Your 2018 Zodiac Tarot Reading Including Lucky Talisman

A tarot card reading can help you placate your frenzied mind, give clarity to your clouded thoughts and will definitely help you to give a new perspective towards life. Everyone can use a little help during those distressing times or when we are not sure about which path to take. Wondering what the cards hold for you in the upcoming year – 2018? These Tarot Readings give you every detail on the year ahead and will give you a relevant and an exciting reading into your future. So allow the deck of cards to predict all the possibilities for the coming time.

2018 Aries Tarot Predictions
You have been born with some wonderful creative gifts and talents but you’ve kept them hidden for too long. The cards urge you to go within, believe in yourself and show the world, the real you. Not a year to hide away and avoid social gatherings, you are encouraged to get out and meet more people. Who knows you could meet a soulmate. Or attract a wonderful new work opportunity. Learn to let the past go. Forgive others for your peace of mind. Time to start anew. Make fresh plans, and make sure you get some fresh air as well. Exercise will do wonders for the Arien energy. If you’re stuck in a dead end relationship, do something about it, or move on. Not a year to feel sorry for yourself or wallow in boredom, 2018 could be action packed. But you need to make it happen.
Lucky Colour – Red
Lucky Crystal – Red Jasper

2018 Taurus Tarot Predictions
New opportunities come your way – be it a job, a project, or a raise in your income. The seeds of prosperity are sown and you pave the way for future success. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. And you could achieve tangible results. Plan wisely. Don’t be impulsive. And even though you may feel like indulging in the good things in life, don’t forget to keep some aside for a rainy day. Health matters are good, just remember to be grateful for all that Lady Luck showers on you. Start exercising or meditating. And don’t be surprised if you start attracting new people towards you. Your magnetic charm could draw a new social set, a new lover or even a new team at work. Overall, a year of trust. The more you believe in your abilities and, the goodness of others, the better the things that come to you.
Lucky Colour -Gold
Lucky Crystal – Sunstone

2018 Gemini Tarot Predictions
Persistence pays, and don’t you know it. Not the year to give up on your dreams, but to roll up your sleeves and dig deeper, the cards urge you to stay focussed on your path. Be meticulous, be dependable and remember, people are watching your every move. A lucky year for achieving targets and for job seekers, 2018 promises returns, but only after a lot of hard work. Friends and family may seek you out to solve their problems. And if single you may attract someone who is a little too needy for your liking. Maintain clear boundaries in your relationships, and do take out time to recharge your own batteries. Be cautious while lending money and don’t fall for ‘get rich quick” schemes. Your will power will be strong so use it your advantage and quit any bad habits rightaway. Expect to travel at a minutes notice for work, so keep your handbags ready.
Lucky Colour – Sky Blue
Lucky Crystal – Blue Lace Agate

2018 Cancer Tarot Predictions
The worst is over for the time being and 2018 ushers in a sigh of relief. Things begin to work smoothly, both personally and professionally. You might get a lucky break. Or walk away with an unexpected prize. Even your usual quiet mood may be uplifted a little as your social life increases and you find yourself accepting all kinds of invitations and meeting with a new circle altogether. Open your mind to new experiences and do something on your bucket list this year. A turning point may take place in your personal life. A part of you no longer wants the predictable and you may work towards changing some aspect of your life. The more aware you become of your own inner needs, the more aware you will become of your relationships. You may no longer settle for superficiality and choose meaningful relationships. The more you introspect the more you understand the patterns and cycles on your life path. And you may just realize your role and purpose in this lifetime.
Lucky Colour – Purple
Lucky Crystal – Amethyst

2018 Leo Tarot Predictions
Don’t be afraid to show your emotions this year. Your awareness and intuitiveness deepens in the coming months. And you may find yourself getting drawn to a cause, or to the Arts. Your sensitivity is a rare gift and the sooner you realize that, the better your world becomes. A lovely year for exploring your creative side – writing, music and art bring joy your way. Even in relationships, you find yourself understanding why people behave the way they do. Your compassion will be rewarded. Professionally, 2018 asks you to think out of the box, to ideate and to envisage a totally different way of doing things. Your talents will bring you to the limelight, so go on and showcase your skills. Financially things may appear to be slow, money that was owed to you will take its time, and you may find yourself wondering if you will ever achieve all your dreams. Be patient dear Leo, things will ultimately work out in your favour, but for now, you may just have to wait. As your sensitivity is heightened, take care of your skin and your digestion.
Lucky Colour – Yellow
Lucky Crystal – Golden Topaz

2018 Virgo Tarot Predictions
You may reach a standstill in your life in 2018 where you will wonder why things aren’t moving. Something may be missing in your life and though it would be obvious to everyone around you, you may not notice it. This pause may have come into your life as a way of asking you to take stock and reevaluate everything. Both professionally and personally you may ask yourself some deep questions about where you are headed and what you want to change. Remember, no progress doesn’t mean things are bad, it just means you need to change your path a little. Your patience will be tested so control the urge to lash out. Financial security is indicated but you may need to shuffle your portfolio of investments, or consider asking for a raise. In the long run your hard work will pay off. Your love life could take a back seat as you find yourself preferring your own company. A long lost dream can be realised.
Lucky Colour – White
Lucky Gem – Clear Quartz

