World’s Fastest Ambulance Is Completely Free And Uniting The People

Imagine you’re in a remote area and a loved one gets a heart attack. You phone the ambulance and hope for dear life they will arrive in time. But before that ambulance can get to you it has to drive all the way through traffic and narrow streets resulting many times in “preventable” deaths.

This is how hundreds of thousands if not millions of people die each year. Simply by help arriving to late and that is round out “scary”.

An Israeli guy called Eli Beer created a affordable system that not only saves lives but also unites the people in a place where politics has created so much separation. His organization is called “United Hatzalah“.

What is problem with regular the ambulances? They are just too big and not mobile enough to reach the patient in time. So Eli Beer introduced a motorcycle and called it an “ambucycle”. And instead of employees Beer found volunteers. Regular people like you and me from all backgrounds.

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Every volunteer is trained for months. After finishing their training, all are equipped with medical supplies and an Ambucycle. Just to return to their normal lives.

Every time someone calls for help, Eli Beer’s technology finds the closest volunteer that can help. “Think of it like Uber, but this is for free and we save lives.”

The volunteer that reaches the scene gives the necessary medical care until the big ambulance shows up.

This can make the difference between life and death.

Eli’s system is so fast that every phone call is picked up within 3 seconds. And every volunteer shows up in 3 minutes or less. Often already within 90 seconds! 

The team consist of more than 5000 volunteers. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Palestinians and Israeli. It’s a 100% politics free and is built on being “human”. All of them dedicated their time to save others regardless of their religion or race.

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And what makes it even more beautiful, it’s entirely free! This organization is completely sponsored by donations.

And overall, they saved over 3.5 Million people already.

Check out the video:

Video source: Nas Daily

By Elimor Bader @ The Wild Child


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