Your Horoscope For The Week Of December 11

Despite December’s holidays inspiring glad tidings and good cheer, our emotions can feel anything but inspiring this month. Fortunately, astrology this week supports healing and calm. You can expect a reunion from the past on Tuesday, a joyful Friday, and even a mentally liberating Sunday. This week’s themes are Mercury focused, so it helps to know what central location will warrant our energy. Without more forceful cosmic activity, my recommendation is use this week to appreciate the holiday moments by staying in awareness, gratitude, honesty, and love.



Happy Sagittarius Season, centaurs! I hope you’re enjoying this month-long period of magic. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will give you a new way of thinking about your past that allows you to feel optimistic about your future. Speaking of looking ahead, Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction will gift you birthday blessings with your intellectual capabilities and romantic pursuits. Your mind and your heart will feel the influence of this weekend the most. If you stay in the vortex of joy, it’ll attract more circumstances to keep you there.


The Capricorn Seagoat symbol is the mythological half-goat and half-fish animal. Your responsible, dutiful qualities as half-goat are often talked about, but the Universe wants you to remember this month that you can swim to the bottom of the emotion ocean like the best of the water signs. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will help you understand your inner sensitivities, compassion, and capabilities for empathy. This weekend’s Mercury/Venus conjunction could ask you to share your emotional intelligence with your closest girlfriends who may need your wisdom. You don’t need to fix anyone. You just need to let them know they’re not alone.


You’re the first one to show up for others, Aquarius, so this week will help you understand who can show up first for you. It’s not righteous to criticize people’s social tools too harshly, but it is helpful to know whose tools align with the quality of yours. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will ask you to remember that social dynamics are built on mutualistic self-disclosure. Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction will elevate this process with harmonizing energy. You’ll feel particularly close to your girlfriends this week and know who’s loyally in your corner.


Your image needs a bit of editing, Pisces (not at all in the superficial sense!). Your identity’s presentation and story will be served by a conscious review. particularly in your efforts for professional success. You will be called to align your values and behavior in careful integrity with your presentation and image. On Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction, people around you will feel your intention to exhibit more self-awareness and consideration. Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction could inspire you to do something crazy-fun. Do something you’ve always wanted to do! That will embody the values you’re laying claim to.


A handful of false “starts” from the last few weeks could prevent you from recognizing the reality of the big picture. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will give you the insight on where and when these false beginnings occurred and you’ll understand what is holding you back from burning brighter this month. It’ll show up as a memory or a discovery of the past. Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction will use the Goddess of Love’s harmonizing energy to help you heal mentally and sexually throughout the weekend. Verbal foreplay will send your Aries heart (and libido) into a tizzy.


I’ve heard it said that “truth is the last thing left standing,” Taurus. I imagine that since Mercury Retrogrades have a way of unearthing the truth, it will be the last thing left standing, meaning it’ll be hard to miss in the light of the Mercury/Sun conjunction on Tuesday. Try to observe what’s standing first without making any unfounded assumptions. If it’s an interpersonal-related truth, this weekend’s Mercury/Venus conjunction will give you the opportunity to share it with whom needs to hear without trying to persuade or prove how “right” you are. Use “I” statements to avoid unnecessary confrontation like “I feel, I think, I noticed…” which inspires less defensiveness to the listener.


Whatever you do, don’t put the “ass” in “assumptions,” Gemini. Especially while Mercury Retrograde’s in your romantic relationship and partnership sector. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will give present light to an unsolved mystery from the past and I suspect it’ll be very helpful and give you the evidence to support theories of generous interpersonal understanding or a hypothesis of kindness. Hold on to this new belief throughout the weekend when the Planet of Love manifests on a Mercury/Venus conjunction. Keep your thoughts on love very optimistic for maximum experiential results this weekend.


You’re known to have indirect behavior, but you ultimately arrive wherever your claws want to go. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will ask you to implement a straightforward routine that promotes your success more directly. Hold on to that! I’m sure you’ve felt like you’re a little all the over place and there have been consequences on your creative capabilities and/or wellbeing. Get a plan in order that works to guarantee you’ll be able to effectively manage your time. By this weekend’s Venus/Mercury conjunction, you’ll be surrounded by all your girlfriends and you’ll want to maximize quality time.


There is no creativity, innovation, or design without failure, Leo. Ever. This week will ask you to creatively explore your ideas and goals through managing your paralyzing fear of failure (even the zodiac’s monarchy has it!). I know it’s scary but it’s inevitable, your highness. Don’t let failure stop you from being the badass you’re capable of being. This weekend — thanks to the Mercury/Venus conjunction lighting up the Friday skies — promises fruitful collaboration with experiences of romance, joy, and reuniting with girlfriends from the past who you can celebrate how far you’ve come together.


When you’re imagining being home for the holidays, Virgo, how does it make you feel? Tuesday’s illuminating Mercury/Sun conjunction in your home, family, and mother figures sector could give your sharp intellect new ways of thinking and experiencing your role in the family. Is it time to move? Settle in? You’ll know which direction to take. Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction could release harmonizing, diplomatic, and/or beautifying energy into these efforts, which will give you loving thoughts and emotions on these projects which could make you unstoppable in your efforts.


Merry miscommunication, Libra. Don’t let the verbal snafus get your sweet soul down this week. Words will fly out of your mouth that don’t align with the most authentic understanding of reality. So be it: Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will help you shake it off. These experiences are as harmless as you allow them to be, especially when Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction allows the Goddess of Love to work her Venus magic in your thoughts and communication. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to express apology, forgiveness, and closure? Either way, if you lean into this righteous behavior you’ll feel better for it.


Less is more this week, Scorpio. Ironically, many concurrent transits want you to feel uncomfortable. You’ll earn the first push on Tuesday during the Mercury/Sun conjunction, which will give you the energy to reign it in financially and personally. Redistribute where you place value. That will allow you to hold on to your agency, power, and peace of mind. These efforts will be blessed by Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction and throughout the weekend, offering you the thoughts — or the paycheck — you need to preserve your personal and financial security beautifully.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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