Lady Decides To Pay Everyone’s Bills At Walmart Claiming She Won A Lottery, Turns Out It Was Sia

You might be familiar with the singer-songwriter Sia, who is known for many hits like “Chandelier” and “Dusk Till Dawn”. Recently, she dazzled her fans with an incredible act of kindness. She went to Walmart on November 27th (a day before Thanksgiving) and paid for a lot of people’s groceries.

Usually, Sia prefers to keep her identity hidden by covering up with extravagant wigs that cover nearly her whole face. For this reason, many of her fans aren’t even aware of what she really looks like. When she came to Walmart she wasn’t immediately recognized. However, eventually, her identity was revealed and her fans were blown away by her kindness.

Sia pretended that she’d just won the lottery and that her name was Cici when she walked into Walmart and started paying for strangers’ groceries.

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

Nevertheless, a fan recognized her and asked her for a picture and so her true identity was revealed.

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

The Walmart shoppers were flabberghasted and starstruck at the same time. “I love that she did this not for recognition of showing kindness, but just actually being a kind person.

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

Image credits: Sia Music Chile 🇨🇱

She didn’t want people to know who she was or why she was doing it,” someone tweeted.

Image credits: WhoLeeeeOh

This isn’t the first time Sia surprised her fans with her openness. Last October she spoke out about having a neurological disease and Ehlers Danlos. By being honest she wanted to inspire other people who might be going through a similar struggle. “Hey, I’m suffering from chronic pain, a neurological disease [and] Ehlers Danlos and I just wanted to say to those of you suffering from pain, whether physical or emotional, I love you, keep going. Life is f– hard. Pain is demoralizing, and you’re not alone,” she tweeted.

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