Weekly Horoscope May 26th-June 1st: Wait Before You Endorse Basically Anything

Ever since the Sun and slickster Mercury moved into Gemini on May 21, it’s been a 24/7 pitchfest out there. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with marketing yourself or trying to convince people to get on board with your latest obsession. But this Wednesday, May 29, as illusory Neptune in Pisces T-bones Mercury, put down the pom-poms and hide the PowerPoint deck. As the ruler of the seas, Neptune is notorious for burying things under the surface. Nosy Mercury, however, loves to sniff out the gossip. With these two planets elbowing each other, wait before you endorse basically anything. You could wind up spreading false information, or worse, getting tangled in something nefarious. Make sure you understand the complete picture before you pick up the spokesmodel mantle. Background research is warranted, if only to ensure that everything checks out. Since it very well might, the time you take to investigate will pay off, leaving you with a stronger-than-ever sales pitch.

On Thursday, candid Jupiter (retrograde) in Sagittarius throws Mercury in Gemini a challenge, parking opposite the messenger planet in the skies. With these two loudmouths throwing down—and in two of the most outspoken signs, to boot—minor disagreements quickly snowball into epic debates. If you’ve been holding your tongue, this transit is sure to loosen it. Whether you unleash a Sagittarian diatribe or take down your “opponent” with a Gemini zinger (in 140 characters and emojis, optimally), be careful about drawing battle lines. The effects of this celestial smackdown will pass in a matter of days, but if you burn down the metaphoric King’s Landing with a cry of, “Dracarys!” rebuilding bridges will be impossible. Even if it IS time to take up the good fight, strategy will not be your strong suit on Thursday. Compose your manifesto, but save it to drafts—then take it through a few rounds of edits—before you release it to the world.

Sunday’s starmap sizzles with seduction as amorous Venus in Taurus and scintillating Pluto in Capricorn form a vivacious trine. Unspoken chemistry could become utterly exothermic, and basically impossible to resist. Even better? With both planets in stable earth signs, connections forged could stand the test of time. This is THE day to plan a heart-to-heart with the one you adore. Your spring fling could quickly evolve into your summer lover, or, if you’re in a long-term relationship, you might arrive at an agreement about the next major step to take as a pair. But think with your rational brain, not just the reptilian one! The power of attraction can be overwhelming with Pluto’s scorching intensity. Add hedonistic Venus to the equation and all common sense flies out the window. There’s a bright line between stoking Cupid’s embers and playing with fire. Find it, flag it, then, steer clear of taboo temptations. These dangerous liaisons could be destructive to important relationships. No, your tried-and-trues may not be AS exciting (or even close to it) as the person who gives you butterflies this weekend, but you’d be lost without them in your life.

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20

You may feel tired most of the time and may find most of your work getting blocked. Also, you may find yourself remaining too dependent on others for the completion of your work. In matters of business, mental tensions might occur, and it is advised to work cautiously with your partner. Issues like excessive spending of money might also cause worry to you. Students may not be able to concentrate on their studies successfully. They might plan a trip with their friends, though an argument with them is also quite likely. In relationship matters, it would be better to keep a check on your temper. Towards the weekend, you are likely to go out on a trip with your family. There is a high possibility of money being spent on family needs. Try to avoid travelling out of town this week or eating outside food as it might cause trouble.

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21

Towards the beginning of the week, you may have days filled with luck and respect. You can expect to receive success in all spheres of work. In professional and personal areas as well, you will be seen working hard, and your seniors would stay mostly happy and satisfied with your work. Businesses can expect profits this week, and it is advisable both professionally and in business aspects not to delay the work for the next day. For students, the week is a lucky one. For research students, the week will be beneficial. For relationship matters, the end of the week might prove to be luckier for the couples. Families can plan on a small outing together. In health matters, there aren’t any major issues. Also, it is recommended to drink a lot of water as water deficiency may cause serious issues.

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21

Geminis will be filled with a new wave of energy during this week, and those working in an office will find themselves focused towards their work and putting in efforts towards fulfilling their targets. Businessmen will see themselves receiving success from a new project and find their competitors staying away from them. Anxiety may occur due to excessive spending of money and students are advised to put in a lot of effort towards their studies as they might encounter problems while concentrating. Geminis will receive a lot of love from their siblings during the week, and there are high chances of a party being organised with friends. For married couples, the week will fill them with a strong emotional bond and connectivity. However, issues like lethargy, energy deficiency and tiredness may occur during the week and hence it is advisable for them to control their diet and appetite.

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 22

The week is filled with caution for the Cancerians, and it is preferable to avoid business meetings during this period. The second part of the week may prove to be fruitful for them, and it is advised to keep away from any kind of negativity. Chances of suffering losses from the share market are higher this week, and it is advised to take steps with caution in this regard. Towards the end of the week, Cancerians may be happy with most of their financial issues getting solved. Students might also face difficulty in their studies during the week though, in the second half, it will be easier for them. Cancerians might receive support from their family during the week, and married couples might see themselves spending the perfect time with each other. Health issues might occur this week, and issues like fever and stomach upset might occur. Hence, it is advised to avoid eating out during this period and pay proper attention to their diet and health.

