“Weightless” – The Most Jaw Dropping Video You’ll See All Year

‘Imagine if you could be weightless in your daily life – flying from place to place, walking on water, skimming over the city and amongst crowds. I want to share this experience with everyone – the childhood dream of being Peter Pan, the ultimate feeling of freedom’ – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Take to the skies with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier as he brings us along for the ride on a breathtaking journey from the French Alps to the coast of South Africa, and from the Azores islands to the beaches of Brasil, in his latest video short, WEIGHTLESS.

Experience the thrills of paragliding first hand with a birds-eye view of some incredible locations. Feel the wind in your face and see the world beneath your feet, gliding between church steeples, skimming along coastlines and looping the loop over volcanic craters in this spectacular illustration of precision flying.

As a pioneer of the paragliding discipline known as proximity flying, Jean-Baptiste has honed his skills to enable him to fly in extremely tight spaces with exceptional levels of precision. Whether aiming to alight on the pinhead of a church spire, or picking up an object while airborne and on the move, his expertise and exactitude defies belief.

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is a highly skilled paraglider pilot and aerial innovator at the forefront of acrobatic flying, with over 10 years experience as a professional pilot. The creator of exceptional viral videos, his skills in proximity, wagga flying and acrobatics have been featured in several original advertising campaigns.

A self taught cameraman and filmmaker, he collaborates with a small team of some of France’s most talented aerial image makers. Projects produced include content and campaigns for a number of brands and media channels including Volvo, Seat, Adidas, Red Bull, Petzl, TF1, Canal Plus, the Hautes Alpes region and his home resort of
Serre Chevalier.

Jean-Baptiste is proud to be partnered by Adidas Outdoor and Dudek Paragliders.

See further videos on www.jeanbaptistechandelier.com
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