World’s Scariest Road Has Two Waterfalls To Drive Through

In countries like America, there are definitely some things that people take for granted. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad person for taking these things for granted but in a society where we don’t have all that much to really worry about, it can be easy to begin to complain about things that may be a minor inconvenience.

For example, in some areas around the country, roads can be a little bit worse than others as they can get rough and, by Americans’ standards, require a little bit of work to get them back up to par once again.

However, as you travel the world, you’ll see just how good you’ve got it with paved roads that aren’t threatening your personal safety as you make your way to your destination. In some areas around the world, having even the most uncared for roads that America has to offer might seem like a complete dream.

Being able to appreciate these kinds of things really all comes down to having the proper perspective as to how bad things could really be. In this one, we take a ride to the most extreme example that we could think of as this road will take you for quite the wild ride.

If you follow the clip below, you’ll be taken to the scene of the insanity in Nepal as one mountainside road takes the liberty of making its path through not one but two waterfalls that seem like they’re ready to sweep any travelers right off of the edge!

Luckily, it doesn’t look like our travelers here were put in any danger as they appear to be experienced in their travels but we certainly wouldn’t be crossing this one without questioning it for a good amount of time. You might want something with a good amount of weight behind it in order to make this journey.

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