Zodiac Signs Who Are Marriage Material Vs. Those Who Are Definitely Not

Marriage is not for the faint of heat. The concept itself is one that’s nearly antiquated at this point, however, regardless of how old the institution of marriage is, technically it still serves a purpose for half of the zodiac chart. Not every astrological sign feels the need to jump on the marriage bandwagon –in all honesty, some abhor the thought of being tied to another human for the rest of their lives and catch the next train to singletown However, some crave the stability and security that marriage can provide. If you’ve been on the fence once or twice, it might have a lot to do with your zodiac alignment. We have to be honest that many of us are just not marriage material. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In today’s society, we need to be more open-minded about how we life our lives and let go of some systems, like monogamy and marriage, that no longer serve nearly half of the population. And for those still holding onto tradition, there’s no reason to let go –to each their own.

24. Marriage Material: Taurus Female

She’s not just about the “I have” motto, but she’s about attracting that which her soul desires. The queen of the law of attraction, Taurus females know how to get what they want. She will not back down from any romantic challenge and is likely to pursue her dream partner until she gets what she wants. But it won’t be hard for her. She’s a wiz at knowing how to attract what she wants. So ready for a married life, she might even propose before her partner has mustered up the courage to do so himself. Not shy in putting in a little extra work than her mate, she makes an excellent lover and a caterer. No other sign will throw such a luxurious wedding or have the best menu at her dinner parties.

23. Marriage Material: Taurus Male

No other sign embodies the need to want and be wanted like a Taurus male. He’s the great possessor and he’s not shy to let you know that he wants to own you. In return, he’s more than willing to be owned, too. It’s in this game of “I have, I hold” that Taurus men feel most comfortable and confident. With a motto like “I have/I possess” you can be sure that a Taurus male is cut from marriage material cloth. It’s as though he wove the fabric himself –ready for commitment (fixed sign), for love (hello Venus!), and luxury (lifestyle and home). He’s not only the dream partner, but if he sees potential in you, he’ll work his hardest to mold you into what his heart desires. True to his nature, he’ll be a husband who expects a lot from his wife in the kitchen and if she’s also a Taurus, she’ll be happy to oblige.

22. Marriage Material: Cancer Female

Here’s a woman who swears she’s not ready for the aisle and that she’ll never walk down it, but once she’s found her other half, will change her mind in a heartbeat. After all, she is the ruler of the fourth house (hello home is where the heart is!) and the domestic realm is her favorite space. This does not mean she will only serve as a domestic, but she excels in this area. It will come easy to her to be a wife and a mate. Her nature is to both nurture and protect, so as a wife and a mother, no sign is better. With the Moon as her ruler (intuitive and emotional), she makes an ideal person with whom her family can talk to. When they cry, she will cry with them (nurturer). When they hurt, she will pull out her claws (protector).

21. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Cancer Male

The poor Cancer guy can’t make up his mind about anything. If other signs seem indecisive or capricious, they’ve got nothing on the Cancer male. He’s able to transform into ten different people in not just one day, but in ten minutes. Yes, he’s that moody. And anything and everything can set him off. The wrong word and he’s pouting for days. A missed phone call and he’s furious. The sun too bright and he’s angry. He’s swayed easily by emotion. Most women who get close to him won’t tolerate such behavior. The other side of him will be quiet and brooding, even a tinge of passive behavior, but underneath that is fear which is often expressed as anger. He can’t face many of his own emotions let alone those of others. For him, the tragedy is that he’s too sensitive and can’t find that ideal balance that would, essential, make him an ideal mate.

20. Marriage Material: Leo Female

While the world might see her as an attention fiend, behind all that need to be seen and wanted is a deep desire to be loved. Her creativity (fire sign) is evident and it goes unmatched. How does this apply to her love life? Well, the Leo lady can imagine herself with all sorts of partners. Not just sexually, but long-term. It’s highly likely that a Leo lady will marry several times. It’s no surprise, either. With all eyes on her at the wedding, she’ll soak up the limelight. And with the Sun as her ruler, it will be hard to resist. She makes her partner feel loved and in return gives equal, if not greater, warmth. She’s looking for that right one to build a den with and nothing will stop her from going after love, even if it means trial and error until she gets it right.

19. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Leo Male

That’s right, the Leo male is a loner. He’s born to be wild. And he’s born to take as many lovers as he can. With the Sun energy beaming through his entire spine, he’ll attract tons, but he’ll lose just as many. He can’t hold on to many partners because he’s either too focused on self and ego or because his need for the spotlight isolates him from others. Creating real bonds will be a problem, although it will feel like in the beginning he’s genuine in relationship commitment. But in due time, he’ll reveal the secret behind his need for a relationship, most of which have everything to do with helping him get to where he needs to be creatively. Without the support and adoration of others, the Leo man shrivels. He takes what serves him and leaves the rest behind. Much like the male lion, he’s not ready for the hunt, but he’s ready to swoop in and take his share because survival.

18. Marriage Material: Virgo Female

As an earth goddess and mother, the Virgo female will enter any domain and make it her own. Her motto of “I serve” doesn’t just make her a formidable partner, but a selfless lover. What partner wouldn’t want a woman who’s equally sexually vibrant and connected as well as willing to be a bit submissive. The Virgo female embodies the strongest mother figure ready to reap the harvest and attend to feeding her flock. But she also embodies the passive maiden wandering the fields in search of small signs of love. With an ability to transform (all that Mercury power) –she will make a suitable wife for most men of the zodiac. And she knows this. Perhaps for this reason, she loves to play house so frequently until she finds that partner that fits her lifestyle just right.

17. Marriage Material: Virgo Male

If he seems like an unfit match for marriage, you need to look deeper into the Virgo male’s heart. Much like his Virgo female counterpart, he enjoys serving. While most call him self-serving, he’s got a gentler side to him. And despite his natural ability to criticize, he’s actually looking for the idea mate that won’t let him down no matter what. That’s why his standards are so high. He’s not willing to settle for second best. So it’s no wonder Virgo men will often play a wide playing field when on the hunt for marriage material. Even with his critical ways, what he’s searching for isn’t the perfect partner, but someone who will make him a better man. A homebody, indeed, he’s likely to be faithful and give practical love that will be consistent for an entire lifetime. He might not be a blast, but at least he’ll be there come hell or high water.

16. Marriage Material: Libra Female

Want to know which sign is ready to get married from the womb –hands-down, it’s the Libra female. It’s as though she was in the womb contemplating marriage. She won’t necessarily realize she’s searching for a partner until she comes to terms with her sexuality, but until then, she’ll be very drawn to relationships of all sorts. A Libra female alone is indeed a lonely one. She doesn’t do well without companionships nearby or people within arms-reach. Perhaps a little too dependent for some, she can turn partnerships into an art. And because she’s got all that cardinal power, she won’t be afraid to go after what she wants. She’ll daydream about her husband from a young age and will marry early for fear of being left alone later in life.

5. Marriage Material: Libra Male

With so much law of attraction on his side (Venus blossoms here), the Libra male isn’t just ready for marriage, he longs for a marriage of both the movies and his own imagination. His idea of marriage is even more overdone than his female counterpart. The Libra male is not practical –he’s a dreamer and way too romantic for most. Don’t be shocked to learn that’s he’s already married even if he’s talked to you about marriage or even proposed (gasp!). For him monogamy is a constraint on all the love he has to give. Does this Libra male have a lot of love to give. He might not make a faithful husband, but he is a skilled lover. For this reason alone, he falls in love with love over and over and over again. He’ll marry once, but dream of marry almost every woman he beds down.

14. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Scorpio Female

With emotional baggage stemming from childhood and past lives, the Scorpio female has a hard time getting close. She feels things so deeply that she gets debilitated by those emotions and it leaves her stunned for days on end. While this connection to feelings can benefit her in several arenas, it will cause the greatest destruction in her romantic relationships. Here’s a woman that can’t help but get hurt –at every freaking corner. She’s as sensitive as they come, but she’ll never let anyone know. She’d rather run and hide. And that’s what she does. She runs from feelings, from herself, and from others. In the end, she prefers to be alone. This way, she avoids unnecessary conflict created by how others act and how she responds to their actions. She’s very much aware that her dark side and doesn’t want to subject anyone to it.

