This ‘Sea Organ’ Uses Wind And Waves To Create Hauntingly Beautiful Harmonies

The Sea Organ was conceived in 2005 by architect Nikola Bašić, after a new jetty was built to welcome cruise ships and their tourists to the charming port town.

On its surface, the organ looks like large marble steps leading into the Adriatic Sea. Below, however, lies a series of narrow channels that connect to 35 organ pipes. Each set of steps holds five organ pipes each and is tuned to a different musical chord.

As waves and wind push air through the channels, a song pours through the organ pipes and out onto the steps above. The sounds produced rely completely on the wave energy’s random time and space distribution.

Visitors say the sound is “hauntingly memorable“ and “rather rhythmical and even hypnotizing.”

Below, listen to the organ wail its harmony on an especially rough day by the sea.

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