Weekly Horoscope March 18th-25th: Combative Cosmic Energy With Equinox, Chiron and Super Full Moon

Can liberty and equality co-exist? This week’s skies say, yes! Wednesday, March 20, marks Day One of Aries season, a monthlong cycle where no one puts baby in the corner—or in any sort of pre-defined box. The renegade Ram rips up all scripts and reminds us of the power of self-authorization, as evidenced by the trailblazers born under this Sun sign from Lady Gaga to Maya Angelou to Nancy Pelosi. Life imitates art between now and April 20. Well, more like an open mic night where everyone is freestyling and cutting loose. That’s all well and good, but with a catch! Mercury is still retrograde until March 28, which can have the effect of turning one ad-libbed line (or ill-informed tweet) into weeks of controversy. To avoid this pitfall, save the raw material until early April. You can still be a visionary. Just present the more “grounded” thoughts from your independent archive—that you can back up with solid research. Aries season is a time for “firsts,” so challenge yourself to try activities you’ve never done before. Be the new kid in class, purposely place yourself out of your comfort zone. Once the awkward vibes pass, you’ll feel a sense of dynamism return. Hello, you well-rounded human, you! Since Aries is the fearless warrior sign, that might involve fighting for justice in your community or the world at large.

While you’re “doing you” with abandon, it’s important to gauge your impact on the crowds. Thankfully, Wednesday’s skies will bring some much-needed checks and balances. March 20 is also the equinox—a moment on both hemispheres where day and night are of equal length. And for the first time since 1981, the equinox arrives in tandem with the Full Worm Moon. That alone is enough to spotlight our need for balance in the world, but doubling its effect is the fact that this one’s a supermoon in Libra, the zodiac’s peacekeeper and harmonizer. But wait, there’s more! In 2019, there are two consecutive full moons in Libra, which means the call for universal love, cooperation and equilibrium will be echoed again on April 19. How can you use your influence to signal boost someone you adore? Where might you thrive by embracing the power of partnership? Libra is the sign of the scales, reminding us that two “opposing” weights can find a healthy balance, much like the arrestingly intimate, piano-side duet of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performing “Shallow” at the Oscars. Tongues may wag, but hey, it’s Aries season—and that’s part of the fun.

Double-tap Thursday as a date to use maximum discretion though! Cosmic copilots Venus and Mars will be duking it out in a tense square (90-degree angle), making it hard to read the room. With Venus in convivial, communal Aquarius since March 1, there’s been an agreeable energy afoot—one that’s actually more prone to groupthink than rocking the boat, thanks to peaceful Venus softening Aquarius’ edge. But feisty Mars is in value-driven Taurus, which can bring out the raging bull in us all when we feel our ethics are challenged. You may be shocked to discover that someone who’s been going along to get along has been stewing in their juices…and on Thursday that volcano could erupt! If you want to get ahead of any potential conflict, call a summit and let the team weigh in on the current state of your union. But set some ground rules under this combative cosmic energy! All feedback must be constructive, one person talks at a time, and absolutely zero personal attacks.

Aries Week: 18-24 March 2019

It’s been years of ‘Me’ for you – and nothing is going to change. In fact, until 2027, another eight years away, you will be shown what is possible with your face, brand, name, image, profile or reputation. Chiron is in Aries. Nothing is too outrageous, when the centaur is here to show you the way. You will see why, very precisely, when Chiron conjuncts the Sun in Aries, your own sign, on Thursday-Saturday. You also have Salacia in Aries. An ancient symbol of other worlds, other realms, other realities. Again, there is something about the way you look or appear to the world which is right at the centre of your plans in the second half of the week. There really is no such word as ‘unrealistic’ any more. The murky Pisces weather also continues. If it’s occult, classified, confidential, below the surface, invisible, behind the scenes or underneath the radar – be extremely cautious. You are going to see a replay of something that was never set in stone from February 19th-23rd and there will be a final reckoning April 1st-7th. Do not start anything new in this area of your life without getting it in writing, reading the fine print, having a second opinion and having Plan B.

