Weekly Horoscope 14-20 April: Assumptions Are The Enemy Of True Intimacy.

People might talk a good game, but can they back up their words with action? That’s questionable this Monday, April 15, when charming Venus in Pisces squares optimistic Jupiter. While both planets have a strict “no negative vibes” policy, refusing to take off the rose-colored glasses could be a recipe for trouble. When locked into this dynamic dust-up, which happens twice every year, Venus and Jupiter can make everyone a lot more gullible. To avoid being a victim of this “hustler’s holiday,” don’t take anything at face value. Researching and reading the fine print doesn’t have to burst your bubble. If you’re buying into something legit, the background checks should simply make you MORE confident about your decision to move forward. But you can practically bank on the fact that you’ll find SOMETHING that needs to be questioned. Hey, even the most solid relationships require periodic reviews. Monday’s Venus-Jupiter square may necessitate a sit-down with everyone from your business partner to bae, if only to get yourselves back on a level playing field. Assumptions are the enemy of true intimacy. So ask the difficult questions and make sure you’re in a good place to listen to some potentially uncomfortable truths. Better to get it all out into the open than to sweep it under the rug.
Although Monday’s talks could be polarizing, harmony returns on Friday, April 19, when the second in a back-to-back pair of full moons lands in Libra, the sign of the scales. During the two weeks that follow, the stage will be set for peace talks and co-created solutions. Connections that have been percolating since the March 20 equinox (the date of the first full moon), or the Libra new moon last October 8, could hit a defining moment. Couples may decide to make their status official—and in an Instagram-worthy way! For others, the question may be: Are we doing this or not? Enjoying someone’s company is only half the equation. How secure and connected do you feel when the two of you are apart? If your potential partner can’t commit to your required level, you may decide to cut ’em loose for serenity’s sake. Nothing’s more unsettling than being in a constant state of flux! (Even if it masquerades as chemistry and excitement initially.) Before you cut bait, could you hash out a creative compromise? If so, use the two weeks following the full moon to get everything onto the negotiating table. Remember: Things don’t have to be split 50/50 in order to feel fair; in fact, trying to force that might be part of the breakdown. Could you divide up responsibilities to play to each person’s strengths?
Squeeze in plenty of “me time” before the weekend while the Sun burns through its last five day in self-authorized Aries. On Saturday, el Sol hunkers down in grounded, stable Taurus until May 21, shifting our energy to practical matters. Simplify anything that’s become too complex—but not at the expense of luxury. Tasteful Taurus loves life’s finer things, as long as they have a legit purpose, too. For the past four weeks, Aries has been stoking our creativity and originality. Now, the rubber meets the road. Which of these innovative Ram-spurred visions can we actually bring to life? Taurus time is all about planning, project managing and putting some practical magic into the recipe. But don’t worry, the muse hasn’t left the building! On Wednesday, crafty Mercury will pick up the Aries baton until May 6; then on Saturday, creatrix Venus will storm the Ram’s realm until May 15. Originality AND practicality will be the key ingredients over the next two weeks, so make sure to add both to your recipe for success.
Per zodiac sign:


You’re being pulled to think not just of yourself, but of how you cooperate with others in your relationships. Are you willing to sacrifice and be changed? Are your partnerships caring for you in the way you deserve to be cared for? Don’t lose yourself in someone else, but remain mindful that you don’t protect yourself from being loved.


As you delve deeper into your intuition and spiritual center, you’ll be pressed to analyze how you harness your energy towards practical matters. Are you taking care of your mind and body? Is your routine producing the healthiest and most productive lifestyle you could possibly have? Rearrange your life to suit your concrete needs.


You’re in the midst of a very community oriented and social time, but now, the cosmos are asking you to focus on your own self-expression. What brings you pure, unadulterated joy? Tune in to your creative impulse and let nothing else dictate your emotional state. Feel free to infuse more color, playfulness, and joy into your spiritual routine;


With so much attention being placed on your career and public image, the universe is calling upon you to focus on your emotional center. Spend some time at home, redesigning your space and decluttering. Reconnect with your family and remind yourself of what truly counts. Work through issues that are preventing you from reaching a deeper love.


Take a break from your expansive adventures and philosophical understandings to have a simple conversation. Express your truth, learn from others, and tap into your intellect. Remember that it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. Feel free to reach out to people who stimulate your brain and articulate your impressive thoughts.


You’re going through a deep, transformative period, and you may not be feeling all that grounded right now. Focusing on material comforts and financial pursuits may just be the trick to give you a sense of stability right now. What makes you feel luxurious? Is there a purchase you’ve been dying to make? Your emotional well-being needs tangibility.


With all this focus on your one-on-one relationships, it’s easy to lose yourself. Instead, the cosmos are asking you to focus on yourself this week. Think of nothing but what you, as a person, need. Who are you growing into? Is it time to let go of something from your past? Shed your skin and allow yourself to become emotionally involved with the new you.


As you work hard to stay organized and productive, don’t forget to honor your spiritual pursuits. Take time to light a candle, say a prayer, write in your journey, mediate, or whatever it takes for you to tap into your divine source. There are truths lingering in your subconscious that you must listen to. A moment of solitude may be just the thing you need.


You’re in the midst of an incredibly enjoyable and creatively enriching period, but this week, the cosmos are asking you to focus on your friendships and community efforts. How can you make the world a better place? How can you be a better leader? You have so much to learn from others. Your heart needs you to widen your social connections.


You’ve likely been holed up at home lately, or at least feeling so introverted that you’ve been avoiding the public scene. However, the cosmos are calling for you to get out there and be noticed this week. Don’t allow your talents to remain secrets. You deserve recognition and reward for what you bring to the table. Don’t shy away from the spotlight.


You’ve been going through a period of high-speed intellectual connections and constant conversations. However, all this information and stimulation nothing unless you can apply it to the big picture. Where are you going? What do you truly want from life? Allow adventure to lead the way. Your heart is asking for some change.


Your focus has been pinned on financial pursuits and material gains. However, it’s time to tend to your inner-transformation this week. Stability is more than money in the bank and a steady way of life. You need spiritual revolution. Look within and stare into your shadows. Let it feed your understanding of what you should let go of. It’s time to grow.


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