What Christmas Character You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

As the year comes to a close, you might be constantly checking your horoscope to see how your holiday season will go or what next year will bring for you.Instead of worrying about if you’re going to find your true love or if you will be successful, use your Zodiac sign to find out which Christmas character you are most like.

Aries: Buddy the Elf – An Aries is known to be a child at heart and see the world as a magical place. Just like Buddy the Elf, you find joy in the little things.

Taurus: The Grinch – While you can usually be pretty social once you’re comfortable, the Taurus in you enjoys spending time alone and in a settled routine.

Gemini: Jack Skellington – You are always looking to gain knowledge and show off your multiple talents and interests, just like Jack on his journey from Halloween Town to Christmas Town.

Cancer: Heat Miser – While, like Heat Miser, you try to appear tough on the outside, those who know you know that you have a soft spot or two.

Leo: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Friends are everything to you and even through life’s hard times, you try to stay positive just like Rudolph!

Virgo: Mrs. Claus – While being confident and successful, like Mrs. Claus, you also love to be creative and help those you love succeed as well.

Libra: Cindy Lou Who – Always wanting to share experiences with others, you and Cindy Lou enjoy improving your surroundings by welcoming others to be involved with open arms.

Scorpio: Sam the Snowman – You and Sam are both wise and know all the answers. You are dedicated and loyal, making you a great leader or storyteller.

Sagittarius: Hero Boy – Free-spirited and adventurous, you’d have no fear hoping aboard the Polar Express!

Capricorn: Clark Griswold – Still maintaining a great sense of humor, you are motivated by success and want to care for those that you love to the best of your ability, just like Clark and his family.

Aquarius: Anna – Just like Anna, you are unique and march to the beat of your own drum, while also doing anything you can to help others.

Pisces: Charlie Brown – You and Charlie have a sensitive side that allow you to be aware of those around you and how they are feeling.

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