Taurus Week: 18-24 March 2019

The group involving one or more friends, continues to take you backwards and forwards. Now, you see why the discussion, emails, texts or paperwork of February 20th, 22nd (allow a day either side for world time zone differences) was so unfinished. It is now all very unclear. Mess and muddle are typical of Mercury Retrograde and this applies no matter if you are in an acting troupe or part of a political party. You will see a final replay in the first week of April. Try not to add to things until then because you are going to be knitting an unravelling ball of wool. The issue is very likely Mercurial in nature, so it’s on your computer or in the post, or it is on your telephone. There is a big, big change happening with these people as the years of ‘nothing too outrageous’ and ‘nothing too audacious’ have stopped. What else is going on? Well, it’s about classified documents or highly confidential information. The Official Secrets Act. The occult. Your unconscious mind. Your safe. Your filing cabinet (locked). You are about to be shown that there is nothing ‘unthinkable’ any more. Not if you don’t want it to be.

Gemini Week: 18-24 March 2019

Friendships and groups of all kinds are now part of a new education for you. This education will go on for the next eight years. It may involve a cult. It may involve a band. It may involve a charity, swimming team or Mumsnet. One friend in particular, old or new, will now come to symbolise the centaur Chiron to you. He was the strangest teacher in Ancient Rome, as he was half-man, half-horse, but essentially was in charge of the music curriculum. You are not learning the kithara or lyre, but you are certainly learning that there is no such word as ‘outrageous’ when it comes to particular friendships or networks of people around you. Gemini, you also have Salacia here. This is a whole other reality. It bears about as much relationship to the regular business of day-to-day living as the seashore does to the city. The people in this group are more like jellyfish, sea anemones, sharks, dolphins and starfish than anything else. A total aquarium of new possibility. What else is going on now? Please continue to be aware that your career, unpaid work or university degree is in flux. You are going to see why nothing was fixed in place back on February 19th-23rd and you will experience the third and final take on the situation April 1st-7th. In the meantime, get it in writing, read the fine print, get a second opinion and have Plan B.

Cancer Week: 18-24 March 2019

Wow. Your career, unpaid work or university degree is now an experiment. It’s an education in what is possible, realistic and acceptable in 2019. In fact, this education will go on until 2027, as it takes that long for Chiron to complete his cycle in your Tenth House. You also have Salacia here – Neptune’s wife. She is a symbol of alternative realities, so there is nothing about your status, success, ambition or position which is every day at the moment. In fact, you are in a brand-new cycle and so a great deal of what you used to assume was beyond the pale, or out of the question, will soon come to seem part of life. You will see the truth of this when the Sun conjuncts Chiron on Friday and Salacia on Sunday (allow a day either side for Los Angeles to catch up with Auckland). What else is going on now? Your travel, publishing, internet, foreign, regional, academic or educational plan from February 20th, 22nd was never final. It was always going to reverse, be totally reshaped, be scrapped or stall. This happens over the next 7 days. You will finally see if it’s going to stay or not, or change permanently or not, in the first week of April. Do not start anything new in this department (the list above describes your Ninth House) without caution. Get it in writing, read the fine print, have Plan B and maybe Plan C, and get a second opinion.

Leo Week: 18-24 March 2019

Well, this is new. Near Friday and Sunday, you will be shown that nothing goes too far, with travel, internet, books, foreigners, universities, schools or relocation. Your ruler the Sun conjuncts Chiron and then Salacia, Neptune’s wife, so there are no known limits any more. You will be shown what is within reach. You will also realise this is a completely new reality. An alternative to what you might call the known world with journeys, publishing, websites, emigration, multiculturalism. In fact, this is the very start of a cycle taking you to 2027, so for around the next 8 years, you will be looking back at this week and telling yourself ‘This was the start.’ Leo, you also need to be aware of the delays, standstills or reversals with your bank account, tax return, shares, lease or mortgage, investments, charity, valuables and so on. You are now being sent back to February 20th and 22nd, when nothing was fixed, firm or final. It will not be until April 1st-7th that you actually approach the end of the matter. In the meantime, please don’t begin anything new and important without getting it in writing, reading the fine print, and having Plan B and C. Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow and you’re standing in it this week.

