Tonights Solar Eclipse NEW MOON in Capricorn December 25/26th

Eclipse season will start with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on December 25th and 26th. Like the powerful New Moon, Solar Eclipses are open and fast portals to higher levels of consciousness.

A new doorway will be opened on a Solar Eclipse, that will push and forward us further along our soul path.

A new path will be shown to us under the energy of this December Solar Eclipse; new things are going to evolve. At first, these new paths will be subtle. It could start as a new thought or a new feeling but it might slowly evolve into a new action. A new energy will arise and we can implement it into our lives.

The implementation of this energy into our lives is different for all of use, but we are all going to be affected by it and we’ll be awakened in some way.  Surrounding this Solar Eclipse is an abundant and expansive energy. We have the opportunity to plant seeds that will grow to the highest, most beautiful trees.

Following the Solar Eclipse are going to be days that are ideal for intention setting and contemplating new goals and ambitions for the new year. Aside from setting intentions, we might also have to be patient and see what the Eclipse has brought us. Perhaps this new path will alter our desires and open up new ideas and inspirations for new intentions we wouldn’t have thought of before.

The intense energy that the Eclipse brings might also push us to transcend childhood patterns or bring out our inner child. Perhaps we experience healing on an inner-child level or we might discover that we no longer need to hold onto patterns or traumas we carry with us from our childhood. We might also discover that we might not have to take everything so seriously and bring the child-like energy back into our lives.

This Eclipse will bring an intense feeling of the ability to transcend family drama and move forward in a harmonious way.

The Eclipse will come around during the holidays and a lot of us might be with family (or thinking of family) and we can really use this Eclipse as an opportunity to transcend unhealthy dynamics or patterns that no longer serve us. Additionally, we can try to forgive, heal, set boundaries and practice compassion and kindness. Accepting our family can feel incredibly liberating and healing as we look past their flaws and the roles we expected them to fulfill.

The energy this Eclipse brings is that of the Capricorn and it’s not the most emotional or expressive. Capricorns are logical and practical. However, this energy might come in handy at this time. Especially because family situations might get emotional and heated very easily and we might overlook certain practical truths. By feeling more practical and less emotional, we might be able to deal with the family dynamics better.

Spending time with family might trigger tension and unresolved emotions but try to focus on the facts this time. Try to keep an objective point of view instead of letting your emotions carry you away. This might sound easier said than done but try to look at the situation from a distance before getting too heated. A little space can be good and just keep in mind that the Eclipse energy is on your side.

Remember that the energy at this time is extremely harmonious, so any issues that do arise are most likely to be quickly resolved with love and understanding. This December Solar Eclipse carries abundant energies and will open a new stream of consciousness. It might feel like a (Christmas) gift from the Universe given the expansive, harmonious and protective energy that will arise. Open yourself up to it and welcome this energy with open arms.

This new wave of energy will kick-start 2020 as a year like no other under this December Solar Eclipse. The Universe is asking us to be open to a new level of consciousness and this Eclipse will be the beginning.


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