The Zodiac Signs That Are Prone To Be Narcissists – Ranked From Least To Most

Some Zodiac signs are more inclined to have narcissistic tendencies than others. We figured we’d cover them for you!

They are the least narcissistic of the zodiac. This sign is known by seeing their world through rose-colored glasses. Mean things are not their cup of tea. They like to be followers. Because being a leader is a trait of a true narcissist.

They are cold-blooded and they would walk over dead bodies to get something they want, especially if it is about their jobs. What makes them angry all the time is the fact that other people can be as good as them. They handle every problem by talking but they are very stubborn.

Their evilness and narcissism depend on their mood. Watch out if they had a good sleep last night. Libras are known to be people-pleasers but they do that only to get what they want. They go to extremes only when they got hurt. They will do you any harm if you act kindly toward them.

Geminis are too kind to be narcissistic. They can’t make people do what they want ao they talk about themselves all the time. They care about their needs the most. If you don’t respect them they will never say a word to you and that’s the way they kick out toxic people from their lives.

They are too emotional to act cruelly toward people. They are more clingy and needy than being narcissistic. Cancers want to be in the center of attention and if they don’t get what they want they become angry.

Sags are more self-concentred and stubborn than narcissists. They transform into beasts when they are pissed off. But they need a good and valid reason to become angry. They don’t listen to other’s feelings because they care too much for their own.

They think that only they can be successful and smart and that everyone around them are losers. They have a big ego. Aries will always go an extra mile to get what they want. Even if it means hurting people they love.

The one trait that makes them narcissists is that they are blind in their beliefs that they are the biggest geniuses. They need to have the best of the best. Virgos are smooth liars and that makes them look narcissistic. It is really difficult to deal with them.

Aquarius: mysterious and complicated. They won’t accept that you can read through them. Aquarius love to be an inspiration for others. They can turn into devils if you steal their attention.

Scorpios show characteristics of a pathological narcissist. They will get what they want no matter how many people will be hurt. They think they are the best and because of that, they don’t even want to talk to certain people.

Leo always want to be in the spotlight. What makes them angry all the time is the fact that other people can be as intelligent and successful like them. They wear a mast in front of others. They will use any means necessary to get what they want.

The king of narcissism is Taurus. They build themselves up by humiliating others. They will go as far as is needed to get what they want. Taurus love to see others suffering. They won’t let you live your life. They bully others until their needs are satisfied. Better think twice if you want to spend life with Taurus.

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