Virgo Week: 18-24 March 2019

This is a very, very new cycle with your finances, house, apartment, valuables, business, shares, company, insurance, pension/superannuation, legacy or taxation. It’s so new that you’ll really feel you are writing a first chapter near Friday and Sunday. It may involve your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps a legal opponent. I will talk more about that in a moment, but for now – all that you need to know is that the words ‘out of the question’ no longer apply. Chiron and Salacia are a powerful duo in your horoscope and in the forthright and fearless sign of Aries, there is a bold statement being written about what is possible – as opposed to impossible. What is acceptable – as opposed to unacceptable. This is a long cycle, with Chiron staying in Aries until 2027. There are pros and cons to what you have in mind, or what others are suggesting, and there is no rush. I also mentioned your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps, an enemy, rival or opponent. Be extremely careful as your ruler Mercury is retrograde and you are now being sent all the way back to the supposedly ‘fixed’ plans or discussions, or the ‘firm’ news of February 19th-23rd. There will be a final outcome April 1st-7th. This would not normally be a big deal but with Neptune also in there, the potential for distortion, confusion and outright muddle is very high. If you have the luxury of delaying important decisions, use this week as a mental rehearsal, take notes in your diary or journal, play with the possibilities. If you have absolutely no choices about timing, at least get it in writing, have Plan B, read the fine print.

Libra Week: 18-24 March 2019

Libra, I will just repeat what I have been saying on this website for several months – this is not the time to consider anything fixed or final, with your workload, daily routine, body, lifestyle, housework, volunteering or university degree. The mind, body and spirit connection is being rewired. You will be taken back to the supposedly firm plans of February 19th-23rd this week. Bear in mind they may not be final, or even in place, until you know for sure – April 1st to 7th. What else is going on? Well, this is about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your enemy, rival or opponent. Chiron and Salacia, Neptune’s wife, are in your Seventh House. This house of your chart is actually ruled by Libra the scales in the natural order of things, so what you are experiencing with this man or woman, goes right to the heart of you. Very close to the Sun-Chiron conjunction on Friday and the Salacia-Sun conjunction on Sunday, you are going to be shown that nothing is unthinkable any more. The situation or person will leave jaws on the floor. Can you get away with it? Should you? Can you? Chiron says ‘Don’t ask me again. I already told you.’ This centaur is sometimes a foster-father figure, occasionally a mentor, guide, teacher or professor. The organisation or person, or the circumstances, educate you in what is now the known limits or boundaries. And they are being s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d all the time. Very close to Sunday, depending on your time zone, Salacia weighs in. She is about everything that exists in a bubble of its own truth and reality. Nothing regular or ordinary about this situation, Libra.

Scorpio Week: 18-24 March 2019

Chiron and Salacia have landed (and how) in your Sixth House of daily routine, lifestyle, the body, your workload, housework and service to others. You will no longer do your duty in the same way, no matter if you are in paid employment, full-time or part-time work, studying, acting as a carer, full-time parent or volunteering in some way. This is very new and yet it offers you so much scope. A person or organisation best described as a teacher (‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’) is here. You have about 8 years of learning ahead of you, not just with this individual or entity. There will be more! Chiron was a master of herbal medicine, according to the old Latin texts. Perhaps some variation on this theme will touch your life this week, be it medical marijuana or naturopathy. Chiron was primarily a teacher, though (he taught the lyre) and you have a new curriculum of life, and lifestyle. Salacia is a different kettle of fish. She represents everything that is an alternative to the real world. This is not looking like any other week, and it is certainly not looking like 2018 and earlier! What else is going on now? Just to repeat last week’s message: if it involves pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers, young adults – personally or professionally – or if it involves parenthood-potential sexual relationships – it’s confused. It’s also confusing. You’re now going to see why nothing was set in stone back on February 19th-23rd. The final chapter is written April 1st-7th.

