This 391-Year-Old Bonsai Tree Survived Hiroshima And Keeps On Growing

It has been stated that within the trunk of a tree are the rings that says how old that tree is. A tree can have a history all it’s own, and if allowed to grow over the years who knows what kind of history that tree could live through. This is certainly the case of the amazing white pine bonsai tree which has now been documented to be 391 years old.

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Bonsai Tree Planted in 1625 Rich in History
But the age of this tree which is almost four centuries old isn’t the most amazing thing about it. It turns out at one time this tree bonsai tree belonged to a family in Japan known as the Yamaki back in 1945. The family lived just two miles away from the spot in Hiroshima in which the United States forces dropped the Nuclear bomb during World War II. Despite the fact that this bombing killed around a 140.000 and left much devastation in its path the Yamaki family along with the bonsai tree manage to escape this harrowing ordeal unharmed.

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So, where is the remarkable tree now, and how is this history about it now known. Well, the tree now resides in the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. The tree had been a gift from Masaru Yamaki back in 1976, However, at the time the tree was given Yamaki didn’t explain to those at the Arboretum the historical significance of the bonsai tree. It wasn’t till years later when one of his grandsons was visiting the National Arboretum himself that he told those working there just what that bonsai tree has survived along with his family. Quite a long and rich history for a small part of history.


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