Woman Struggling To Mount Horse Gets A Surprise From The Impatient Animal

One woman struggling to mount her horse bareback helplessly gripped the animal’s body just before it shocked the world with its incredibly in-tune gesture!

Wearing a simple bathing suit top and khaki shorts, the rider continued to kick one foot along the horse’s side in hopes of pulling her atop the animal’s back. However, her efforts fell short as she continuously found herself in the same position she had started her attempt in.

It seems even the horse had had enough of her failed leaps, trotting to the opposite end of his corral and doing the completely unexpected. Crouching to the dirt, the horse laid its body on the ground to allow the woman to mount from a much more realistic height!

The woman recording began to laugh at the gesture, although the rider was more than eager to take her fast pass to an afternoon ride. Once the woman was secure, the horse slowly stood back on its feet and began their journey.

You can watch the incredible moment below!


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