Sagittarius Week: 18-24 March 2019

The horoscope zone which rules pregnancy, adoption, godchildren, young relatives, sexual relationships which may end in parenthood, sons, daughters, grandchildren – and Millennials involved in your career – is loaded. The next generation, and perhaps the one after that, is now opening up a whole new chapter for you. Sometimes it comes with a lover who has children from a previous marriage. It is commonly about your life as a parent, or perhaps as a teacher or sports coach with teenagers or young adults around you. Winston Churchill (Sagittarius) experienced this cycle with the R.A.F. or ‘Fighter Boys’ who were the teenage and twentysomething young men who won the Battle of Britain. Your own personal birth chart will reveal all, but this week begins a new lesson. There is no more ‘impossible.’ There is only possible. Chiron is associated with I.V.F. and you now have Chiron in this chart zone. He is also associated with foster parents. With music teachers, in particular, and also medical professors. What else is going on now, Sagittarius? Well, your plans from February 19th-23rd regarding your renovations, lease or mortgage, flatmate/roommate, family, Air BnB, home town or homeland are about to change. In fact, you will not know where you stand until the last detail has been inked in, April 1st-7th. Do not begin anything new with property, or relatives, or your shared household unless you get it in writing, read the fine print and have Plan B.

Capricorn Week: 18-24 March 2019

In the second half of the week you will be taught by a person, organisation or situation you find quite astonishing. The lesson concerns your house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland. By rights, this should not happen and could not happen – yet it is happening. Chiron is a symbol of life education. You also have Salacia in this part of your horoscope. Like Chiron, she is newly arrived. You simply have not experienced this before. She shows you that there are alternatives. Other realities. Other worlds. Parallel universes of possibility. The smart money is on being open-minded and just – open. One thing you will be very pleased to see the back of, is the unpredictable years – when nothing and nobody was permanent or fixed. Now, your life could be on a timetable. It’s the best way to learn. What else is going on? Well, you already know this – but the internet, the post office, your telephone, computer, multimedia, publishing, education, commuting and short-haul travel are all affected by the Mercury Retrograde cycle. The planet the Romans associated with their old relay system of message appears to be going backwards to February 19th-23rd. This will not be over, or known, or complete, until April 1st-7th. Do not start anything new with the areas of life above without getting it in writing, reading the fine print and having Plan B.

Aquarius Week: 18-24 March 2019

What you assumed was in motion, or firmly in place, with your money, charity, house, business, shares, pension, insurance, superannuation and so on – particularly a legacy and its contents – was not. You talked or put things in writing on February 19th-23rd and now they’re back again, in a loop. You finish the loop April 1st-7th. If you begin anything new then get it in writing, read the fine print, get a second opinion and have Plan B. It may be something as trivial and annoying as an eBay purchase which bounces, to a serious matter involving the New York Stock Exchange, or European banks and money-laundering! Aquarius, everything will begin again from April 18th, and you will find yourself in a bubble, or holiday from the real world, financially. All being well, you should bob along in that bubble for years, until 2025. This interim period can be confused and confusing, though, and that could cost you time and money, so be aware. What else is going on now? A brand-new start with the internet, publishing, multimedia, education and communication. Nothing is out of the question. Nothing and nobody are beyond the pale. There is no such thing as ‘outrageous’ any more. Only you can decide what is just ‘too much’ and what (or whom) is the new normal. This also applies to your commute or short-haul travel plans. These new options are jaw-dropping.

Pisces Week: 18-24 March 2019

Pisces, I’ve been writing about the potential for muddle and mess with Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, for some time. Hopefully you planned in advance and avoided late February-mid-April for your plans for anything bearing your name or face, or any ideas about self-promotion or your reputation, brand, appearance and so on. This isn’t doom and gloom, it’s just history and astrology. You will now be sent all the way back to February 19th-23rd if you did go ahead – and this won’t be over until April 1st to 7th. If you are being drawn into any discussion or paperwork involving your identity or look, get it in writing, read the fine print, have Plan B. The really big news this week is financial. You are now in a brand-new period in your life when your bank account, house, apartment, possessions, valuables, business, shares, charity and the rest – is predictable. I didn’t say normal, but it will be on a timetable you can actually plan with. You are about to be educated by a person or organisation for whom nothing is too audacious. Dennis Elwell associated Chiron (now in your finance zone) with chutzpah, audacity and the desire to challenge those who say something cannot be done. (Or should not be done, perhaps). Well, here you go. Salacia, the wife of your ruler Neptune, is also in your finance zone. She inhabits other realms, like the beach and the ocean. She has nothing to do with what is real, and everything to do with what is a valid alternative to reality. Your new options are astonishing.

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