Your Weekend Love Forecast Has Arrived – November 24 th- 26th 2017


When you’ve spent too much time doing nice things for other people, you can’t help but hit that burn out stage where you need some time for yourself, just to think, and be, and not to be surrounded all the time by people who may or may not be wishing you well. You feel like you need a break from your surroundings. If your partner wants to do nice things for you, that would help out a lot, but you were attempting to do things selflessly, without expecting anything in return, so it would stand to reason that they don’t really need to, unless they absolutely want to. Otherwise, you’re happy to have some alone time. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: Life and love is so complicated


Being good at something means you might have to dedicate more time and attention to it. It means that when you take a day off, something isn’t going to continue working on itself. When you have a passion in life, you have to work harder at it than you do with most things, and because of that you sometimes have to take extra shifts, or you have to be open when others are out having fun and partying. For you, the party is the thing you’re doing and the more you can get out there and make waves with your business, the happier you’ll be. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: Not everything you’re passionate about is love and relationships


When you go deeper into your own mind, you can find the things inside yourself that you didn’t know were there, and you can discover things you really want to do with your life that you never thought possible. You’ll also discover things you don’t care for, things you can’t be bothered with anymore, outmoded ways of thinking that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Narrowing things down while also expanding your world is one way to find joy you never thought possible, it’s a way to feel less lost in the world, a way to feel appreciated and fulfilled. You want more than anything to feel like you are where you belong, and that everything is going to be okay. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: Going deep inside yourself to uncover the truth


True story, the more outlandish things you put on your dating profile, the more likely you are to find someone who’s really great. I mean dating profiles are awful to begin with, but if you’re really honest about yourself, and you say you met Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and you’ve been to San Diego Comic Con and you sometimes dress in cosplay, and you don’t believe all the crazy stuff happening in the world, there’s a good chance someone who likes all of those things will contact you. It’s much better than leaving your profile blank, or with a one liner that says you’re up for anything. I don’t think anyone is really up for anything ever. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: It doesn’t even have to be completely true as long as it’s interesting


It’s tough knowing that everyone is trying to figure out what you’re going to do because they can’t seem to figure you out. You’ve got too many sides to you, but for you it’s not like that. You’re just taking a few days off to enjoy life with your partner, you wanted to go to that concert and tour the mall, pick up some body slimming items so your dresses look better, and you’ll get back to the grind when it’s time. You’re not trying to be suspenseful with it, the big reveal is likely some invoices that need to be sent out or receipts to be drafted. It’s really nothing special in your opinion. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: But you secretly hope your coworkers go: WOW! INVOICES!? You’re insane!


So now you have a secret you need to keep. You can’t tell your partner about the things you’ve seen at work, and what you have said, you’ll have to say you were exaggerating. That gun was fake, those colors weren’t gang colors, those employees didn’t turn into birds, you were just unhappy and experiencing some culture shock and homesickness, and you went off the deep end a little. You know every superhero has to protect their family first and foremost while they’re out fighting the demons, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Um, you will mention the extra money though, a romantic trip to Vegas is always nice. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: Perks and secrets, that’s how your life is now


Just because you thought this new venture would illicit feelings of happiness doesn’t mean it actually will. You’re seeing that this path you’re on, this new person you’re with, these new hobbies you’re trying, they’re not making you feel differently. You don’t feel emotionally better about anything, you just feel content, and you actually miss some of the things you gave up. You want to go back, turn back time and make a different decision. For some things, you might be able to do that, and for other things, it might be too late, but it’s never too late to say how you feel. Let that be your guide as you rethink your choices. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: You want your old life back


What you need to do is put your feet up, grab a cold one, cuddle with your partner, and forget the world around you. You need to go into your own little happy place, you need to forget the battles you’ve been fighting and you need to placate yourself into believing that the world is somewhat a good place. It’s definitely a better place with you in it, or it will be because you’re fighting for that, but it’s not entirely finished growing. You know that at some point, you’ll find comfort in the lifestyle you’re living and things won’t need to change for a while. Until then, make sure to rest when you need to, sometimes the world is too much. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: Sometimes pretending until it’s true is the way to go


Loneliness is an awful feeling, but the people who are meant to be in your life will be there when they can be, not necessarily when you need it because let’s face it, everyone has their own battles to fight, you included. Sometimes you have to deal with the loneliness, and then eventually you get to be in the spotlight, you get to sing at karaoke and drink without worrying about how you’re getting home and you get to trust that someone will tuck drunk you into bed. Give it a bit of time, but you’ll be out dancing and having fun soon enough. You just need a little rest and relaxation before that. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: You’ll be putting on the dancing shoes and singing the tunes soon


When you’ve hit success your life doesn’t look the same, it looks slightly off kilter, like someone took a photo hanging on the wall and just tilted it a bit to the left. People have to turn their heads to see it straight. Sometimes, crooked things bother people, it makes them think nothing is right, and it’s their job to come into your house and set all the crooked things straight. They have to talk about how you can’t hang photographs to save your life, and how everything in your life is in disarray because clearly you can’t do this one thing right. Whoever this is, they’re turning your weekend terrible, but you’re soon going to realize that success breeds haters. And haters gonna hate. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: Maybe your first troll is actually a good thing?


If you’ve still got a partner in your life, you’re taking them out on the town, maybe head to the casino for a bit, play some bingo, then out to a fancy restaurant, and then back home for some sexy times. You’ve got some interesting ideas in your mind and you want to talk about them over a cup of coffee and some biscotti. You want to make a statement about your life and you want to make plans for the future. Hopefully your partner wants to do all the crazy things with you, like sky diving and traveling through Asia and ziplining in South America. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: If your partner is up for it, you’ve got some fun things planned


Mastering the art of conversation is one you have a tough time with, but you’re learning the ins and outs of what you can say, what you shouldn’t say and how you can expertly omit parts of the truth while still being truthful to some extent. You’re also learning how to change the subject, stick to safer topics and how to avoid debates and controversy when you want to have a relaxing and fun time with your partner, friends or family. All of these skills take a lot out of you, but it’s necessary so you can protect yourself, and still manage to engage with people on a personal level without seeming fake or forced. The Moon moves to Pisces on Sunday.
Ascendant: I once knew a Pisces who was both fake and forced

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