Tonight’s Last New Moon Of 2018 Will Amplify Your Manifestation Powers

Every new moon is another chance to begin a manifestation process for anything you want in life—love, abundance, and opportunities. The last new moon of 2018 is important because it is the final chance to ask the universe for what you wanted from this year, as well as start asking for next year’s goals. There is a lot of manifestation opportunity here, and especially if you have not done manifestation rituals during new moons, this is the one you do not want to miss!

This new moon on December 7th is perfect for feeling motivated to do a ritual, as it falls under the sign of Sagittarius, which is full of inspiration, idealistic passion, and freedom-loving adventure.

After a somewhat strange and energetically-intense year that you likely had—as did everyone else—Sagittarius will renew your spirits before the new year, and will fill you up with enthusiasm and optimism for the future. What more can we ask from at the end of the year!

New moon in Sagittarius reminds you of the big picture of your life and existence, and that small things do not matter in the end. You will not remember many of life’s inconveniences five years from now, so the focus should be on accomplishments, both spiritual and physical.


How To Celebrate This New Moon

New moon in Sagittarius is a good excuse for an actual celebration with a manifestation ritual included. This moon will appreciate fun and escaping into the world of music, dance, and laughter for a night. It is important, however, to not go overboard with drinking, intoxication or “partying” as the energies can take it a step too far leaving you exhausted emotionally and physically.

Instead, get close and like-minded friends together for a nice dinner, and create your version of a new moon ritual. While it will be used for manifestation, if your goals include starting new things, wait until the next full moon to begin anything new. Sagittarius can become too enthusiastic and jump the gun on things before feeling fully prepared.

Creating Your Own Manifestation Ritual

The simple “equation” for manifestation during new moon is: letting go of the old plus intention setting plus asking for what you want equals: new beginnings manifested.

The three parts of the manifestation process can be done in any way that speaks to you.

Letting go of the old means releasing anything that no longer serves you. You can write a list of past events that you want to get over (that are holding you back), any negative emotions you are experiencing, and bad habits and character qualities you want to get rid of. You can then ceremonially burn the list in a safe place and imagine the things you wrote leaving your life for good.

Last New Moon Mediation-

You can also do clearing of the old energies by performing a smudging ritual—burning plants such as Sage or Palo Santo.

Sometimes some of the more hurtful event or emotions require forgiveness in order to to fully let them go. Think of what or who it is that requires forgiveness (it can be yourself) and say “Thank you, and I Love You” until you feel a positive energetic switch. What formally bothered you just now, should now feel light and forgiven.

Intention setting requires you to sit down and meditate or just clear your mind from the outside noise to get a clear focus on what it is you would like to attract into your life. To keep the intention alive until it is manifested, write it down and place the written intention somewhere that feels sacred to you or a place that you will see it at often.

Finally, asking the universe for what you want can be done by journaling about it, writing down a list of bullet points, or writing a one sentence clear statement. Examples of the latter are “I am happy with my like-minded significant other!” or “I am financially abundant!” or “My mission is my career. And it is successful!

It can help to manifest these things by writing down a few gratitude statements for things you have already received that are in the same category as your request. You can thank the universe for past career-building opportunities, all of the people you have met and the growth they brought, and all of the money you have already received.

To truly get into a manifestation zone, it helps to feel the emotions that you will feel when your request is manifested. You can get into this emotional state with a visualization meditation, positive mantras, chanting, or by listening to positive music.

The ritual that you end up putting together should serve you, and make you happy. The Sagittarius new moon will answer the most to a happy and optimistic ritual.

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