What You Notice First In The Picture Reveals Your Deepest Subconscious Fear

Look at Vladimir Kush̓s painting below. What you see first shows your subconscious fear.

Do you know what the hidden fear of your subconscious mind is? You may be conscious of your fear of clowns or spiders, but some deep-rooted fears may kick around in your subconscious. Most hidden fears are a combination of panic and guilt, to some degree.

All you need to do is look at the painting and find out what your deepest subconscious fear is..

– If you saw the APPLE first, it means that you are afraid of death:

You are not afraid of your own death, but that of your loved ones. Maybe you have already lost a family member or friend. So, you cannot bear the thought of losing someone else.

– If you saw the BUTTERFLY first, it means that you are afraid of betrayal:

Maybe others have crossed or hurt you many times. Perhaps you have experienced some serious rejection. That’s why you may be afraid of betrayal.

– If you saw the CATERPILLAR first, it means that you are afraid of ghosts:

In fact, the fear of ghosts is referred to as phasmophobia. You actually fear that evil spirits or ghosts will haunt you at your weakest moments, such as when you are about to fall asleep or when you are confused.

– If you saw the KNIFE first, it means that you are afraid of terminal illnesses:

You fear that you suffer from any life-threatening disease without knowing it. You are afraid of suffering and death.

Source: theearthtribe.net

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