Adorable Succulents Look Like Tiny Dolphins Jumping Around

There’s many indoor plant varieties that are good for your home and make your living room look stylishly on-trend, but not many can lay claim to being “adorable” and “cute.”

Recently, pics of the Monilaria obconica succulent species, that look like tiny rabbits ears, sent us into a spin after Twitter user @celely1128’s photo of the bunny-shaped species was liked by more than 42k people.

Now, a succulent with leaves that look like tiny dolphins jumping out of the ocean has been posted by Twitter user @kao77neko, and people in Japan are going crazy over them.

Since it was posted last week, the pic has had over 10k retweets and 11k likes.

The aww-worthy species is called Senecio peregrinus, but it’s earned the totally appropriate nickname, “dolphin necklace.”

Unlike the Monilaria obconica, which only looks like a bunny as it sprouts, the longer the vines grow the more the leaves take on the shape of everyone’s favourite ocean creatures.

Three’s a trend, so we’re anticipating there’ll be more animal-shaped succulent to come — tiny little cat faces would be so kawaii.

Image: @kao77neko

Image: @kao77neko

By Danielle Pinkus

Source: homes

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