What His Favourite Physical Trait About You Is – According To His Zodiac Sign

You think you know him, right? But until you explore his natal chart, he’ll always be a mystery to you. In order to know what he likes, you have to study his chart, more specifically his Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. While those are the three major indicators of his personality, there are other factors that determine who he is and what or who he likes. Once you know which sign his Sun, Moon, and Rising are in, you’ll be able to tackle the issue of either building attraction or attracting him, period.

Some guys are into certain areas or traits that don’t appeal to other guys. It’s called taste. So what’s his taste? Maybe you’ve got a guy already and you want to satisfy him deeper. Or maybe you’re on the hunt. Whatever the case may be, be sure to investigate his birth chart to get down to serious business. If you don’t fit the physical trait, that’s ok –he might not be for you. Or, better yet, maybe you can look at it as a challenge and see if you can’t win him over another way. Study what physical trait will drive him crazy according to his zodiac sign and see if you don’t see more sparks fly.

15. Aries –How Strength And Your Sassy Mouth Make Him Tremble

The powerhouse of the zodiac, Aries is not just known for being proactive, but also for igniting the flames of spirituality., but ignite the flames of spirituality. The Aries guy loves to show off, not just his body, but his strength. So it makes perfect sense that he would want someone equally yoked. He’s not the kind to back down from a challenge, not with all that Mars energy propelling him forward. He likes a sassy attitude and a woman who isn’t afraid to reveal her strengths –whatever they may be. What an Aries man is looking for is a woman who stands her ground and doesn’t put up with any b.s., not even his. What he admires in himself is something he seeks in his mate. So if you want an Aries man, be sure to be tough and show him who’s boss –you’ll have him trembling in fear and excitement which will increase his fire.

14. Taurus –Your Neck And Hard Working Body

Taurus resides in a luxurious house full of splendor and decadence. But Taurus also built that house. He’s not gold-digger or conman. Taurus adores to be pampered and for him that means food. So feed him well, but also let him see you eat. He will love to see how you chew your food and how it slides down your throat. Yeah, go ahead and lick your lips, too. Draw his attention to your neck by wearing up-dos and wearing chokers or dangling earrings. A Taurus man will burst with desire if you flaunt your neck like that. Although he loves wealth, he also loves a hard-working woman. Show your work ethic by building things, anything. Even if it’s simple, he’s appreciate your efforts. He’ll love watching your workout, especially if you can get some sweat to roll down your elegant neckline.

13. Gemini –Your Hands, Shoulders, And Embracing Arms

Here’s a man who will study the way you move because an Gemini man is always on the move. Known for his skills in communicating, he will be attracted to a woman who can match his ability to express. It does not have to be with words, but he will adore any woman who flaunts her self-expression as if a dance. As a matter of fact, a Gemini man will be drawn to artists –whether the theatre, dance, music, or writing, he will be fascinated by a woman who can put her talents to good use. He, too, has a bit of the artist inside of himself. The way you use your hands and arms will catch his attention. Take it a step further and give him heart-felt hugs that show him how much you care. Drive him wild by wearing halter or strapless tops to accentuate your shoulders –you’ll have him drooling like a baby.

12. Cancer –Anything Rounded, i.e Breast And Buttocks

The full moon magic of a Cancer man is no joke. He is more magical than most because he is so tied to lunar forces and being connected to the divine feminine raises his appreciation for the female form. He will adore a curvy women more than any other zodiac sign. He will search the world high and low for one that satisfies his full moon fantasies. Whether it’s a rounded backside or an ample breast, he will be captivated quite easily by a woman who’s well endowed. He’s not likely to be as rounded himself unless he’s born under a full moon. A new moon Cancer man will be svelte. Either way, this Cancer man seeks a woman who outweighs him and might even give the impression that he’s smaller than he actually is. He likes to feel protected, almost suffocated, by a rotund feminine body.

11. Leo –Your Back And Open Heart

Yes, he wants all eyes on him, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t expect you to gather attention of your own. The Leo male wants a woman who can compete with his ability to dominate the spotlight. However, he won’t be impressed should you use his tactics of flamboyance or ego. He’s looking for a woman who can get attention from her softness, her generous heart, and compassion. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if in the process of philanthropy you wear a piece that shows off your back. Not only will he be transfixed, but he’s likely to pounce on you the minute you show off your back in any way. The back reveals stability and strength while the heart genuine kindness –let him see both and you’ve got him in the palm of your hands.

