Which Of The 7 Deadly Sins Are You – Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone sins, even though we aren’t supposed to. It’s hard not to, since sinful things are easy and fun. There are small sins, big sins and the sins we practice on a day-to-day basis. Some sins are so intertwined with who we are that they become a part of our personality. If you believe in astrology at all, you know that the stars and the time we are born play a huge role in defining who we are. Every sign has its dark side, and has a sinful quality about it. No one’s going to hit you with a Bible or anything, so you’re allowed to embrace it to an extent as long as you’re aware that it’s within you. This is what sin you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries. Murder. You are unpredictable and firey. Many come under your wrath and sometimes they don’t survive it. Your awful temper and spontaneity is going to get you in trouble one day, for murdering someone.


Pisces. Sloth. You’re a dreamer, and you move at a different pace than the rest of us because you’re in another world. Sometimes that pace is completely sedentary. Your daydreaming makes you lazy.

Aquarius. Being a false prophet. You think you’re god’s gift and more enlightened than the rest of us. Your intellect and fresh take on things makes people follow you. But, you are not a special snowflake and you can be full of crap.

Capricorn. Greed. You’re competitive and a total workaholic. You’re greedy because you want more money than anyone else, not because you have a reason to want to spend it. You like showing off your success to bask in your achievements.

Taurus. Gluttony. You’re self indulgent, which is a big no-no in the eyes of the lord. You love expensive things, good food and good sex. You love a lot of these things, all at once, so you’re basically overindulgent in an unhealthy way.

Sagittarius. Adultery. You love sex and you have a short attention span. You can be a total flirt, so it’s easy for you to find lovers. But commitment is hard because you’re a wanderer at heart and love to see as many faces in your bedroom as possible. When you are committed, your eyes wander.

Scorpio. Lust. You are the most passionate of all of the signs, and you love intimacy. It’s easy to find partners because you’re so magnetic. Lust comes easy to you, which is sinful. Love is so much harder.

>Libra. Vanity. You are ruled by Venus and put beauty above most things, including depth. Since beauty is your priority, your personal beauty is important to you. Your favorite view is the mirror. You take pride in your appearance and fixate on it to the point where it’s sinful.


Leo. Pride. You are dramatically into being the best, and worship yourself more than anyone else does. Being good at things comes easy to you and you know it, and think about it way too much. You are arrogant and totally into yourself. Pride isn’t just the name of your crew of other lions, it’s the sin you live every day.

Cancer. Worshipping false idols. You are so fixated and emotionally connected to your loved ones that it consumes you. You put them above anything and stay clingy. It’s a sin to put people on a pedestal that is taller than anything else.

Gemini. Dishonesty. It’s a sin to lie and when you tell one person one thing and someone else another, one of those things is probably not true. You lie often, but it’s not always on purpose because your two faces say different things.

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