We Ranked The Signs That Are Most Likely To Spend New Year’s Eve Alone

New Year’s Eve comes with a lot of pressure on something that’s supposed to be a celebration. Like most holidays, you feel like you should be doing something rather than nothing, even if nothing is what you’d prefer to do. There’s pressure to get dressed up, go out, have an adventure, something to tell everyone about the next day. New Year’s Eve is both the beginning and ending of something, and that level of significance feels like you should really celebrate it, right?


Well, maybe not always!

Depending on the sign of your zodiac, you might be more predisposed to want to do the big NYE bash than others. Those others might instead prefer to have a cozy night in, a comfortable party of one with zero pressure. If the holidays are about spending time with loved ones, then New Year’s Eve is the cherry on top – do you choose to spend it alone, with friends, or with a bunch of strangers who become your BFF because you met them in line for the bathroom? Whatever your NYE plans are, we’ve ranked the signs as to how you’re most likely to spend them – with loved ones, or all on your lonesome?

Bonus: What You’ll Wear This NYE At The Bottom!

 Leo: Party Like A Rockstar

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Everyone thinks that the countdown and year change is the star of New Year’s Eve, but let’s be honest: it’s all about you. You love to throw parties to show off your sense of generosity – and boy, are you generous! Going all out with elaborate and elegant appetizers, a killer playlist or DJ, sparkly décor, and a signature cocktail are par for the course for you because you want to go out with a bang! You know that, judging from the amount of alcohol that’ll be consumed, people might have a hard time remembering how they spent their December 31st, but you’ll pull out all the stops to make it a night no one will ever forget. Partying with you will be a huge blast and you won’t stop until the wee hours of the morning – what better way to kick off 2018?

 Gemini: Party Animal

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Being a total social butterfly, a Gemini girl like you probably has loads of invites to different soirées and you can’t pick just one. To compromise, you’ll be a party hopper, travelling from one blowout bash to the next. Even if you don’t know anyone there, your sociable nature and quick charm will have you hitting it off with everyone in mere moments.

Some signs might not be able to pull off travelling between parties, but you somehow manage to score free rides and cheap Ubers before the surge pricing. You’re everyone’s new BFF and party harder that the rest, but you never get sloppy. But hey, even if you do tread into overindulging territory, you’re so funny, witty, and lovable that’ll it’ll just end up being a good story to tell!

Aquarius: Dancing Your Bum Off

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If you’re being honest, you don’t see the point of celebrating some arbitrary date that’s supposed to signify the end of the year, but you’re not one to turn down a good party. Whether you choose to hit up a bar, club, or house party, you’ll have an incredible time, just dancing the night away! Grooving to the music is fun for you no matter what day it says on the calendar, so you can celebrate NYE without feeling like you’re totally conforming to everyone else (even if you are, a little bit).

You’re committed to having a good time no matter what setting you’re in, and while your wanderlust might have you on the other side of the globe when the ball drops, we can be sure that you’ll be having an amazing time!

Taurus: Hostess With the Mostess

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Major parties aren’t really your thing, because most of the time you prefer to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible night at your own place, operating as the best hostess! Having a gigantic rager is nice if you’re in the mood for it, but that’s never really been your thing and if you were being honest with yourself, you’d prefer to have a chill NYE, with some excellent food, good wine, and gorgeous décor – all prepared by you, of course!

You’re pretty big on tradition, so ringing in the New Year is an absolute must, but you don’t have to get blitzed and scream your voice hoarse with a bunch of strangers. Having a delicious evening with your BFFs and SO is all you really want, especially because you’re the one calling the shots.

Libra: Doing The Black-Tie Thing

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You hate to be alone most of the time, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. With that being said, you also kind of can’t stand being around a bunch of rowdy drunks screaming in your ear, and so have chosen a classier affair. Maybe it’s a gala or a fundraiser, but whatever it is, you’re dressed in something beautiful and elegant, there are waiters in black tie, the food is to die for, and if people are getting sloshed, they’re pretty discreet about it.

You love aesthetics, Libra, and having a bash on par with The Great Gatsby is one of the best ways (in your mind) to wave goodbye to 2017. Peace-maker that you are, you’ll likely spend most of your time doing the classy shindig, but’ll head home soon after the clock strikes midnight to satisfy your need for some chill time, too.

 Scorpio: Macking On A Random

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A Scorpio girl like you is on a mission when it comes to NYE. If you’re not already attached (and after all the drama that comes with the holidays, you might even be recently single), you’re probably on the prowl for a dude to ring in the New Year with in the proper way, if you catch our drift. You’re likely out at a bar, drinking way too much with all your friends, and keeping your eyes peeled for an available hottie to be your countdown kiss. Let’s face it, Scorpio girl, you can get pretty sloppy when alcohol is combined with feelings, since most of the time you steel yourself against expressing emotions. Sucking face with a stranger is just a combination of all your worst vices on the last day of the year!

Pisces: The Spirit of NYE

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The romantic sensibility of a Pisces girl means that you’re embracing the spirit of New Year’s Eve with starry eyes and a wish to meet the guy of your dreams. You love the idea of wiping the slate clean and beginning the New Year with a fresh start (and maybe a new man). Going to a concert or somewhere with amazing music is a must for you, since you connect with music and lyrics in a deep and emotional way. Having something act as the soundtrack to your night is important in order to ensure you have a good time and experience something that feels meaningful to you. Even if you don’t find your soulmate like all those rom-coms promised you would, you’ll still end the night feeling fulfilled and at peace, which is more than most of us get!

