7 Things That Kill Feminine Energy

What makes a woman strong and attractive, is her energy. The feminine energy is one of the most distinctive and pure energies found. It stands for power, maternity, sisterhood and many more. Cause let’s be honest, there is nothing as powerful as a woman shining in her full glory of femininity.

Unfortunately, there are several things that can potentially dim a woman’s light. When this light dims, often so does her happiness.

Here are 7 things that can rob you off your femininity and how you can gain it back:

1. Dealing with the wrong form of communication

It’s best to communicate with people with a resonating vibrations. When contact is in a lower vibration than your energy field, it interrupts with your natural flow. It takes away tons of energy, as well as your feminine power. Communication that compliments your vibrations, will let you shine and bring you strength.


2. Lack of care for your physical being

Feminine energies improve when you take care of your health and your body. The amount love and energy that a woman can project to the people she cares for is nearly endless. Yet she mustn’t forget about her self.

3. Unbalanced emotions

Many believe that it is necessary to show only positive emotions, that they should think positively, always smile and laugh. However, you need to express their negative emotions too. This just as important, otherwise you create an unbalance on your emotional scale. When this occurs, there is a chance for emotional isolation. This is a big knock that will take away female energy.

4. Lack of things you love to do

Women can gain a whole lot of feminine energy and power from thing they love to do. Whether it’s dancing, painting or spending time with friends. It doesn’t matter as long it’s something you love to do. See yourself as a battery that needs to be recharged. When you don’t get an opportunity to do the things you love, your battery will die and your feminine energy will slowly but surely dim.




5. Rivalry 

Female energy is destroyed in the presence of rivalry or competition. Healthy competition is of course a different story, nothing wrong with that. But when jealousy comes about it’s a different story.  The desire to fight, to prove that you are better, more beautiful and/or intelligent. It’s unnecessary. Have faith in who you are and what you bring to table. You are perfect just the way you are.

6. Absence of friends

In many cases one single friend is already sufficient. A special person or special people that is/are trust worthy and give you a special spark. Respect and honor you for who you are and believe in you. This provides a powerful source of energy.

7. Lack of personal time

A woman must have time for herself, her personal space is sacred. This is the time and place she can be solely with herself. When you manage to be comfortable and happy in alone-ness and not feel lonely, that is when a powerful source of femininity starts to bloom. When you deprive yourself from this time alone, you wont be able harness these energies.

Take care of your feminine energies and flows. Nourish them and don’t neglect them.

You are powerful, smart, beautiful, resilient, successful, resourceful.  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman shine and bloom to her full potential.

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