Woman Crochets Full Body Halloween Costumes For Her Kids (11 Pics)

Sometimes, when kids ring my doorbell trick-or-treating, I pretend I’m not home. Yes, yes, I know, I’m a horrible person. However, if it were Stephanie Pokorny’s sons, I’d definitely open my door and spoil them with candy. You see, Stephanie’s family is “absolutely obsessed” with Halloween, and she creates costumes for them that you won’t see anywhere else. Seeing them in person would be an experience in its own.

“Each year, I freehand crochet full-body Halloween costumes with no actual crochet patterns for my children,” she wrote.

“Sometimes these unique costumes are from classic ’80s movies, other times from whatever movie or toy is popular at the time.”

More info: crochetverse.com

#1 Crochet Xenomorph Costume

Crochet Xenomorph Costume

 Stephanie Pokorny

“Once they choose their Halloween costume ideas, I begin on bringing them to life. They love to follow along with my progress, and each day they ask, ‘Is it done yet?'”

Their family lives in a cold climate, so the warmth from the crochet is always a plus as they go around the neighborhood. “Each of the costumes for the kids takes between 25-40 hours, and I tend to work on them over the course of about two weeks. I have been crocheting since I was 16. I was taught by my Grandma, and these creative costumes are my passion.”

#2 Crochet Slimer Costume

Crochet Slimer Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

Talking to Bored Panda, Stephanie also revealed where her passion for costume-making comes from. “My mother made my costumes for me as a child, and I remember being beyond excited to wear them. It brings me such joy to be able to do the same for my children!”

#3 Crochet Skeletor Costume

Crochet Skeletor Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#4 Crochet Predator Costume

Crochet Predator Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#6 Crochet Garden Gnome Costume

Crochet Garden Gnome Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#7 Crochet Harry Potter Costume

Crochet Harry Potter Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#8 Crochet Pennywise Costume

Crochet Pennywise Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#9 Crochet Papa Smurf Costume

Crochet Papa Smurf Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#10 Crochet Pizza Costume

Crochet Pizza Costume

Stephanie Pokorny

#11 Crochet Jason Voorhees Mask

Crochet Jason Voorhees Mask

Stephanie Pokorny

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