Adopted Puppy Drags Her Blanket Outside To Share It With a Cold Homeless Dog

Dogs give us their unconditional and unlimited love and are endlessly loyal. A man’s best friend, some may say. Sometimes it seems like they have an infinite amount of love to give and perhaps their hearts are just a little bit bigger than ours. The following story is just a perfect example of how much love they have to give.

Lana the dog
Suelen Schaumloeffel

Lana is an 8-month-old puppy from Brazil who was rescued from the streets. She was found a forever home not long after she was rescued and now she lives with her loving new owners Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé.

Thanks to her new owners, Lana now receives regular meals, a warm home and a lot of love. All the things she didn’t have before. Despite now living a happy and carefree life, she has not forgotten what life was like on the street.

Lana in a pool

Suelen bought Lana a thicker blanket to make sure she was never cold in her doghouse when the weather became a little more chilly. After tucking Lana in one evening, she had no idea that the blanket would serve more than just one furry canine.

The next morning, Suelen’s fiancé was just about to leave for work when he noticed something unusual in front of the house. He saw Lana laying down on her new blanket next to the fence, while on the other side of the fence another dog was laying on the other half of the blanket.

Lana and a dog out on the street sharing a blanket
Suelen Schaumloeffel

In hindsight, Suelen says that she actually saw the dog near the house the day before. However, she wasn’t sure if the dog was a stray. She tried to get close to see if he had a tag but he would run away. Lana seemed to have befriended the dog and she decided to stick by his side and share her comfortable and warm blanket.

“I thought, ‘How beautiful what she did for her friend,’” Suelen told The Dodo. “My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!”

Lana and a dog out on the street sharing a blanket
Suelen Schaumloeffel

Suelen and her fiancé have seen the dog a few times since then but they were still not capable of getting close to her. They hope to eventually help him find his way home in case he is lost. They do leave food and water outside of their house so that the dog can eat and drink. Suelen is sure that Lana would do anything to help her new friend if she could.

She says: “She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met. We forget sometimes the difference we can make in someone’s life. She reminded me of this.”

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