2018 Libra Tarot Predictions
Clarity of thought, speech and action. These are your keywords this year. Your mind will be crystal clear and all doubts and confusion slowly begin to fade as you become more decisive and assertive. Gone are the days when people took advantage of your kindness. You decide to set boundaries and begin to say ‘No” to those who have been using you all this while. Anything associated with nature and children will bring you joy, and if you’re business is related to the environment or children you can look forward to some really happy moments in the months ahead. A marriage or an engagement may get finalized and if planning on extending your family, expect some good news. Financially a year of slow gains. Be wise in your expenditures as good phases don’t usually last. Health wise stability is seen, just do protect your skin if you’re outdoors a lot.
Lucky Colour – Cream
Lucky Crystal – Moonstone

2018 Scorpio Tarot Predictions
Something you have been neglecting or taking for granted could spiral into a stress point. Is it your health? Is it your family? Reflect on areas of your life that you have been ignoring and make the necessary changes. Professionally a year for thinking ahead and putting future plans into action. You are leaving a legacy behind and everything you say or do, will be remembered. A great year for job seekers or students who want to go overseas. International connections are highlighted – be it at the workplace or at your home. Financial gains are indicated but you may spend more than receive. Strive for balance.Remember the simple things in life cannot be bought – peace and harmony. Work to resolving misunderstandings and learn to accept the apologies you never received. Sooner or later you will realize just how precious inner peace is and you may seek out a spiritual group or books to understand the deeper truths.
Lucky Colour – Dark Green
Lucky Gem – Green Tourmaline

2018 Sagittarius Tarot Predictions
2018 will see you busier than ever and time is going to fly by right before your eyes. Stay organised, make lists and delegate as there may be too much to do in too little time. A year for communications, speaking, listening, reading, writing, you may find yourself reconnecting with people from your past, or hearing from new people in far off places. Travel is on the cards and also a relocation. If you’ve planned well, things will go extremely smoothly. Don’t try to do too much alone, reach out and ask for help, and you will get it. Friendships flourish in the year ahead. Singles will find themselves meeting all kinds of potential suitors. Engagements and births may happen. And married couples will renew their vows. A lovely year for all things new and happening. Make sure you savour every moment, before it whizzes by.
Lucky Colour – Pink
Lucky Crystal – Rose Quartz

2018 Capricorn Tarot Predictions
You may find yourself awakening to a new self in the months ahead. A new outlook, certain valuable realisations and most importantly a new attitude awaits you. Important discoveries will be made, especially about your relationships. Truths will be uncovered. And though it may make you uneasy or unsettled or first, you will make peace. Learn to deal with anxiety issues before they get the better of you. A good year to socialise and get out of hibernation so to speak, join a new club and go out and meet people. Recovery is promised in all areas of your life be it your health or your financial situation especially if you are in business. Don’t be impulsive in matters of the heart, someone could show their true colours. Pay attention to what your body and your intuition is telling you. Know when you’ve had enough and make sure you get adequate “me time”.
Lucky Colour – Royal Blue
Lucky Crystal – Lapis Lazuli

2018 Aquarius Tarot Predictions
You’ve arrived in life. And what better year than 2018 to show you. A feeling of accomplishment and self worth will dominate the forthcoming months as all that you have been working till now, begins to show results. And brings you the recognition you deserve. Your confidence will be high and your financial situation begins to improve slowly and steadily. Your relationships run smoothly and a friendship that develops this year could turn into something serious. The only thing to watch out for is weight gain, so do watch what you eat or drink and do remember, moderation is the key. You may feel like splurging on luxuries as well and will enjoy the comforts of life, to the hilt. Do keep yourself busy as boredom could have disastrous results in your case. Keep your appointments full during work hours and make sure your evenings are taken care of as well.
Lucky Colour – Orange
Lucky Crystal – Carnelian

2018 Pisces Tarot Predictions
Its all about managing your moods in 2018, recognizing them and most importantly understanding that they are only temporary. In an anxious moment, don’t believe your thoughts. And don’t run away with your fears. Your sensitivity may be heightened and it would be wise to stay grounded and centered and not believe your fears. Expect delays in the educational and professional front. Yes, rewards are owed to you, but you may have to wait a bit. Continue demonstrating your expertise where required and if you are keen to enhance your skills, a short course of study would be highly beneficial. Your relationships with men come to the forefront, could be your father, your brother or your spouse – if you are a woman. Control the impulse to overindulge in the good things and if you were planning to give up a bad habit in the New Year, you will find the willpower to do it. Mid year will bring luck to the self employed and if thinking of starting out on your own, make sure you study the market before you go solo.
Lucky Colour – Silver
Lucky Crystal – Labradorite

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