Leo Jul 23 – Aug 23

The end of the week would be a combination of success and failure. It is most likely for office-going people to face complications at work during the beginning of the week; however, towards the weekend, things will improve. For businesses, the week would be lucky with the results of profits being high for them and the efforts will mostly be directed towards flourishing and growing their business. You would be seen spending the money you save on your friends, and family members and health will be reasonably good for you during the week. Students would be seen making plans on going out with their peer group. In terms of relationships, the week will prove to be harmonious for married couples. However, small disputes might occur with the children. You might get good news from family members, and unmarried couples have a chance of finding a new match for themselves.

Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 22

The entire week may be reasonably good for the Virgos, and it is suggested that you shall receive success in all disciplines. For business and personal reasons, you might find yourselves indulging in a small tour. You might be completely focused on completing your work on time in general. Destiny shall strongly favour you this week though, towards the second part of the week, it is advised to maintain caution while driving and in matters of property. For students, the week would be really good, and you shall receive success every single day. Also, you would be feeling more peaceful with your close family members, and it is suggested that you might meet an old friend and may even go out with some new friends. The week shall also find the Virgos taking part in many auspicious and holy activities and working towards helping others. Health-wise, the week proves to be good for the Virgos.

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 23

The starting of the week will be beneficial for you. For job-holders, the week will be beneficial as they will able to complete most of their daily tasks with the support of their co-workers. The job-holders will also get the urge to move to a new job during this week and might face worry when they are unsuccessful in completing their work. However, the week might encounter you with negativity, and hence it is advised not to venture into any new project. For students, it is advised for them to put their complete focus on their studies and work harder towards improving their grades. For married couples and families, the week will be a blissful one filled with happiness and harmony. However, it is advised not to get into a verbal dispute with an elder or someone from the office and also advised to take care of the language that is uttered as it might cause both disputes as well as harm.

Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22

You could spend the week in a fun and frolic way along with a high likelihood that the fruits of the labour sown during the entire month shall reap. The week, however, might be filled with tension as an elderly member of the family might not keep good health. For business and jobs, it is advisable that businesses think of expanding their horizons while those involved in jobs remain focused on their work. This week is filled with opportunities to buy special items of your choice, but it is advisable for you to pay special heed to legal matters during this week. For students, it is essential for them to concentrate on their studies this week. As for families, they would be more than happy to spending time with each other this week along with being present in religious and social gatherings. However, it is advisable not to get into arguments with close family members.

Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

This week might be filled with a lot of hard work for job holders. Employees might complete their targets with ease and comfort which in turn will reward them with incentives and rewards. Businesses may be successful in attracting new customers and chances of profits are higher this week. Spending shall be higher than savings, and it is preferred to invest in long-term investments this week. You may purchase a new property this week, and these investments and purchases would prove to be beneficial in the long run. For students, the week seems to be good, and they can expect a good result in research activities. It is recommended for married couples to maintain caution this week and there are chances of them getting into petty arguments. So be polite with elders of the family, and there is a high likelihood of health issues during the week, hence drive with caution.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

The week might be filled with problems as you could face obstacles in your work thus causing you mental discomfort. Success in property related matters is quite low this week, though professionals can breathe a sigh of relief as they can expect their competitors to fail. Another area where Capricorns might find success is the share market. For students, the week is lucky as they will be seen putting their entire focus and concentration on their studies. However, married couples need to be careful this week as there are high chances of a clash between the two, but with the support of near and dear ones, they might be able to change this. During the second half of the week, you can expect to spend on a picnic or party. Health-wise, the week is good for you.

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 18

The starting of the week might be filled with tension, hence it is advised for you to stay calm. It is however expected that towards the end, most of the pending work may get completed. Professionals might face troubles with their co-workers thus disabling them from performing their work in a better way. It is advised for you not to take too much work this week and when you successfully complete one task should you jump to another so that you can achieve your targets with ease. You could also spend recklessly on unnecessary materials. Students are advised to concentrate on their studies and focus on improving their grades this week. You might quarrel with your family during the week, and it is advised to deter from speaking unnecessarily. Though major health issues might not occur, due to fatigue, you might feel a sense of uneasiness in concentrating on your work.

Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20

The starting of the week could be satisfactory for you, and the chances of a small business meeting is quite likely. Professionals would have to control their temper, and business people can plan on taking a loan for their business. Students would have to put in a lot of efforts during the week. The second phase will, however, be filled with disappointments and it advised to invest judiciously. One should deter from spending on unnecessary items, and financial planning should be done intelligently. In terms of relationships, there is a high chance of you attending a gathering with friends and family members. Those looking for a suitable matrimonial match will be successful in finding one. There are also chances of the Pisces attending a trip for auspicious purposes. However, it is recommended to maintain caution in matters of health, and an old stomach ailment might occur along with lethargy and tiredness.

Sources: astrostyle, times now news

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