This Tiny House With Green House Attached is The Dream

If you’re into tiny houses but you also like the idea of having a porch and a greenhouse, keep on reading. Olive Nest Tiny Homes has come out with a new model called The Elsa. This model comes with a second trailer that you can hook up to the main house. The second trailer includes a greenhouse and a porch. This does mean that if you want to transport the tiny house you’ll have to make two trips, but that’s totally worth it, isn’t it?

The Elsa is 323 square feet small and is intelligently crafted with a fantastic layout. When you come into the main lounge you’ll have a full-sized couch that can turn into a bed and a chair. There is a regular fridge present in the kitchen as well as a small bar table that can be opened up to a larger size (max. 4 people). Hidden in the staircase that leads up to the bedroom is secret storage space. The loft-style bedroom has dormer windows on each side. Underneath the bedroom is the bathroom and some more space for storage.



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