What Does Your Most Dominant Chakra Reveal About Your Personality?

The chakras in our bodies are energy centers which drive us forward and determine, to a large extent, the kind of people we are. In a perfect body, all the 7 chakras are equally active and it takes years of dedicated meditation to align them in order but for most of us, it is usually one or the other chakra which is more active and determines our personality.

Our most dominant chakra, therefore, makes us who we are and there are signs to understand which one is yours. Read on.


Do you feel that you were not really meant for this world and that your true purpose lies somewhere else? Do you feel that there is just too much pain and sadness in the world? Do you find peace when you are alone or in nature’s lap? And do you find yourself looking for ways to be alone rather than in a crowd of faces? If your answer is yes then ‘Sahasrara’ may be your most dominant chakra.

The chakra is closely associated with your soul and determines your spirituality. It establishes a connection between the world and your soul and makes you see the world through the eyes of a wise spirit in you. The energy is concentrated just above your forehead and that is where your true powers lie.

If this is your dominant chakra then you are deeply connected to the truths of the world. You are at peace when you are thinking and contemplating. You do your best work when you are alone and you are least bothered by the trivial things in life. Your true purpose would always be beyond the worldly pleasures and you will find happiness in yourself only when you remain detached from the superficial things in life.


Do you feel that you have a deeper understanding of things than others? Do you feel that you have a better grip on your emotions and you can see what others feel by putting yourself in their shoes? Do you feel that you can feel what others are going through? If yes, then ‘Vishuddha’ may be your most dominant chakra.

This chakra is the energy center situated at the center of your forehead. It is what is called the ‘third-eye’ and is an incredible source of awareness and mental fortitude. It is responsible for the understanding which grants you wisdom and if this chakra is active then you are more of a thinker and dreamer.

If this is your dominant chakra then you have a high degree of empathy. You are someone who understands and does not judges. You are accepting of others, no matter how good or evil they are. You understand that no one is perfect and you accept the imperfection of people. This is a rare quality to possess and a person like you is a true friend and a genuine guide to have in life.


Are you often able to express yourself exactly the way you want to? Are you straightforward and don’t shy away from speaking about what you believe in? Are you the one who would rather speak a harsh truth than sugarcoat a lie? If yes, then ‘Ajna’ may be your most dominant chakra.

This center of power lies in your throat and is responsible for the words you utter. It determines what you say, how you say it and what effect it is supposed to have on others. It is the power center which helps you express yourself effectively and helps you be the person you are.

If this is your dominant chakra then you are the kind of person who understands the value of tact and discretion. You know exactly how to adapt your thoughts and speak in a way which is both polite yet effective. Your power over speech is what adds to your charisma and makes you an incredibly smooth talker. You understand the value of words and you are exactly the kind of person who knows how to keep their word.


Do you find yourself suffering when you see someone in pain? Does your heart bleed for those who can’t help themselves? Do you love with all your heart and is your love truly unconditional? If yes, then ‘Anahata’ may be your most dominant chakra.

This center of power is located exactly where your heart is and this is the center of warmth which powers your soul and directs your personality. Your heart is intimately connected with your inner strength and that is where the strength of your love comes from. This center makes you the warm and caring person which you are.

If this is your dominant chakra then you are the sort of person who would go out of their way to help others. You would not care what you sacrifice if it means that someone else’s life gets better. A healer of hearts, you accept others for who they are without questioning them and this non-judgmental personality is what makes you so incredibly warm. Your love is your biggest strength which you give freely and when the time comes, you would receive so in return.


Do you ever find yourself lost in self-contemplation? Do you reflect, a lot of your thoughts and your actions? Do you find yourself thinking a lot? Do you feel that a busy mind is much better than an idle one and do you find yourself advising people genuinely? If yes, then ‘Manipura’ may be your most dominant chakra.

Manipura, the center of wisdom, lies at the core of your body. The spirit of wisdom springs from the very center of your being. It is the powerhouse of your thoughts and this is the point from where your knowledge erupts. Your thoughts and opinions have found a place in you and your wisdom makes way through the very center of your personality.

If this is your most dominant chakra then you are the kind of person who knows what they are talking about. You form your opinions based on reason and logic rather than judging others based on first impulses. Your suggestions and advices, therefore, are true and well thought out. People would often come to you in case of trouble and your true beauty emerges when you suggest things to them which truly solves their problems.

Sexuality/ creativity

Do you feel yourself erupting with creativity? Do you feel that you were born to leave a mark on this world and create something truly magical? Do you think that when the time comes, your talent will shine and that would be the day the world will behold your beauty? If yes, then ‘Swadhisthana’ may be your most dominant chakra.

This power center lies below your navel and is the center of both your sensuality and your creativity. It is the spring from which your ideas emerge and the place from where your thoughts are shaped. Though it also enhances your sexuality, the prime purpose of this center is creation.

If this is your most dominant chakra then you are the person with a creative spirit. You see the world through the eyes of an artist and everything you create, you create the strength of your soul. You are the person to break barriers and break stereotypes as you are the one to inspire originality in others.


Do you trust others quite easily? Have you found your trust being broken and yet you keep putting your faith in the goodness of people’s hearts? Do you believe that loyalty is the most important thing in life and without which we are just animals? If yes, then ‘Mooladhara’ may be your most dominant chakra.

This center of energy lies at the very base of your body. It lies at the cross-section of your feet and it drives your thoughts and actions when it comes to dealing with people. This is the center from where your spirit of trust and loyalty emerges making you both loyal and trusting.

If this is your most dominant chakra then you are the kind of person whom one can trust with their lives. You know exactly what it takes to build trust and keep it and hence betrayal is something you would never accept. You are like a bank’s vault when it comes to keeping secrets and you’d rather die than reveal something you know in confidence. You are the person who knows the value of loyalty in the world of cheats and hence a gem of a person to have in life.

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