Sagittarius: Always On the Go

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It’s a shame you committed to so many plans, Sagittarius, because you feel guilty if you can’t make it to every party you promised you’d attend. Since you always promise more than you can deliver – something you’ve resolved to stop every year, to no avail – you’re going to be spending most of your night en route rather than actually enjoying yourself.

Hopping in and out of cabs and Ubers will take a toll on your wallet and your mood, because you’ll always be arriving just after something amazing happened or leaving right before. Your extroverted personality means that you’ll have an awesome time at these brief interludes between travelling, but you’ll likely end up exhausted and cranky at the end of the night and feeling like you didn’t celebrate the evening as well as you could’ve if you’d just said no to a few invites. Ah well, there’s always next year!

Aries: Would Rather Be At Home

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Ugh, doing anything for New Year’s Eve that doesn’t have you chilling at home or getting a head start on your resolution list is so not your thing, Aries. Sure, you agreed to go to a party, probably because you knew that people expected you to be there and it would be weird if you didn’t show up, but truth be told, you think the whole thing is kind of silly. You don’t like drinking too much and feeling like crap the next day, you don’t like schmoozing with people you don’t know, and the idea of waiting around for something to happen irritates the naturally impatient you. You’ll show up and dress nice, but you won’t be happy about it. Really, you’re just waiting for that damn ball to drop so you can go on home!

Virgo: Watching The Ball Drop On Your Couch

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Being surrounded by a ton of rowdy, drunk people doesn’t exactly scream “Virgo”, because you’re too shy and introverted to really enjoy yourself. Instead, you’re much more likely to be tucked in cozy at home, watching the ball drop from the comfort of your couch. You might be by yourself, or you might have your SO at your side, but you’re definitely not in the throng of other midnight revelers.

Known for your practicality, you want to wake up on January 1st with a clear head so you can really welcome the New Year. After the ball drops, you’ll probably head right to bed (alone or with your sweetie) and you know what, who can blame you? Who needs all the stress and anxiety that comes with celebrating anyway? Certainly not you!

 Cancer: Crying Over Your Resolution List

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Yikes, Cancer, someone should have taken away that champagne bottle away from you because you are beyond hammered. You’ve passed sloppy territory and are now firmly ensconced in Crybaby Town. You made a list of resolutions, because your insecure self is always on the hunt for self-improvement, but once you started writing, you realized how little (in your mind) you accomplished last year. So many of your 2018 resolutions are the exact same as the ones from 2017, and did you do anything last year, really, and what is the point of life? Before you know it, you’re a blubbering mess on the bathroom floor after your friends took their leave of you, and while you may not have started out the evening by yourself, that’s certainly how you’re ending it!

Capricorn: In Bed By 11

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Capricorn is notorious for their practicality and frugality, which means that spending your hard-earned dollars on some overpriced club night or getting blitzed at a house party doesn’t exactly seem like fun to you. Instead, Capricorn girl, you’re probably going to have a nice dinner with family and close friends, and then say your goodbyes before it gets too late. If you were being honest with yourself, you don’t really see the importance of waiting till midnight to ring in the New Year, even if it is tradition. Instead, you’re in bed by 11 and fast asleep by the time the clock counts down. Even if you have the day off work tomorrow, you’re not going to waste it by being too sick and tired to take advantage of it!

Bonus: What You’ll Wear To NYE

Leo, Gemini, Aquarius,Taurus: Sparkle Sparkle!

If you’re going to go all out for NYE, then you’d better have an outfit to match! Signs like Leo and Taurus appreciate the finer things in life, which means that they know how to rock a dress that feels as luxe as it looks. Gemini and Aquarius, on the other hand, love it when they stand out in a crowd, and know that their outfit choice will at least be a conversation starter. Getting glitzy in a sparkly mini or shimmery stunner is perfect for this occasion, as are your festive red lips or a similarly bold pout. These signs don’t know the first thing when it comes to subtlety, so while it might seem in-your-face if another member of the zodiac tried it, these guys come with such confidence that they’re truly wearing the outfit, not the other way around.

 Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius: Evening Elegance

These signs enjoy a little dose of high-end drama, as they appreciate both aesthetics and a little mystery. To them, going for sparkles is too obvious for NYE. Instead, wearing something with interesting draping, a severe silhouette, or a flexible, breathable fabric is where it’s at – the better to keep dancing, of course! These signs don’t like to stand out in a crowd so much, but still love when all eyes are on them, for the self-esteem boost. You can count on a Libra to look effortlessly elegant, and a Scorpio to do things a little differently, but there’s also some romance and dreaminess that really speaks to the Pisces and Sagittarius. Choosing a style that’s a little unexpected but no less glam is the way to go for these signs!

Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn: Holiday Jammies

Sorry, Aries, we know that you won’t be able to wear these comfy duds until you finally manage to make it home, but we know it’s what you wish you had on instead of those uncomfortable – but festive! – heels. For Virgo, Cancer, and Capricorn, though, this is your way of ringing in the holiday without having to squeeze yourself into a sequin dress or freeze your butt off in something uncomfortably strappy. Getting all dolled up isn’t the MO  for any of these signs, and for a nice night spent on the couch with bae, some holiday pajamas are the way to go. Since they’re not your usual sleepwear, these PJs still feel festive and celebratory without sacrificing all-important comfort. Whether you spend all night in these or just the end, they’re definitely the clear winner.

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