Woman Records The Voice Of A Sunflower & It Sounds Like Music From Another Dimension

It might be hard to believe but plants not only respond to sound but they also produce their own sound.

While it is easy to assume that plants like trees and flowers are the stoic living decorations in your garden, it turns out that they pretty much communicate with each other through their own voice.

While they may not be able to produce sounds like humans and animals, plants use vibration and sound around them to communicate and to inform them about any imminent danger from nearby

In an impressive video, a woman shows how she records the sound of the sunflowers that she has been growing in her backyard and it sounds totally out of the world.

With a microphone and her mobile phone, the woman records the vibration sound from the sunflowers which sounds like a high-pitched radio wave

Impressed by the recording, she later shared the video on her Facebook and the video immediately became viral with hundreds of thousands of views so far

Apparently, this has been confirmed by a study done by The University of Western Australia in which researchers discovered clicking sounds coming from the roots of corn saplings.

Check out the video to find out how sunflowers sound like here:

Credit: Medical Daily, GoodTimes

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