Watch This Cute Girl Turn Into a Wicked Karate Kid, Against Everyone’s Expectation

Jesse-Jane McPartland stunned viewers on the talent show with her impressive martial-art moves – making it to the final on the 2015 series. But now the talented 11-year-old schoolgirl, is back, appearing on the Lorraine show to plug her new show.

Dubbed JJ Golden Dragon, Jesse-Jane has a whopping 280 medals for her talents – and now has had a telly show made about her success. In a new documentary which follows her during the 2016 Kickboxing World Championships where she won two gold medals and one silver. And she got to work with legendary actor, Nick Frost, on the project.

Wearing a martial arts uniform emblazoned with the hastags ‘#FightLikeAGirl and Not Every Girl Wants To Be A Princess, Jesse-Jane said: ‘He came into my tent one time because it was cold on set – they had to keep me in a tent – and he was like: “The Bafta award goes to Jesse-Jane McPartland.’ But it won’t be Jesse-Jane’s first telly appearance – after she was invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the States.

‘She’s just amazing. She’s so, so funny.’ And it might just be the start for the youngster, who told Lorraine she wanted to be an actress and stunt double when she’s older. Watch out, world!

Source: Metro

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