Website That Predicted 17 Celeb Deaths In 2017 Has Grim Predictions For 2018

The website “The DeathList” has been in existence since 1987, an astonishingly long time for a website.

Each year, it guesses the celebrities that are to pass away every year: all the celebrities, royal family members, world leaders and known figures.

And in recent years, it has accurately predicted several deaths on it’s list of 50.

50 names are selected each year. The text above 2018’s list says, in sort of a mocking tone:

“Below you will find a list of 50 celebrities which our expert committee has selected with the expectation they will die during 2018.

In 2017, years of promise were realized when the list smashed the previous record, chalking up an astonishing 17 successes.

Does this suggest there will now be some lean years ahead for DeathList? Or has the DeathList forum become such a powerful resource now that we could see the record surpassed again in 2018?”

A couple rules apply to the Deathlist, which include:

“The nominees must be famous enough such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media.”

Last year, the website actually predicted the deaths of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, David Rockefeller, TV actor Bruce Forsyth, killer Ian Brady, actress Liz Dawn (or Vera Duckworth), singer Fats Domino, boxer Jake LaMotta and others.

Only 25 names can appear again from the list of the previous year.

Some of the predicted deaths for 2018 include Professor Stephen Hawking, Rolling Stones man Ronnie Wood, Prince Philip, actress/singer Olivia Newton-John, Dick Van Dyke, actress June Brown, and others.

The site says that it accurately predicted 12 deaths in 2016, which include Muhammad Ali, Liz Smith, Fidel Castro, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and more.

In 2017, the prediction of David Rockefeller’s death sparked headlines, including one from the Daily Star that reads “David Rockefeller dead: Morbid website gets THIRD 2017 celeb death correct.” Reading from it:

“The death of world-renowned banker David Rockefeller is the third correctly predicted by a chilling website. He joins rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen and American actress Mary Tyler Moore among the celebs to leave this year. A host of much-loved names make up the rest of the list – including Bruce Forsyth, Vera Lynn and even the Queen.”

The deathlist has been bashed for its insensitivity, with MediaWatch-UK telling the Daily Star:

“The idea of an annual Deathlist is not only morose and insensitive but I imagine deeply upsetting for the individuals named in it and their families.

Whilst an awareness of our mortality can have the positive effect of helping us to live each day to its fullest, this list seems to delight in making accurate predictions about another human’s demise. In some cases, forum comments openly welcome certain celebrity deaths.

The rule candidates must be famous enough to be reported by UK media is abhorrent when compared with media coverage of deaths which result from everyday tragic circumstances.”

Who the hell else do you know that founded a website they still have, all the way back in 1987? It might just be that the Deathlist people are powerful or somehow in the know.

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