10. Virgo –Your Service-Oriented Nature And Strong Body

What a Virgo man loves most is practicality. He might be critical in ways that are hard to manage, but if you can tap into his sweet side, you’ll see a guy who’s really insecure about his ability to give back to the world. He’s a little lost in that arena and for that reason alone, a woman who helps others is one that will win his heart over instantly. Seeing a woman offer service to others, most typically through volunteer work, will give him a sense of purpose. In no time at all, he’ll either join your efforts or brag about how giving you are. His practical side will also enjoy seeing your body at work. Since he loves to work, it will appeal to him to see you in action. Whatever your career is, see if you can’t let him get a sneak peak of your work life. And you’ll see him gush with pride at how well you handle yourself and the world around you.

9. Libra –The Way Your Hips Don’t Lie

He loves to weight his options, but more than anything he loves to watch the way your hips carry your body across a room. A Libra man is a real sucker for a woman with hips. Now this does not mean large and in-charge hips. For him, any hip will do. What makes the difference is how you work your hips. That’s what will melt him into a puddle on the floor right before your very eyes. The Libra man wants to see Venus personified in the woman of his choosing. So if you want to entice a Libra man, you’d better get a killer walk or learn how to sway those hips to and fro when you dance. He will love salsa and belly dancing as a way to gauge his woman for sex appeal. Always weighing and measuring, he’s really on a mission to find the woman who balances out his own sex appeal.

8. Sagittarius –Your Legs And Adventurous Spirit

No other sign will be a leg man like the Sagittarius. So if you’re lacking in that department, you’d either better find a way to get into shape or simply be ready to move on. The Sagittarius man loves a long leg, preferably one that goes all the way up to the neck. He’s not looking for thin or lanky legs, any shape will do, but for him, it’s gotta be a body consisting of lots o’ leg. If you’re lacking length, go for high heels and rock short skirts or dresses to give the illusion of a long leg. And if you’re not down with those tips, then at least have an adventurous spirit. Above all else, he will go nuts for a woman who’s after his own heart in worldly adventures. Ask him to accompany you on a jungle tour or a mountain climb and you’ll have him hooked in no time at all.

7. Scorpio –Your Freedom Of Expression And Your Darkness

You might think he’s into being intimate and nothing more, but there is another side of the Scorpio character that is surprising. Although he’s likely to want to control everything, there is something about being rebellious that will turn him on. The Pluto energy of destroying conventions and eliminating that which no longer serves really dictates how he feels about himself in relation to women. While on the one hand he wants to control her due to all that Mars energy, the Pluto side reveals a man who wants a woman who can be herself regardless of the trials and tribulations placed before her. If you can push past his need to dominate you and really assert yourself, he’ll be gushing with sensual energy. He will also need someone to go deep into dark realms with him –whatever that means. He might have a fetish or want to experiment, so if that sounds like you, you’ve already won the Scorpio game.

Capricorn –The Way You Move

When it comes to the hands of time, no other sign understands the weight of Saturn than Capricorn. Without the Saturn energy keeping track of time and ruling our ability to use time wisely, life would be chaotic. Capricorns love to see time used wisely. This means, he’s looking to see you be equally active and still. But first, he wants to see you in action. Show him your work ethic. Be proud of how you work and win bonus points. And stay active for extended periods of time. That alone will win his heart because he will know that when it comes to him, you will put in all the time and effort needed to make things work. He enjoys seeing stamina. On the other end, he also wants to see you respect your body and give it plenty of down time.

5. Aquarius –Your Flexibility And Sharp Mind

Get into yoga or acrobatics, be light on your feet, and prance around and in no time at all, you’ll earn the love and respect of an Aquarius man. He’s the rebellious type. Maybe not an ideal mate because he’s so easily distracted by his humanitarian drive and his several dozen projects that lead him into a life removed from modern society. However, if that sounds like the type of life you crave, then you’ll be happy to pair up with an Aquarius man. He will want you to be less rebellious than him. Actually, he’ll want you to be loyal af. In that same respect, he’ll adore a clever partner who’s open to discuss all sorts of social problems. Be mentally and physically flexible and he’ll be on you quicker than a bee to honey.

4. Pisces –Your Feet And Ability To Respect Your Body

He’s probably got a foot fetish, but don’t be scared off by the Pisces guy. He might not go hardcore with his fetish, but he will love to see you wear extravagant or unusual shoes. With a Pisces guy, you’ve got to have a pedicure. There is no missing your nail appointments with him because he will notice. And he will be disappointed. Keep your nail game up to par. And play footsy, he’ll go nuts for a little tender touch with a toe or two. Another way to get his attention will be to appreciate sleep. A healthy body is one that has had plenty of rest. Cuddle up with him, socks off, and fall into a cozy naptime. That alone is enough to get a Pisces swimming in your waters.

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