13. Marriage Material: Scorpio Male

If you think the Scorpio male isn’t marriage material, you’ve forgotten how some men view the bonds of marriage. It is a bonding between two bodies and souls. For some it means bondage. And is equally associated with chains and being locked up. Scorpio men love this ish. For with them, all love first starts with power. If there isn’t a power dynamic, where he’s likely to rule, then he will push the relationship away without any hesitation. He’ll want to get married not only for ego, but to feel in control. A marriage is a place where he can feel safe expressing his emotions because to the outside world, he’s much too closed-off. As an emotional human (so much deep, dark waters here), he demands the constraints of marriage in order to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. He gets hurt way to easily and a marriage creates boundaries where he can share.

12. Marriage Material: Capricorn Female

The hardest working female of the zodiac, the Capricorn female won’t just be focused on career (10th house), but she’ll work equally hard on her relationships. Often times, she prefers a marriage because she likes the challenge. On practical terms, it might get in the way of her life’s mission, but she’ll enjoy rearranging things in order to make it work. If there are boundaries to set and break (Saturn all over the place!), the Capricorn female is the one to do it. She will rush into marriage because she’s aligned with most of societies rules. She thinks to be professional and successful, she needs a support system –and while this doesn’t work for others, this works for her. She feels safe within the confines of a marriage and no one can talk her out of it, even if the soon-to-be marriage has disaster written all over it. No sign will work harder to keep her marriage together.

11. Marriage Material: Capricorn Male

The Capricorn male is a mirror reflection of his female counterpart. He loves to create boundaries and limitations. For him, rules are not mean to be broken as much as they should be followed. Marriage will be conventional, but he might stray in other ways within the marriage. For example, he might be the classic hands-on hard-working laborer by day who appears to be conservative and even frigid, but by night, he’s all stallion and maybe even into kink. There’s an emotional side to him that he won’t show the world and that’s why a marriage is vital for him. It’s a space that allows him to let down his guard and be more of himself than he’s ever been before. He, too, will marry early, but because he’s desperate to find a partner who lets him reveal his true identity.

10. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Aries Female

When it comes to independence, the Aries female doesn’t just crave it, she creates it. As a sign that starts off the zodiac wheel, there’s a lot resting on her shoulders. Her projects are plentiful and most of them involve self and not much else. She is too busy caught up in self and thoughts to be worried about what others think of her. She doesn’t feel the need to be thought about because residing in her own mind removes such distractions from her life. And hence, a powerhouse female emerges as if from a black hole, full of spark and ready to set fire to the world. Taking many lovers will be of great importance to her, but actually walking down the aisle and co-existing with another human isn’t likely to happen. On a plutonic level, yes, but romantically –it’s almost laughable.

9. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Aries Male

Here’s a guy who’s quick to start something, but as quick to jump out of it. Aries men cannot make up their minds about romance. One minute they swear they are in love and the next they’re confused and even frustrated. It’s not because he’s indecisive, but the poor Aries man just doesn’t know how to draw a line between his body, heart, and mind. Most of the time, he’s too busy thinking which gets him into trouble. But other times he follows that aggressive Mars energy which can create tons of sexual charge and cross wires between love and lust. He’ll think he wants to get married, but when he reconsiders his options and leads with his head rather than his heart, he’ll see that he’s destined to be a single go-getter probably traveling the world over and focusing on several intense projects at once.

8. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Gemini Female

If there was ever a sign that would be vehemently against marriage, this might be the one. And there are several reasons. The Gemini woman loves the single and ready to mingle lifestyle. Her creative juices are flowing so freely that it’s hard to hold her down. How does one catch mutable air, anyways? It’s almost impossible. She’s also way too flirty and flighty to take any relationship that seriously. For her, life is about experimenting as much as possible. And finally, with all that Mercury rushing through her veins, it would be really tough for her to be stable. Not just on a personal or emotional level, but in terms of sticking to one idea and running with it for the rest of her life. That scares her to death and will have her sprinting away from any wedding bells even before they chime.

7. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Gemini Male

He’s a mirror image of his female Gemini counterpart, but what sets him apart is his lack of commitment –to anything. He can’t even commit to an outfit or cologne, he’s way too capricious to settle on one thing and go with it. Constantly changing feels natural to him and for this reason, most women won’t take him seriously. The minute he catches feelings he’s bound to change them in the middle of the feeling. Nothing is consistent with him and he knows it. The beauty about the Gemini male is that he’s accepted himself for the unstable playboy a long time ago. Actually, he revels in his persona and loves to show it off to the world. He’s happily married to his twin self and they roam this world causing mischief.

6. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Sagittarius Female

Nope, not this one. The Sagittarius gal is too savvy for marriage talk. She’s got things to do in this lifetime and getting married would hold her back. Not to mention the fact that she moves around too much –from city to city, country to country, no one can stop this energy from sitting still. Adventurer is her middle name and she is not quick to turn in that title for an Mrs. –as a matter of fact, she shuns the concept of marriage despite her numerous attempted relationships. They fail her because those sorts of partnerships don’t suit her. She’s not meant for such a lifestyle and the sooner she accepts herself as a crazy, traveling philosopher, the sooner she’ll avoid the hoopla of relationship fraud. For her, the best partnership is between her and the entire world.

5. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Sagittarius Male

The Sagittarius man is the quintessential journeyman. Not only can he not stay in one place for too long, but he can’t stay around the same person for a long time either. Sagittarius is mutable by nature and it makes sense that he pines for a life that allows him total freedom to come and go as he pleases, to change his opinion, and to find a new place to lay his head every few months –or in some cases days. He thrives on meeting new people and being in new places. This doesn’t fit the standard married life and most partners, unless they are totally down with such lifestyle, will find it hard to keep up with a Sagittarius male. But he doesn’t mind, after all, he’s got all that jovial Jupiter energy that grants him friendships that last a lifetime, most of which outshine even the best marriages around.

4. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Aquarius Female

When it comes to marriage material, the Aquarius gal will not only find marriage to be a strange concept, she’ll likely not consider it for many years down the line. She’s not a girl who’s into social norms when it comes to relationships. As a matter of fact, her closest relationships will be with the community. Her free time won’t be spent chasing boys or making herself attractive to the opposite sex, but rather on developing the world and giving back to others. A true philanthropist, her mission will be one of selflessness. And in that regard, she’s just not cut out to be a wife. At least not early in life. She might consider it later down the line, but by then, she’ll be so used to her lifestyle that introducing marriage will feel more than awkward.

3. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Aquarius Male

What sets the Aquarius male apart from his female half is that he’s really into setting boundaries and equally as spontaneous. Being ruled by Saturn and Uranus, he’s a mixture of extremes. In this sense, it will be hard for him to understand himself sometimes which, in turn, will make it hard for others to get close to him. But that’s ok with him. He’s got tons of personal goals to achieve, most of which focus on friendship and building wealth throughout the community. Giving back is his version of romance. It’s when he feels love the strongest. And he’s not likely to ever feel love as strongly as when he’s out on a mission to help someone else or to discover self. He learns about love through plutonic relationships and for him, that’s more than enough.

2. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Pisces Female

When it comes to marriage, the Pisces female dreams about it, but will not be brave enough to go through with it. And yes, it’s got everything to do with her fear of being hurt just as much as it’s related to her independence. She’s not into feeling dependent upon anyone, even her own body, hence her attraction to spirituality. Pisces female is the one likely to be extra woo-woo, so much so that many will not understand her. She’s totally misunderstood. And for that reason, it will be hard for her to be vulnerable enough to share her intimate life with another. While she longs to connect to others, she finds her lucid dreaming a much better place where she’s free to explore and experiment. On astral planes, she will fantasize about marriage, but upon waking realize it was just a dream, one that’s not part of her reality.

1. Never Walk Down The Aisle: Pisces Male

While the Pisces female is often misunderstood, the Pisces feels misinterpreted. No one really lets him express himself fully and it has a lot to do with his sensitivity. He’s shy and inhibited. He likes to tuck inside himself and hide for a while. He lives for dreamscapes. When he does come up for air, the world seems to almost reject him. They don’t understand his hermit ways. And for this reason, he’s all but shunned relationships altogether. For the Pisces male, he’d much rather be alone than be subjected to shame for his spiritual side. So off he goes, into the dark regions and netherworlds where he can dream up his own version of self, one that’s free to be whatever he he wants to be.

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