedest Way To Drink You Beverage Of Choice

You can drink you beverage in so many ways. Yet this way is the wickedest of them all.
These skull glasses come in 3 different sizes, 25ml, 80ml, and 150ml. Each size ideal for their own use. Think of starting the day with a lovely cup of ‘skull’ coffee or tea. The glasses are double layered and so ideal for hot drinks. In the evening enjoying a glass of wine or whiskey from a skull glass. And even, taking the wildest shots or any home-brewed poison from a skull shooter glass.

Can you imagine the extra flair? People will know not to mess with you!

You can get the skull glasses at  and they’re affordable too. Which makes them perfect gifts.

Check out these wicked glasses:

Hwagui - So Cool Crystal Skull Shot Glass Drink Wine Cup for A Whiskey (200ml/6.83oz)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor double layered skull glasses





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