Why You Love the Girl You Love, Based on Her Zodiac Sign

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Different aspects and different situations make us who we are as people, our habits and our traits are accordingly built by them. When we put those habits in practice, we are seen as humans different from other humans, entertaining the different characteristics we take with ourselves while growing up.

Astrology is considered to be a great tool in determining the nature of people, given their birth periods or dates. Some strongly believe that the sequence and setting of constellations up in the sky affect our stars, and that we become who we become with respect to that.

Like our stars determine our nature, they also help us a lot when it comes to knowing the person we wish to spend our time with. It can be helpful in many ways to know a person before you decide to get emotionally involved with them. You might find their habits compatible with yours or too different from your own, either way it can be very helpful.

If the girl you fall in love with has a star that goes best with your own, you might make the happiest couple. Given the twelve signs, girls have different sets of characteristics which we have tried to describe here separately that might be helpful. And if you are a girl reading this, enjoy some self-talk!

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th):

An Aquarius girl is one of those calm, cheerful and happy girls whose eyes shine as bright as the beaming sun when they smile. She is the kind of girl whose day can be made by a single flower or a good laugh only. She is loyal, honest and very loveable. The way she views life might surprise you and make you fall in love with her, but she can also be a very rational person sometimes.

If you provoke her, her anger might not be able to be broken or her mood changed. Make sure you don’t disappoint her because she is one with a soft heart which gets very cold when injured. Moreover, make her cry once and she will never forget it because that is just how she is made to be.

Pisces (February 19th-March 20th):

She is the perfect example of “Beauty with Brains” phrase because you will find her to be intelligent as much as you will think she is pretty. Pisces girls are wondrous not just in one way but many that make you want to be close to them. They are precious and delicate as flowers but can be strong when the time comes.

Even if you spend the whole day being around her, talking to her, you won’t feel like going home at the end of the day. She has a different kind of magnetic personality that makes you want to stay for a little while longer every time you get up to leave. Also, don’t take her for granted. She can be pretty amazing if she loves you; if not then you are unlucky.

Aries (March 21st-April 19th):

She is also a lively soul but in a different way. She does not build up walls for you to break to get close to her. She is an extrovert and her happy being dances around and her sad state does not look so sad. Faking and deceiving are not her hobbies and she is truest person to herself and to people around her. Her humor will also attract you and lift your mood in an instant.

Getting bored around her sounds like an impossible thing to happen as, being a lively person, she would always come up with something good to talk about. If you treat her like your best friend, she won’t take time to do the same and confide in you. Never break her trust though; she might never be able to move on.

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th):

Taurus girls tend to build walls. The walls are for their own protection, for once they break them they love with all their heart and they know it will be difficult to bear heartache if their heart breaks. She might seem stubborn and she will look strong and independent, but just like ordinary human beings, she wishes for true love.

She gets inspired more than she gets jealous. Determination is what her heart is filled with, besides tons of other emotions including love and care for the people she thinks are worthy. You need to tell her that she is standing alone. You might find her to be bossy, but that does not mean she does not trust you; she is just like that.

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th):

Gemini girls can be a little difficult to deal with. They tend to have mood swings no other signs do so it makes them unusually socially awkward. Try to think beyond her mood swings and try your best to know her actual side, as she might present two different personalities to two different people. It may sound like a bad thing but they don’t do so to manipulate people.

She might be doing it to impress different people in different ways and that actually makes her clever. She is very supportive, otherwise, and once you have seen what she is actually like, you won’t be able to move past it without saying ‘Wow!’

She has the charm.

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd):

Cancer women are very pretty and attractive, both inside and out. They are born romantic and are literally prone to falling in love easily so if you are dating her, make sure nobody gets to her and that you are loving her as much as needs to be loved. She would also be shy and conservative so if she says no to something new, don’t force her, you might end up injured or in trouble in some other way.

She trusts easily, therefore do not make her feel like you have enslaved her or making her dance on your call. Just because she is easygoing, do not make her feel like she is downgrade; insult is never appreciated or forgiven by a Cancer woman.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd):

Leos are natural leaders. If you are with a Leo woman, you will notice her taking care of almost everything; she might be a little intimidating but you will learn a lot about life and the ways of living it from her. She is both, a great listener and a talker and you will find in her the most comfortable shoulder to lean on.

She would be a good friend and rarely ever judges someone for their individual choices. She might not readily show you the best of herself, and we suggest you don’t insist her to because she does not like anxious interest, it gives her the wrong signal. With time, if she is fond of you, she will open the doors to her heart and you may be the only person to be there.

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd):

Virgos can be difficult to understand. She will make you think that she is an introvert by shooing away your constant requests of friendship or interest, but if you ask someone she is close to about how she is, they will tell you about her never-ending talking habit, although if she wants, she can be very charming to the opposite sex.

That should also make you be alert about keeping her safe and fighting for her before someone else is charmed by her. In general, Virgo women are great advisers and understand situations very well. They also happen to have a low self-esteem and self-confidence so you will have to be the one to bring her spirits up.

Libra (September 23rd-October 21st):

A Libra woman knows how to manage things in a relationship, leaving very little for you to very about. Libras can be the perfect people to fall in love with; they love surprises and little gestures of love, they remember all the dates of special occasions and never miss out on a chance of celebrating your relationship with her. She absolutely treasures what she has with you and would never go out of the line to make you feel bad or cheated.

She is not the kind to make you feel jealous to get you. She will come straight ahead and tell you that she likes you or does not like you. If she does, consider yourself lucky for you will be showered with gifts, chocolates and a lot of love in different forms!

Scorpio (October 22nd-November 21st):

Scorpios are nature lovers and usually have an eye-catching personality. The way they talk and the way they walk will mesmerize you and you won’t be disappointed when you start talking to them either. The best thing about a Scorpio woman is that she loves books.

Gift a book to her and she will pour her heart out for you; that tells us that she is brainy and not ignorant at all. She is simple yet attractive, but if she tries to make you happy, you would not be able to not smile on her cute and constant efforts.

Someday, if she likes you or loves you enough, she might even do something really huge just to make you happy. No selfish reasons, her love for you will be as pure as water.

Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st):

If you wish to have someone who is not saying ‘I love you’ 24/7 and knows how to have separate lives yet be in a good relationship, a Sagittarius can be the perfect person for you. She is a very cool person who is satisfied by simple acts of love and is not high-maintenance.

She has always been making decisions of her own so she does not need you to tell her what to do every time she is confused. She might be a little hard to fall in love with as she does not have the typical love for chocolates and teddy bears, but if you are one to look beyond that, you would find her to be an amazing person.

She loves music and is able to study her own talents and groom them. You will see stars glitter in her if you have the eyes for it. She is one in a million.

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th):

Born friendly, a Capricorn woman has a particular taste for certain kind of personalities yet she can go along with all kinds of people if she wishes. Her own personality will be a bit peculiar but like an open book. You won’t need to solve mysteries to know what is going on in her mind.

She is a happy-go-lucky person and loves socializing. Negative vibes are not hers to bear and she is all for love and peace.


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