Loving Couple Adopts Three Separated Brothers So They Can Grow Up Together

A Massachusetts-based couple, KC and Lena Currie, in November 2017, adopted little Joey who was only 18 months old. They met him at an adoption event held by Children’s Friend in Worcester, Massachusetts, and it was love at first sight between the three. By March the next year, he was officially theirs to love and protect.

“We saw a picture of Joey and Children’s Friend mentioned [it] would be a good match,” Lena said to Good Mourning America. “He was 18 months old at the time.”

Soon after taking in Joey, who is now three, the couple received a call from Children’s Friend that Joey’s little brother, Noah, needed a home too. The little boy was only six weeks old. The couple took him in without a second thought.

“We immediately said, ‘Yes,’” KC said.

KC and Lena had gotten married in 2013 and they decided to adopt children in need of love to make a family. Truly, they did “make a family” because one month after taking in Baby Noah, they were called again by the adoption agency concerning Joey’s immediate younger brother, Logan. Logan had been living with a foster family but their plans to adopt him didn’t follow through. The boy was without a home, once again. Since they already had his two brothers, KC and Lena decided to take him in as well.

“It was our gut-feeling,” KC said. “We were going to end up saying yes because keeping the brothers together was really important to us. When they’re older and have questions, they’ll have each other to lean on and experience that ride together.”

A beautiful, loving family

On November 22, 2019, Logan and Joey’s adoption by KC and Lena was finalized at the Worcester courthouse. The three children now have two legal parents whose hearts are filled with so much love and compassion toward them.

This year was their first holiday together as a family and they are looking forward to a lifetime of laughter, joy, and happiness. Lena said the children call them ‘Mama’ and Mommy.’

“A lot of times Joey says, ‘Hey, Mommy-Mama’ — he’ll settle for either one,” she said.

“It was nice to check off a box and make it true to the world,” KC said. “We are their family.”

The couple is super-excited to watch the children grow up together, and they hope to be the best moms three little boys could ever wish for.

“Now we can start dreaming about grade school, sports, and all those fun things,” KC said.

KC and Lena hope that their family would be an inspiration to others out there who may not see the beauty of adopting children in need of loving parents. They believe their story may encourage other parents to consider opening their arms to children in foster care.

“It’s what you want to see happen,” said Veronica Listerud, director of adoption and family services at Children’s Friend, an affiliate of the nonprofit organization, Seven Hills Foundation. “They’re a wonderful family. They’re flexible — they really understand the kids’ needs, the importance of maintaining sibling relationships, and the long-term impact of that.”

Congrats to the new family and we wish them the best of luck as their adventure of love begins.

Image Credits: Good Morning America

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