This Harvest Full Moon Will Make Us Face Past Wounds And Give Us Courage To Tackle Our Fears

Do you feel like you are the main person standing in the way of your success? Do you have internal challenges that hold you back such as fears, low self-esteem, or feeling loneliness? September 2018’s full moon, happening on the 24th will bring the tools you need to resolve all of these obstacles.

Challenges Versus Positive Influences

On one hand, this particular full moon may bring more tests and challenges. You may feel more emotional or confused; your personal fears may become heightened. At the same time, this next two weeks will bring incredible opportunities to heal all of these areas.

You will have two weeks to do so. The energy will last until the 8th of October—the next new moon with the new set of goals.

Courage to Tackle Your Fears

September 2018 Full Moon In Aries

The September 2018 full moon is in Aries, the astrological sign of action and mental strength. When Aries knows what it wants and goes for it, it is unstoppable.

Meanwhile, this full moon is strongly influenced by Mars and Uranus, and both are bringing positive influences to the table.

Mars, passionate and energetic, will provide the courage and strength you need in order to go against all obstacles. It will guide you on how to properly face your fears to defeat them once and for all.

These common fears that will be addressed are the fears of:

  • Loneliness
  • Failure
  • Success
  • Intimacy
  • Rejection
  • Change

Defeating fears also requires you to replace old habits with healthier, stronger, and better systems. Uranus, the planet of change, will aid you with that.

Uranus helps to overcome your own personal challenges and breaks through all of the walls. Its energy will be strong enough to push you towards new things and bringing positive change. It will also provide the patience needed to deal with change in a non-reactive way.

September 2018 Full Moon’s Tools to Heal You

Every full moon resonates energetically with a different Tarot card and crystal. This month, they are the Two of Wands and Ruby.

Tarot of the September 2018 Full Moon: the Two of Wands

The two of wands represents a person who is at a fork in the road trying to decide if it is better to stay with the old or leg go and start anew. If you decide to go with the new, Uranus’s energy will guide you to do so.

Crystal of the September 2018 Full Moon: Ruby

The fiery Ruby will add to Mars’s passionate energy, while also protection from any harm while facing your fears. Ruby works on the first chakra to keep you grounded and safe. Meanwhile, it prepares you for action and motivation that leads to abundance. It is not advised to meditate with a Ruby, as it may agitate your mood. But rather wear it for courage and protection during the next two weeks after the full moon.

Final advice:

  • Avoid any extremes. Stay patient focused, and centered.
  • Keep grounded via daily meditation or yoga.
  • Take relaxing baths to stay stress-free in the times of change.
  • Be fearless! Do something that scares you.

by Katalina Aster

Source: spirit science central

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