This Man Just Swam 195 Kilometer Within 3 Days And Raised Nearly 4M For Cancer Research

Maarten van der Weijden known for his unbelievable long distance swimming, just accomplished a mind blowing achievement.

Last year the first edition took place but Maarten did not manage to successfully complete the 11 city journey. He fell ill during his second swimming day after laying 55 hours in the water. This year however, he triumphed.

Maarten van der Weijden started the second edition of the Eleven Cities Swimming Tour in Leeuwarden on Friday. The tour was 195 kilometers long and he finished at 7:30 PM on Monday (Dutch time).

(Van der Weijden gets a good luck kiss from his daughter as he starts his journey)

This sensational achievement was all done to raise money for the cancer foundation.

At only 19 years old Maarten was diagnosed with cancer

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But the resilient swimmer beat cancer and 7 years later he became a gold medalist at the Olympic Games in 2008 Beijing

At places where there was no immediate passage Van der Weijden was transported in a dolphin carrier from one canal to the other.

During his journey people jumped in the water to accompany him partly. It was truly amazing to how much support was shown all the way through to the finish.

This is the moment where Maarten climbed out of the water after completing his 195km journey:

This hero managed to collect an astounding 3.910.763,11 euro which all will be donated to the cancer foundation for research.

Well done Maarten van der Weijden! Congratulations with this amazing achievement!

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