Archeologists Unearth Ancient Roman Mosaic Under a Vineyard

Italy is a country that is deeply immersed in history and has some treasures in places that will delight you, such as in Verona.  Excavation at a privately owned wine estate by the city has been going on since the fall with some superb results!  Archaeologists have discovered immaculately preserved mosaic flooring that dates back to the 1st century CE.

This location has a reputation of being an area where valuables and artifacts originating from ancient Rome are found. It has been noted by locals that the land where the mosaic flooring was found was believed to have covered 19th century Roman artifacts for some time. Mosaics have already been excavated from this site in the 1960’s and these are on exhibition at a city museum.



This work is done at a slow pace since October and much patience is needed to persist to get results. Ancient Domus, that was a home to the ‘well to do’ or upper class people, of that time had been exposed already, but did not reveal any significant or valuable finds. When this intact floor was discovered, this mosaic beauty resulted in much excitement.

This incredibly beautiful mosaic floor that has been revealed, is in perfect condition and the job ahead is a demanding one to uncover the entire floor. It is also a costly one that requires much funding. The city are in discussions with the owners of the property about the benefits of making this site accessible to the public.

The expectation is that once the mosaic flooring has been entirely revealed, it has the potential to be included in the listing of ancient Roman treasures that are open to the public to view while visiting Verona.

Positioned in northern Italy, Verona that is in the Veneto region, plays a significant role in history being advantageously situated at the intersection of four important roads.  Mosaics are regularly found in Italy, so this find is not an astonishing one, the fact that it is in such excellent condition, plays an important role in its significance. This area has engaged in preservation of the history of ancient monuments, in particular the Roman amphitheater, Verona Arena that is use today for various performances and operatic shows.

 An ancient Roman mosaic floor is discovered by Archeologists in Verona.


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