This Hotel Will Deliver Puppies And Prosecco To Your Room

Everyone loves puppies. Everyone loves a cheeky flute of prosecco.

But imagine having these two heavenly things together, at the same time, while you’re relaxing at a hotel in America.

Well, that dream can be turned into a reality if you stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver, Colorado this month. Organisers have teed up a little promotional deal that allows you to play with up to 10 puppies from a local rescue shelter while you get blitzed on prosecco between August 23 to 26.

Now, the package isn’t cheap, with the offer only available if you book the Luxury Suite, which is a casual $795 per night.

Credit: Kimpton Hotel Monaco/Instagram
Credit: Kimpton Hotel Monaco/Instagram

It depends on how the dogs are feeling, but you can get between six and 10 puppies delivered to your room along with chilled bubbles to make your wildest dreams come true.

Now, if you thought the price is extortionate (well, it’s certainly not cheap), it’s worth mentioning that half the proceeds from the cost will go towards Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a no-kill rescue shelter for puppies in the Rockies Region.

Chris Guse, general manager of Hotel Monaco Denver told Travel & Leisure: “At Hotel Monaco, we are always looking for advanced elements of comfort and feelings of home for our guests.

Credit: Kimpton Hotel Monaco/Instagram
Credit: Kimpton Hotel Monaco/Instagram

“With that approach, puppies have naturally been incorporated into our evening wine hour program. The joy this activation has generated for everyone involved made it apparent we needed to take the concept to another level but in a more intimate setting.”

But if you’ve already got a pet and just want to sip prosecco then fear not, you can take your pet to your room and enjoy the good times.

“At every Kimpton boutique hotel, we invite you to bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member – no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge,” the company said.

But if you wanted something a little bit cheaper and closer, then there is a Bali hostel that allows you to play with puppies.

Credit: purigardenhotel/Instagram
Credit: purigardenhotel/Instagram

Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Ubud has ‘puppy therapy’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

May I repeat, puppy therapy twice a week, ladies and gentlemen.

Prices range, depending whether you want a dorm or private room, but the cheapest rate will only set you back around $35 a night. Not too shabby considering you get to play with puppies.

There’s no word on how the puppies are treated or whether any money goes towards their wellbeing.

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