This Is What Wearing Your Favorite Color Says About You

Everyone has their own “uniform” they wear most, if not every, day. You may find yourself wearing your favorite color more often than any other as well. Color is so incredibly important that it’s often associated with various emotions and characteristics. And in your wardrobe, it can give people insight into your personality.

Express Yourself. Our clothing is meant to be an outward expression of who we are on the inside. This means that wearing certain colors can give people a look into what you’re really like.

Drawn to Colors. There’s a reason that we’re drawn to different colors. There are all kinds of emotions and characteristics assigned to each color.

Color Psychology. Color psychology is a study of how different hues determine human behavior. It’s often used in things like marketing and branding.


Set the Mood. Color is often used to affect mood. It helps to convey a message to people without even saying a word to them.

Seeing Red. Red is the color of love and passion. This is the color of choice for people on date nights, and it’s no surprise. Multiple studies have found that red is the most attractive color to potential partners.

Cut Through the Red Tape. A person who wears red is usually more confident and extroverted. This fiery color matches the powerful emotions it evokes, symbolizing power, energy, and aggression.

True Blue. Blue is the color of serenity. Fans of wearing blue clothing are reliable and incredibly easy to get along with.

Out of the Blue. The color also has a calming effect. This makes it perfect for attending job interviews and meeting new people.

Yellow, It’s Me. Yellow is not many people’s favorite color but it’s still incredibly important. People who wear yellow are incredibly outgoing and bright. They’re bubbly but not overbearing.

It’s Not Easy Being Green. Green is an incredibly peaceful color as well. It’s a color of stability because it’s the color most often found in nature and it’s the color of money.

Going Green. People who wear this color most often crave that stability and usually working hard for it, even though they’re not always getting there. They’re incredibly outgoing as well.

I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Clothing. Black is one of the most versatile colors on this list, it seriously goes with everything. People who wear this color have an air of confidence about them and often come off as cold or even abrasive. They’re usually not.

White Knight. People who wear white are usually optimistic, proper, and are very concerned with how people see them. Also they’re not messy at all, because trying to get stains out of white clothes is incredibly difficult.

Shades of Grape. Purple is the color for people who are mysterious and creative. It’s also a very rich color, but there’s still something incredibly down to earth about it.

Pretty in Pink. Pink is an incredibly feminine color but there’s an edge to it. Don’t underestimate a person who wears a lot of pink though. They may look soft and demure but they can probably kick your a** if you give them any trouble.

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