Your Moon Sign Reveals Your True Soul – Here’s What Yours Means

What is a moon sign?
Your moon sign controls all of your subconscious. Where as your star sign rules over your day-to-day mannerisms, your moon sign is your soul. It presides over your emotions, subconscious and your true spirit, so learning more about your moon sign can help you tap into your feelings and soul. It’s your deepest beliefs and needs, and with it you can navigate the most hidden parts of yourself.

How do you find your moon sign?
Take a few minutes and text your mom to find out exactly what time of day you were born — trust me, she remembers. Pop it into a natal chart generator (like this one) and out comes your full planetary run-down, including your precious moon sign. Now you can move on to analyzing it. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can get a basic idea from this chart:

Got your Moon sign now? Here’s a general breakdown of what your says about you:

Aries Moon
Everything about you in independent, from your romantic relationships to your work goals. You want to be in charge, to have full control of every aspect of your life. You’re the driver, and everyone else is just the passenger.

You crave stimulation from your environment and people around you, and have a tendency to discard others when they start to bore you. Aries Moons hold the deepest convictions and feel the need to convert and push your ideas. When you believe in something, you feel it fiercely and will fight for its visibility. You’re dynamic, passionate and quick to action, a true pioneer of the Zodiac.

Taurus Moon
An earth sign, Taurus Moons crave stability and tradition and place a hefty amount of significance on propriety. You’re lucky to be born under a Taurus Moon as it means you’re well, lucky.

You know that old proverb about how luck is when hard work meets opportunity? Because you’re so incredibly hard-working and confident in your ability, you’re able to seize opportunities the second they crop up. You’re calm, gentle and have a firm grasp on reality. Other look to you for leadership because of your perpetual level-headedness. You’re creative, conscientious and stable.

Gemini Moon
I know Geminis get kicked around a lot, but it’s really not that bad. You’re super chatty and can be a bit of a gossip (hey, two-face!) but you’re also the ultimate social butterfly and command an impressive group of friends who all look up to you as something of a Queen Bee.

Gemini Moons love the hustle, always thinking of a new side project or business to kick-start. You’re incredibly savvy when it comes to numbers and money, and you’re an expert at sweet-talking to get what you want. You’re flirtatious, curious and self-oriented.

Cancer Moon
The password to understanding a Cancer’s soul is the word empathy. You’re driven by your emotions, always seeking to understand why the people around you operate the way they do.

A sensitive soul, you have a strong connection to or craving for a close-knit family, and your mother is likely to have made a bigger impact on you than the other signs. Of course, the other side of your sensitivity is how easily you can attract emotionally draining people who want to take advantage of your always-present proverbial shoulder to cry on. You’re intuitive, nurturing and empathetic.

Leo Moon
Not to sound extra, but like their namesake lion, Leos are incredibly noble and dignified. You’re confident and exceptionally generous, which means people are naturally attracted to you. Though you crave affection and validation, you’re also incredibly fun-loving and completely dramatic.

You love to express yourself in extreme and creative ways, often manifested in the form of theater, dance or visual arts. Though self-pride can be your greatest quality as you always strive to perform to the best of your ability, it can also be a potential downfall. You’re spontaneous, hard-working and occasionally controlling.

Virgo Moon
Virgo Moons are interesting because you’re full of wonderful contradictions. You’re structured yet creative, quiet and thoughtful but quick to action, extremely detailed but always mindful of the big picture. You’re analytical and thoughtful, always playing out the details of any potential situation or interaction which can at times make you prone to serious anxiety.

Because of your tendency to focus on minutia, it can be easy to properly evaluate everyone but yourself. You can be incredibly critical, but it’s key that you see how much you bring to the table and contribute in most — if not all of — your relationships. You’re bookish, thoughtful and sensitive.

Libra Moon
Libra are, in a few words, cool as hell. You have a natural eye for art and design, and a perfectly curated aesthetic. You’re pretty but tough, like diamonds or beef jerky in a ball gown and have an instinctual inclination to play peacemaker among friends and family.

You’re charming and graceful, but can occasionally get too caught up in material possessions and your meticulously-crafted facade. You’re harmonious, beautiful and soulful.

Scorpio Moon
If you’re a Scorpio Moon, your power rests with your emotions. You feel everything and you feel it hard, from love to rage to misery to ecstasy. As you’re incredibly emotional, you crave an outpouring of love and validation from those around you.

Scorpios, though, wield a powerful magic. Often described as “agents for change”, you’re incredibly persuasive and have the ability to transform the lives of those around you — just be careful it doesn’t veer off-course into manipulation, which can manifest itself whether intentional or otherwise. You’re loving, impulsive and drawn to mystery.

Sagittarius Moon
Everything about you is guided by a love of adventure and exploration. You’re restless, always looking to move on to the next opportunity, the next country, the next partner which can be both good and bad. Perfectly coupled with your desire for adventure is a genuine love for learning and understanding, meaning all of your travel and experiences are absorbed and retained forever.

Your entire life can be summed up by the phrase “What if?” though you can face serious consequences from a life of throwing caution to the wind. Learn to think beyond tomorrow, to consider the reality that you might not always be right and to enjoy the moment you’re in rather than looking forward to the next great thing. You’re fearless, positive, and occasionally bombastic.

Capricorn Moon
As a Capricorn Moon, you’re practical — you have high expectations of yourself and others, and you’re going to do what it takes to achieve it. People have a tendency to let you down, though, as it’s difficult for anyone besides you to measure up to your sky-high standards.

Your storied practicality is not to say that you’re not creative, however. Because of your steadfast determination, you apply yourself wholly to all artistic endeavors and the long practice hours you put in means you quickly master any chosen craft. You’re ambitious, self-sufficient and pragmatic.

Aquarius Moon
You’re otherworldly as there’s something about you that’s different from everyone else. While it gives you a unique perspective and the frame of mind to operate on a different plane creatively, social situations can be difficult or anxiety-inducing as you’ll always feel a little like you’re on the outside trying to peer in.

Because you live a life internally, you’ve become quite intuitive and in touch with your deepest self. Your removal from the mainstream also manifests itself with your ability to innovate and create. You’re original, etherial and afraid of rejection.

Pisces Moon
The final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces Moons have colorful and vivid imaginations, driven by your creativity and deep-seated desire to create. You’re romantic, but also have the ability to see through artifice and pretense and get to the core of who people really are.

Much like Aquarius, Pisces Moons can find themselves feeling like they’re removed and separate from society at large, and maybe even earth in general. Sensitive and artistic, you feel like need to escape through art, music and film. You’re loving, compassionate and starry-eyed.

by AMANDA ROSS | The Tab

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