What Does The Shape Of Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality?

The shape of your hands reveal a lot about your personality.

The art of palmistry is one of the oldest means of determining one’s future and the kind of person one is supposed to be. Palmistry uses the shape of one’s hands as the primary means of understanding the most dominant traits of the person. While the individuals may have different personalities, there are 5 general categories which define most of us.

The Chinese method of Palmistry, therefore, starts by defining the shape of the hands and matching it with the 5 elements of Earth. Water, fire, earth, wood, and metal are the 5 broad categories into which Chinese palmists defined the basic values of people and used the shape to predict their future. Here, we have the 5 type of hands and we describe what primary traits they describe. Pick yours.

Which hand is yours?

#1 Earth Hand
People of Earth hands have thick palms and thick fingers. The base of their thumbs is also thick and fleshy. They have large or thick wrists to support their palms and their skin could be coarser than others.

Earth Hand

People of Earth hands are, by their very nature, humble, modest, and down to earth. They are deeply attached to their roots and no matter how high they go in life, they never forget where they came from. They are extremely hard-working, polite, and warm people who like going along with others. They are jovial, fun-loving, and sweet to meet.

People of Earth hands are also known to fall quite easily in love. They are the kind of people who think from their hearts and may be highly sentimental. They are the ones who love unconditionally and usually go out of their way to be of service to others. If humility defines the kind of people they are then selflessness defines the way they act.

#2 Fire Hand
People with fire hands have palms which are long and their fingers, too, add to the length of their hands. The nails can be pointed but their knuckles are not that well-defined.

People with fire hands are highly driven, ambitious, and quick thinkers. They are always alert to their surroundings are their minds are constantly working. They are usually very energetic and their energy levels can be infectious. Further, they are also very clear about what they want and what they don’t want in their lives which makes them really clear in their thoughts.

They are quick to make decisions since they are highly self-aware but that does not mean that they are hasty. Their decisions are usually well thought-out and spot-on. This also means that they fall in love selectively and have very limited people in their lives as they do not like wasting time and energy on those they do not care about.

#3 Water Hand
People with water hands have palms which are smooth but the fingers could be stubby. The nails are usually long and the knuckles not well-defined. The fingertips of people with water hands are round in shape.

People of water hands are highly talented individuals and are extremely good at adapting to different situations like water taking to its container. They are highly observant and can be diplomatic when required. They are discreet, cautious, and also highly secretive which means that they are also good at keeping secrets.

People of water hands are industrious and thought-oriented which means that they are usually non-judgmental and highly accepting of others. They are the kind of people who would accept imperfections (theirs as well as that of others) without complaints. They cherish the relationships they have in life and may go to extreme lengths to protect what’s theirs. But when it comes to love, they are protective but never possessive, which is a rare quality to have.

#4 Wood Hand
Wood hands are long, slightly skinny and have the bone structure revealing. The knuckles are usually well-defined and the thin bones may appear oblong. The features are extremely sharp and distinctly visible.

People of wood hands are usually the creative sorts. Their minds are hard-wired to observe the minute details and they are meant to create things which are aesthetically pleasing. Being highly creative, they tend to live in a world of their own and like keeping to themselves. This also means that they do not fall in love easily but if they do, they get extremely attached.

Wood hand people are also highly emotional by nature. Since they tend to be creative, their emotions play a very important role in bringing out their creativity. They may also get stubborn and temperamental about their creations but are usually kind, warm, and somewhat introverted by nature. They do not let a lot of people in their lives but the ones that they do let in are extremely special to them.

#5 Metal Hand
Metal hands usually have square-shaped nails, palms, and fingers. The palms are soft, fleshy, and elastic. They can distinctly be identified by the thick base of the palms and uniform rectangular-shaped elongation towards the nails.

People of metal hands are highly skilled in leadership, are entrepreneurial and highly logical in their approach. They like to reason and then come to a conclusion. They lead by example and they have a high degree of fairness ingrained in their personalities. They are usually the ones who do not let their personal bias come in the way of their decisions and they usually remain calm under pressure.

People of metal hands usually fall in love based on the qualities of their partner and are not affected by the superficial things in life. They know what they are made of, what they like and dislike, and hence they have a high degree of self-awareness. These are the kind of people who can manage multiple things at the same time and can lead by pulling others along rather than by stepping on them.

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