We Only Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime – Each For A Specific Reason

We are not talking about the love we feel for our family or friends. We are talking about the love that we find, not get.

We can’t choose our family, but we do choose our loved ones. And there’s always a reason behind loving every person, which as a matter of fact, is only 3.

But few make it to the third love. In fact, there are many who don’t even experience all kinds of loves.

Many people stay with their first love forever. I consider them lucky. Some learn to stick to their second love. In the end, it only matters that you are happy with the person and find a home in him/her.


Our first love is the ideal love that the society and fairy tales teach us.

Our first love is usually what we are taught by others – something that we read in fairytales or see on television. For us, that “definition” of love is true and we don’t want to accept that it can be wrong. So, we try to become the ideal lover that they want and indulge in the relationships.

Disregarding your own feelings, you try everything that you can to make it work. The way they look at you matters the most. But in the end, our intuition always wins and we end up heart broken. This is why it is said that, “First love always hurts.”


Our second love is the love that opens our eyes to what we actually want. It can even become a cycle.

Once your ideal definition is proven wrong, you seek a new definition and hence, make different choices than the first time. This love welcomes you to the real world. The lies, manipulation and hypocrisy will hurt you. In fact, you will go through emotional, physical and mental pain too.

But you will learn a lesson. You keep trying to make it work by making different choices every time, by changing yourself too because you want this love to be right. Of course, ups and downs keep coming in a relationship. But in this relationship, you are stuck in the lows and wait for your love to bring you up.


Our third love is unexpected and unexplained. We might even repel it, but deep down we go towards it.

This feeling of love is so pure that it seems almost impossible. Most likely, it will be nothing like what you had imagined your whole life.

The person can be a disaster to your ideal image, but it won’t stop you from loving him/her. Nothing will matter because we can be who we truly are and find ourselves at home.


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