7 Shocking Photos Portray What 100 Years Of Climate Change Has Done To Arctic Glaciers

In the early 1900s, Arctic glaciers were nature’s most mysterious and undiscovered wonders. Over 100 years of research, exploration, and exploitation later, the glaciers have become a haunting testament to the global warming effects.

Christian Åslund, a Swedish photojournalist who works with Greenpeace, gathered some early photos of glaciers ice in Svalbard, Norway from the Norwegian Polar Institute, and juxtaposed them next to his own photos of the same locations from 2002. The differences in these before and after photos were unbelievable. He’s using the photo series to promote #MyClimateAction, a National Geographic campaign encouraging discussion about climate change and as a protest against Norwegian oil companies drilling in the melting ice in the Arctic region.

See each troubling comparison below, and sign Save The Arctic’s petition against Arctic oil here, in hopes of stopping the devastating consequences of global warming.

More info: Christian Åslund (h/t)

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