After He Asked Her To Marry Him, This 3-Year-Old Girl Puts Her Classmate In A Headlock

While she was at school, Kynlee McFetridge from St. Charles, Missouri, put a classmate in a headlock and was caught by her teacher. Her victim, Jack, had asked her to marry him and as a result, she decided to put him in a headlock.

‘I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down because kids don’t get married so that’s why I put a headlock down on him,’ said Kynlee in a video made by her mother, Kristen McFetridge.


When Kynlee’s father Scott went to pick up his daughter from school, he noticed that her color-coded behavior chart was pink, which signifies misbehavior. This is when he initially found out about his daughter’s reaction to Jack’s marriage proposal, he told Fox 2.

The teacher said she had a hard time trying not to laugh when he caught the girl doing the headlock. .

‘I was trying to be a good dad and reprimand her, but it was pretty hilarious,’ he said. ‘It was hard for me to stop laughing and put her in timeout but we made it happen.’ After Kynlee was born with a heart condition that required a major surgery when she was five months old, her father said he started wrestling with his daughter to help her get stronger. ‘It’s not like I taught her (a headlock). I was just trying to get her stronger and coordinated and I guess she figured out what I was doing and I didn’t really realize she learned it,’ Scott said.


After the incident, Kynlee realized that what she did wasn’t right and she even said that Jack is a really good friend of hers. ‘Every dad wants their little girl to put a headlock down on a boy, especially one who had a rough start like her. Hopefully she can still do that in about 12 years,’ Scott said.

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